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2 months in a camera… (long post)

Time is zipping by, I can’t believe it’s November already.  I was just complaining a month ago that I couldn’t knit… and now I just can’t seem to stop!  It’s knit or blog, and as you can tell from my lack of posting, knitting has won out!

OK, before I get to the end of the year, I want to post some things that were in the camera (with the dead battery) and that I didn’t get put out on my blog.  It’s funny how many times I’ve gone back to some of my old posts to remember what I was knitting when – it really helped in updating some of my Ravelry stuff.  The old mind ain’t what she used to be for remembering.

In the camera we have pictures of my Diamond Fantasy Shawl.  It’s on hold for now.

The color shows a little better in this picture…



So let’s flash back to a beautiful September day in Oregon, Canby to be exact.  The Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  I’ll be brief with my memories for this day.

This is Patty at the entrance to the festival, this is actually at the end of our day, with all of her purchases


One of my main goals this year was to get knitting basket.  This is my new knitting (slightly misshapen) basket!

There were very few baskets with green, and I fell in love with this one.  Patty couldn’t make up her mind on size, so she got two all natural baskets.

Another purchase… sock yarn from Blue Moon.

This is STR in Rare Gems, and a pattern I picked up too.  I’ve seen these socks knitted up and thought they might be fun and different.  The pattern is called Hippy Crunchy.

Next up, yep… more sock yarn.

I loved all the colors at The Swell Yarn Shop!  And Angie (owner) was swell too!  Don’t you love her card and yarn label.  She also had a heavier weight yarn too, but this one was calling my name.

No trip to the festival would be complete without seeing Pat Fly! 

I love watching her work this old sock knitting machine.  Lots of people stopped to watch.  Yes, I did pick up some yarn here too.  How could I not?

Once again this year the weather was perfect.  Lots of people sitting out at tables knitting.  If we lived closer we might have done the same. 

Instead we had time for a quick snack and then more shopping. 

OK, I have no idea who this dog belonged to, but he was so cute, and looked so sweet laying under this table that I had to take a picture.

I love dogs!  This one had one blue eye and one brown, even if you can’t see it in this picture.

OK, that’s a wrap for September and the 2007 Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby Oregon.

Next up in the camera…


This was the project I was speeding along with just before I had surgery on my hand.  At first I thought I was going to make a scarf and then I remembered the cute Block Sweater in the One Skein book. 

So here is a picture when I thought I was going to make a scarf…

And then here are the pieces that make up the sweater.

(It’s hard to get the true colors to show up very well in this photo.)  And yes, the sweater has not yet been blocked so I can do the I-cord edge that goes all around it.  Can you believe that I could be this close to done, and then get totally hooked on another project and not look back!  Don’t answer that!  So what did I get so hooked on?


The Great American Afghan!!  This booklet was published a couple of years ago I believe, and it was shown in mostly blues, and greens.  This time when they reprinted the booklet they show it all knit with my favorite yarn Cascade 220, and in warm colors.  Browns, greens, rust and red tones.  I love it!  There are 25 blocks total.  I now have 5 blocks completed and I’m about half way done with another block.

No, I’m not knitting them in order.  I started with number 1, got the block done, but not the detailing that needs to be stitched on it, along with a small pair of socks.

Here are the blocks that I have so far…


I know I have lots more to blog about and more pictures to post, but I really want to knit on my Mr. Greenjeans sweater!  And I should be cleaning to get ready for Thanksgiving company.  My mom and her husband will be coming to our house from Leavenworth, WA.  I’m really excited that I’ll be doing everything this year.  Usually I help or someone is helping me.  Our menu will be a little shorter this year because it is only the 4 of us.  Hubby wants a smokey turkey this year.  We’ll see.  The weatherman is saying no rain, so we’ll have to make sure to spend some time at the beach.

Enough for now, if I don’t blog again in the next day or two, Happy Thanksgiving!