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10 days…

The count down begins again.  I have only 10 days to knit before I have carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand.  I survived my non-knitting days when I had my right hand done, by reading blogs and many hours on Ravelry!

Well on New Years Day I found the Spring Shawl Surprice (surprise) kal and joined! 

I have now knit the first 12 rows 3 times!!!  (and it’s taken much coffee to do this!)

I love the yarn and love the color, but then I found the Secret of the Stole II kal (from the Nautical Knitter) and joined it too (it begins Jan 18 – the day after surgery – of course!)

So I made an executive decision to switch yarn on these projects.  I’m going to knit my SSS out of the dark red lace yarn I picked up at The Yarn Corner last year when I was getting ready for the MS3 (that I didn’t complete).  And I’m going to use the JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 in suede color for the SOTS ii.  I started the SSS again today and so far so good.  I’m back to row 8 and I’m loving the color.  If you are thinking about joining this KAL you better hurry, she is going to close it on Tuesday the 8th when she posts the 2nd clue.

Other than knitting on my now red shawl today, it started snowing and I have been praying all day that it continues and that we get so much snow that I can’t go to work tomorrow – then I can knit more!  I feel like a kid wanting to stay home from school!

I’ll post more pictures of my SSS in red later this week. 

Have a great week and pray for SNOW!!!


thankful for friday!

 This has been the longest week, and I only worked 3 1/2 days!  If I can’t pick up sticks and knit soon I won’t be responsible for all the missing food in my house!  At work during break I sit and watch my friend Patty knit… this is far worse than watching the skinny girl eat your favorite cheesecake in front of you while you are on a diet!  I go back to see the doc on Tuesday and I’m praying he says “girl get outta here and go knit” so what do you think my chances are that he’ll tell me this?  I know it’s not the end of the world, and I should be enjoying this time away from housekeeping, and I should stop whining.  It actually is going by very quickly and it will be no time and I’ll think how silly I was.  On the brighter side… I have no carpal tunnel numbness at all!  My hand doesn’t ever go to sleep, and when I wake up in the morning… NO PAIN!  🙂  I received a message from another Ravelry knitter that she was able to knit in moderation after her soft cast came off!  That’s only 4 more days for me!

I stopped in at The Yarn Corner on my way home to check out all the new stuff, and to enjoy the company of friends!  I’m still working on making a decision on what yarn to use for my Mr. Greenjeans sweater.  Also, a side benefit of stopping in to touch all the yarn is that the friendliest, and most wonderful jewelry store in the state is right next door.  And the lovely, I mean handsome, Mr. Mike can clean and check my wedding ring and make it look sooooo beautiful and like the first day I put it on.  Everyone makes you feel like you are stopping in the see family (the good kind of family, not the crazy aunt or weird cousin, kind of family!)  I picked up the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue and I’ll be enjoying every page this weekend!

Something else to add to my list that I would love to knit someday…

Heartland Shawl

Isn’t this beautiful!  This pattern is the 2006 Buffalo Gold Fiber Arts Contest Winner – designed by the one and only oh so wonderful Evelyn Clark!  I haven’t touched the Buffalo Gold yarn yet, but I will someday!  It looks very interesting, you can check them out at Buffalo Gold.

I’m going to work on filing dip orders tonight (it is that time of year ya know – well almost that time of year).  I’ve scaled way back on the number of dips I’m making, but I will always do special requests. 

On a colder note, we are going camping the last weekend of this month!  I’m praying for crisp cool weather with no rain!  Just lots of leaves changing color and short hikes!

I’ll keep you posted!

still knitting?

Yes I’m still knitting… and camping… and geocaching… and working… and not sleeping much.

I’ll back track just a little here to catch myself up…

…last month we went to the Stitch and Pitch in Seattle and had a grand time. 

Bought a little yarn for Christmas presents (sock yarn – STR in Mariners colors, and yarn that I can’t even remember what it’s called in bright pink and lime greens). 

…Saturday, July 28th Rick and I went in search of a pop up camper.  Bought one from Baydo’s in Fife and went back on the 31st (Rick’s Birthday) to pick it up!

…each day I am still knitting at breaks and at lunch.  It used to be my routine to knit on my MS3 stole each day at lunch… now my stole is being punished for not having the correct number of stitches.

…finished my very cute little Peapod Sweater.

