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still not knitting…

Well I’ve joined a few more KAL and I still can’t knit.  I’m getting really anxious and the only thing I can think of to do to make me feel better is “GO BUY SOME YARN”!  So tomorrow I think I’ll hit my LYS looking for yarn for my Mr. Green Jean’s sweater… I’m sure that will make me feel better.

Something else I’ve been doing a lot of lately is browsing Ravelry.  I so love this site.  I need to stop finding things to knit. 🙂  I have taken a few things off my “knitting waiting list” because of details people wrote about the patterns. 

I still have not been able to get the pictures downloaded off my camera to post some updated shots.  I’ll try to get things back on line this Sunday while hubby is on duty. 

This Saturday so much is happening… New Pathways class at The Yarn Corner, The Cranberry Festival in Grayland, and A Whale of a Quilt Show in Ocean Shores.  Looks like I’m going to have to back out of the knitting class and go to the Cranberry Festival with hubby.  Sunday I’ll go spend a few minutes at the Quilt show.  And the whole weekend I’ll be dreaming of knitting!

Sweet dreams!

something new to do…

Because I don’t have enough on my plate just yet… I’ve joined the Mystery Stole 3!  I’m pretty excited about this one.  (See the button on the side of my blog, in the KAL section.) I’ll have to make a trip in to my LYS soon to buy yarn for this project because I want to get started on making my gauge swatch sample.  Right now I’m thinking Ivory for a color, but we’ll see when I get there!

And I have some more exciting news… my 2 nephews are going to spend the next week with us!  They live about two and half hours from us in Maple Valley.  We are going to leave early Saturday morning to go get them. (yeah, car knitting)  The boys are 10 and 8 and such cuties.  This weekend there is a lot going on in town so I’m hoping we get back in time to see all the sand sculptures.  The weather sounds like it will be iffy at best, but that’s life at the beach, you never know.  We have plans to take them swimming at the community pool next week and several trips to the beach.  I’m really looking forward to just spoiling them… a little!  I think Rick is just looking forward to eating all the fun foods I bought. 

Ok, that’s a wrap for me today.  Now back to work.  More to follow on the yarn choice.

It was a great day…

Saturday we had rain, and yet it didn’t seem to make any difference.  W.W.K.I.P. Day was a success.  Our location was the best ever.  Celia and her staff at the Coffee Bean Cafe were wonderful.  The brought us bowls of Chicago Carmel popcorn (very addictive).  First thing I did was get my iced White Chocolate Blackberry Non Fat Latte!!!  (the peanutbutter cookie came later in the day).  Lucky Julie arrived just as the scones were coming out of the oven, can it get any better. 

Now for the not so good news… I had my camera in my tote bag and didn’t realize that the settings had gotten changed.  So my pictures didn’t turn out very well.  I didn’t even notice it until I went outside at the end of the day to get a picture of the sign.  Oh well here is our happy group…

 Bunni Sherri Patty

Bunni, Sherri and Patty

June 9, 2007

This is our ‘knitting front room’ at the Coffee Bean Cafe!

Celia the owner of the Cafe

This is Celia the wonderful owner of the Coffee Bean Cafe!  (she doesn’t always stand on a chair behind the counter – only when taking pictures for us!)

sign outside

I told you it was rainy day! (we were sitting just on the other side of these balloons inside on the cozy sofa, eating popcorn and knitting) I forgot about the ballons, and left them there… I meant to have Sherri take them back to her shop for her son… I think to much knitting (and caffine) can turn your brain to mush, but good mush!

I should have gotten a picture of one of the best things that happened.  On Friday, Patty frogged a whole sweater (too big)  we were discussing how off the gauge was and the size didn’t seem to match the pattern at all.  On Saturday she brought the yarn and pattern and began to knit a new gauge.  Then Sherri called in for back up… and Linda came running over asking if she need to bring her calculator!  Right away she showed how to measure the best way to get the true gauge and looked at the pattern to determine what she would need to do this time for the perfect sweater!  This is what I love about knitting.  Everyone always seems so helpful, and willing to teach you the correct way to do something, or a better way.  This is also one of things that keeps me excited about knitting, that there is always someone out there that is willing to teach from their experiences.  I think knitting friends are the greatest!

