something new to do…

Because I don’t have enough on my plate just yet… I’ve joined the Mystery Stole 3!  I’m pretty excited about this one.  (See the button on the side of my blog, in the KAL section.) I’ll have to make a trip in to my LYS soon to buy yarn for this project because I want to get started on making my gauge swatch sample.  Right now I’m thinking Ivory for a color, but we’ll see when I get there!

And I have some more exciting news… my 2 nephews are going to spend the next week with us!  They live about two and half hours from us in Maple Valley.  We are going to leave early Saturday morning to go get them. (yeah, car knitting)  The boys are 10 and 8 and such cuties.  This weekend there is a lot going on in town so I’m hoping we get back in time to see all the sand sculptures.  The weather sounds like it will be iffy at best, but that’s life at the beach, you never know.  We have plans to take them swimming at the community pool next week and several trips to the beach.  I’m really looking forward to just spoiling them… a little!  I think Rick is just looking forward to eating all the fun foods I bought. 

Ok, that’s a wrap for me today.  Now back to work.  More to follow on the yarn choice.

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