…making a couple of the Heatbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono’s from my Mason Dixon Knitting book.  I’m using the self striping Sugar n Cream.  I have yarn enough to make 4 of them!  The blue one is just over half done, ran out of yarn and started a pink one.  The pink one is now just over half done.  Now that I have more blue yarn I will hurry and finish the pink one.  I’m making each one just a little bit different.

…new favorite knitting project is the beautiful Diamond Fantasy shawl.  This is what I’m working on at lunch time these days. (while the stole is being punished).

…and my pink Sausilto sweater has been waiting in my cute pink knitting purse.

… and yes there are many socks on all my needles!

So I guess I am up to date now, knid of. 

I also have another blog that I’m keeping as a journal of our camping/geocaching adventures. I just got it started so I can keep track of where we have been with family and friends.  I’ll try not to let my knitting over flow into this blog!  It’s at: http://geocacheandcamping.wordpress.com/

That’s it for now. 

Leaf Lace Shawl…

Done at last!  Friday night I got busy and blocked my shawl.  I’m so pleased with it.  I wish I had made the large shawl now instead of the small one.  For my first shawl I think it turned out pretty well.  I wasn’t real sure about how much to stretch it. 


I think in some places it could have been stretched more, or maybe not. 

more blocking 

I used T-pins, and towels on the kitchen table. 

green chair & shawl

Pattern: Fiber Trends – Leaf Lace Shawl
Yarn: Louet Gems – Sage 80-2503-9 – 100% Merino Wool Fine/Sport Weight – 2 skiens plus I needed a 3rd skein to knit the last 2 rows.  (Each skein is 225 yards)
Shawl began on: 4/30/2007
Completed knitting on: 06/19/2007
Blocked on: 06/22/2007

pink chair & shawl

me & shawl

Me and my first shawl!
( I took this picture with a timer, not an easy thing to do!   I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what I was doing – maybe trying to fly?)

it’s time to block…

I finished my Lace Leaf Shawl at lunch time today!  I am so excited to have this done, well almost done.  Let’s just say I’m thrilled to have it off the needles!  Now it’s time to block.  However, I don’t have enough pins to do this so I’ll have to stop on my way home tomorrow night and get some.  I have 20 quilting pins and that’s it. 

I made up the small pattern and it is… small.  I can’t wait to see how much bigger it will be after blocking.  I’ll post all the details when I post the final pictures.


Up close pre-blocking…

The color is hard to get right, I’ll take the next photos outside when I’m completely done. 

I already can’t wait to start another shawl.  I started looking at other shawl patterns and I really like the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and Charlotte’s Easy Lace Shawl designed by Lily Chin (Fiber Trends pattern), and I’ve seen many others too.  But I’m not forgetting what is waiting for me in my cute little pink purse (knitting purse).  It’s my Sausalito sweater!!!  And it’s time to go knit on it now.

got yarn?

I do! 

I stopped in at The Yarn Corner to pick up more green shawl yarn and I’m happy to say I’m doing the bind off now.  This is a much longer process than I had imagined.  You knit two then slip them back to the left needle and knit them together.  Then knit one, and slip the two back over to the left needle and knit them together, and so on until you are done.  I haven’t ever done this type of a bind off.  I love learning new things, don’t you? 🙂  Well  I believe I have a total of 337 stitches to do.  At first I think I might have been binding off too loosely.  I’m not sure what it’s going to look like when I get done blocking so I started being careful to try to knit them tighter together.  I really am just winging it and hoping for the best.  I’ll post pictures later this week.

I ran out of yarn…

Can you believe this!  I had’nt really been looking in my knitting bag at how low my yarn was getting.  I knew the ball was getting very small but I also knew that I was almost done with my shawl.  I have ONE AND HALF rows left to knit and then the BO row!!!!!  I can’t believe this is happening… I really wanted to be blocking my shawl this afternoon and wearing it this week.  So close… and yet so far.  The Yarn Corner is closed on Monday and Sherri is off this week.  I promised not to have any knitting emergencies as a joke… and now look at me… I’m having a knitting emergency! 😦

shawl out of yarn

Moving right along…. I didn’t knit on my sweater today, instead I decided to practice knitting without throwing!  Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  I say yes, but with lots and lots of patience.  I decided to make a baby bib to practice on.  It’s not quite done, I have the other side strap to make, weave in the ends and add a button.  I need to have 4 of these made by the end of the summer and they are great for practicing continental knitting. 