I can’t believe that I stayed from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.  The day just went by so quickly.  I knit on my sweater and I’ll have to say that I did have a couple of laugh attacks that caused me to make an oops twice.  But all is well now. 

This is my sweater so far… (can you tell that I love my knitting purse almost as much as my knitting? and yes for some reason I am really getting in to pink now.)

Sausalito Sweater

This is what the bottom will look like after it has been folded up and sewn in place.

Sweater back bottom

And then we have the birth of a new sock… the Tofutsie Sock Club June 2007 yarn!

june 2007 tofutsie yarn

Tidal Wave socks

I think it will be a long time before we see any more pictures of this sock, as we have lots to do on the sweater and shawl!  I decided on the Tidal Wave sock pattern instead of the Wild Kats sock pattern, and I will make that one up in one of the new Tofutsie sock colors that will be coming in soon at The Yarn Corner!

Now I must get some laundry done, and clean the kitchen so I can justify sitting and knitting for several hours!  I simply must talk to the husband about a maid, it would free up much more time to knit and I would be forever happy about a clean house! 

Oh my, I just got the wet nose to my foot that my princess Cassie wants to go out.  Maybe we should run down to the beach to see what the storm last night blew in, my dogs love to run on the beach, and it’s been awhile. I think knitting may have to wait.

We are soooo close now…

Only 2 more days until the W.W.K.I.P.D. 

Other knitting things going on right now… 

I only have one more repeat to compete on my shawl before I start the edge!!!  I’m very excited about this.  I have really enjoyed (and am continuing to enjoy) working on this shawl and I’m looking forward to another one.

Yesterday I picked up my Limited Edition Tofutsie yarn.  I love the colors and can’t wait to start them.  However, I must finish up a couple of other projects first. 

With that said, I started working on my new sweater last night.  I was only going to work on a guage swatch and suddenly I was casting on for the back of the sweater!  Then I reminded myself that I should finish my shawl first.  And then I reasoned with myself that the sweater is an easy pattern and I could work on it during breaks at work, and work on the shawl at lunch time.  I know I have a few pairs of socks that are still uncompleted and they will just have to be understanding and wait a little longer. 

About my sweater… I decided on the lovely pink!  I have completed a whole 2 inches on the back bottom of the sweater and it is like BUTTER!!!  I love this yarn soooooooo much.  The only draw back is that I have to be careful not to stab the yarn as it does split quickly.  But it is so soft and feels like just the right weight that I was looking for.  I will take pictures tonight to post. 

I know you will find this hard to believe, but I picked up another cute pattern too!  I just couldn’t help myself.  It’s a tank top style knit in the round.  I will hold off on this one for as long as I can, or until I need another “new project” high!

Here is the what I copied from the web about my new pattern…


Euroflax Linen  Athens or Geneva
Knitted in the Round

This simple, lacy tank top has very wide straps, almost “caplets” and a delightful hem in a generous length. You’ll love the delicate lace effect that is easy to knit. Wear Ginger with a camisole for a very feminine accent piece that is great alone or under a cardigan or jacket for the office.
Our special Ginger pattern comes from Louet Design Team. Ginger promises to delight knitters with beautiful texture and interesting stitch combinations, while maintaining the allure of tradition.

It’s almost here…

Knit Together

Only 3 more days until World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Coffee Bean Cafe – 101 E Wishkah Street

9:00 am to Whenever…

Bring your knitting and join us for some fun.  What a great opportunity to learn from other knitters and show our community how much fun knitting is!

And don’t forget they have GREAT popcorn, scones, cookies, brownies and yes… awesome coffee too!  What more could you ask for, other than a little sunshine!

Rain or Shine I’ll see you at Nine!


Only 4 more days…

I hope you are all making plans to be at the W.W.K.I.P. day somewhere! 

I will be in Aberdeen, WA at the Coffee Bean Cafe drinking iced lattes and knitting starting at 9:00 AM!!!