These pictures didn’t really turn out so great, and I’m not sure what I’ve done to the camera this time.  The color is lime green, white and blue.  I traded a ball of pink for this one!

Bib Front

Front of bib.

This made up bib pattern is very simple with little purling to do, because purling is not as easy for me when I’m not throwing my yarn!  I like both sides of this pattern too!

Bib Back

Back of bib.

CO 38, Knit 4 rows, then begin the 2 row repeat… Row 1: *Knit 2, Purl 1*end with 2 knits.  Row 2: Knit.  Keep repeating until the bib is as big as you want it to be (mine is about 25 ribs or 50 rows – I don’t want to run out of yarn!).  Then staying in pattern work the first 8 stitches and BO until 8 stitches are left on the other side. Work these 8 stitches back and forth for about 5 inches and make a button hole (knit 3, BO 2, knit 3 – then on the other side knit 2, purl 1, CO 2, purl 1, knit 2). Work for about another inch and BO.  Now work the 8 stitches that have been hanging on your needle this whole time until it is the same size.  Add a button, and a Bib is born! 

Next weekend is the Sand and Sawdust Festival here in Ocean Shores, and I love to see all the sand sculptures people make.  There is also a giant wood carving contest that goes on at the Convention Center and Craft show too!  I’ll try to take lots of pictures – pray for sunshine, not just for this event, but for the much bigger event – Sherri’s daughter is getting married!  I can’t believe it’s here already.  How exciting, it seems like just the other day I was getting ready for my wedding, and poof – it’s been 10 months!  10 Happy months!

On that note I think I’ll call it a night!


no more tears…

ok, I didn’t really cry, but almost!  Over Mother’s Day weekend I found a mistake in my shawl.  Yes, it is hard to believe that careful me made a mistake but I did.  So I carefully tried to go back about 5 rows to correct it.  WRONG!!!  Good thing I had been putting in “lifelines” regularly… WRONG again!  I had to go back much, much further than I would have like to, but it simply must be done.  I just couldn’t live with a mistake in the middle of my shawl.

This picture was taken at my mom’s house sitting out in the sunshine with not a care in the world…

at mom's in the sunshine 

just knitting enjoying my mom’s company and feeling good!  The mountains in the background are just beautiful, I wish they would have shown up better in the picture.

Here we have the shawl enjoying the sunshine and the view!

shawl and sunshine

Here we have the shawl on the guest bed before the big ripping!  (can you see the mistake in the middle of the shawl? Can you see the lifeline way, way, way back down there?)

Here we have the night knitting with the shawl once again beginning to grow.

do overs

Enough about my shawl for now. 

Knitting, Dips and books…

Well the weekend is drawing to an end… and it’s been drizzling all day!  This will be a short entry tonight because I want to get back to knitting on my shawl.

shawl and keyboard

It’s almost doubled since last weekend.  I had a couple of lunch hours that I spent looking for the missing YO.  And then I had a couple of lunch hours that went very well!  I love this pattern.


Tofutsies are still in the bag… I’m on the second sock and in the home stretch (the foot) now.  In the mean time I have switched back to my much neglected Roza socks. 

Roza… remember the Roza socks? Well they are a good break time knit, and I can spend almost 30 minutes a day on them.  On Friday morning break (outside on the bench in front of work, in the sunshine, I might add) I finished my first Roza.  The pictures just don’t do it justice.  

I love this picture with Thor checking it out.

Roza and Thor nose

This photo shows the color a little better.

Roza sock in window

I was viewing a few blogs this weekend and came across someones Manta Ray Shawl, and thought that I had seen that recently… I had.  It’s in my new book Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason .  I wasn’t sure how much I liked this book at first, but the more that I look at it the more I liked it.  I could imagine this shawl made out of the brushed acrylic yarn that I have in this grape color.  I’ve only had the yarn for about 24years!!!!  Yes, that’s right.  Back when I lived in Oregon, and worked for Robin and Russ Handweavers, I bought a cone of this!  Back then I could only crochet and weave and I have no idea what I thought I was going to make out of this yarn, (maybe a blanket thing) I just knew that I liked the color.  So what did I do… stayed up half the night knitting on it when I have perfectly wonderful projects to be working on!!  Oh the shame of it. -No picture to follow of this project until I recharge all the batteries (yes, 3 of them) that I have run down. 

On the dip front, I did my inventory – lots to order to have fresh stuff ready to make dips!  I tried fine tuning a couple of dips that I wanted to kick up and change a bit and I made up 3 to take to work.  A mild curry herb dip, a smokey mexican type dip and a blue cheese herb dip.  Stop by and try some if you’re in the neighborhood.

Well for light reading I’ll tell you that I’m enjoying the Knitting for Peace book and I’m listening to The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau (at work) and in the car I’m on the last CD of The Seventh Sinner by Elizabeth Peters.  I love a good mystery or thriller or suspense and I love a good story (even the ones that will make me laugh and cry and feel like I know these people).  The book by Elizabeth Peters is a good story.  No guts, blood, and swearing just a good ol’ fashion Agatha Christie type mystery.  Easy to listen to and no, you won’t figure out who did it until the bitter end!  It takes place in Rome and they go to all the places I want to someday visit. 

Did I say this was going to be a short blog night?  Good heavens I must go knit now!  I hope a good weekend was had by all.

Last weekend of April…

And so ends a beautiful weekend.  It took a little while for the beach clouds to blow over, but when they did, what a day!  It’s been a pretty good month, and I can’t believe it’s almost May. 

Last Sunday in April 2007

I always feel a little blue when my hubby leaves for the big city (Seattle) on Sunday.  His new job is in Seattle and soon he’ll be telecommuting, but for a few weeks he’ll just be coming home on the weekends.  The dogs go crazy after he leaves, they run after him, and then sit and stare out the window waiting for him to come back.  They make me laugh, and I love them to death, so I’m glad they are here with me.

Puppy Love…

Thor and Cassie

Knitting… yes, we had some knitting going on over the weekend in-between home projects. 

I first want to show you the cuties little socks ever.  I picked up a sock blocker key chain (w/pattern) at The Yarn Corner this week. 

sock blocker key chain 

This is a great sock to knit if you need to have some instant gratification for finishing a project.  And who doesn’t need to get that feeling once in a while.  I have it double this week, as I’ve knit up two… I guess I have a mis-matched pair of socks done! 


The teal yarn (I know it looks blue, but it’s not) is from my very first pair of socks.  And the second brown/pink and blue yarn is from my RPM socks.  It only takes a little bit of sock yarn and about an hour.  I’ll be making more of these down the road… you know, when I need to get that feeling that I’ve finished something!  You really should get in to buy one of these cute kits before they are all gone. 

My shawl had a little set back early in the week.  I had the wrong number of sts after one row and then I tried to correct it and it got worse and worse and worse.  Totally Frogged it all!

1st try…

1st try - trashed

I started again on Wednesday and I’m very happy now. 


I really love this pattern, I think it’s great for a first time shawl.  I totally love the fact that you have to concentrate on the pattern and it feels soooo good when I have the right number of sts at the end of the row.  Yes, I now count at the end of each row before continuing on to make sure I have the correct number.  Lessons learned.  I know I’ll need to get some pins for blocking too, but I have a while before that day comes!

While sitting at my desk in our home office yesterday, I picked up my dpn’s and my Lucy STR yarn (picked this up at the Canby, OR Flock and Fiber Festival last summer).  I was organizing piles of papers and putting stuff away and ran across this sock pattern that I printed so that I would remember where this great yarn came from.  Anyway, I went out to the website, and once again there is no more of this yarn.  I will need to watch closer or email them to ask if I can get on a list or something for the next time they make it up.  The yarn is from Freshisle Fibers in Canada.  It’s self-striping watermelon!  If anyone knows where else I might find this yarn I would love to hear from you.  OK, back the sock pattern and the lovely Lucy yarn, I decided to start on this simple pattern with Lucy and so now I have one more project going.  These are my Office Lucy Socks – because they will stay in the office, and I will work on them in here while downloading etc.

Lucy Office Socks

I’m having some issues with downloading photos right now, so that’s why some are very large.  It seems I’ve used all my space at Flickr for this month, so I’m using my Photobucket.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, right! 

Speaking of getting the job done, I’m off to finish up the laundry before settling in to some knitting!