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A New Year, Old Projects, and Fried Rice…

Here we are in 2008! 

My, doesn’t time pass quickly when you get old! 🙂  This morning I’ve started reviewing all the 2007 projects that I began and haven’t finished.  Some of them I’m excited to get busy on again.  I even started looking at all the patterns I purchased last year and had forgotten about.  Some I may get to this year. 

My big plans for today… to find all my knitting needles, and log them in my Ravelry.  Then to start working on the Mr. Greenjeans sweater. A little napping and cooking and then to bed. 

I stayed up last night to watch the fireworks go off on the Space Needle in Seattle (on tv).  9 years ago I spent New Years at the Needle in the biter cold and rain with about a dozen friends.  So I can say “been there, done that”.  Anyway, last night was kind of funny, and sad… The music started and no fireworks.  Then there was fireworks – not in time with the music just random crazy fireworks.  Come to find out afterwards, they had a computer problem and had to reboot a time or two (not sure) and then they decided to just manually fire off the fireworks.  Hope their new year gets going better today.  I haven’t watched the news to find out what people are saying about it yet.  But I’m sure words have been said.  At any rate, I liked the fireworks and we had some going off here at the beach too.  Not that I could hardly hear them over the hubby snores!  Thor hates fireworks.  It’s the loud noise he hates.  He just snuggled in with his daddy, and did really well.  Cassie didn’t even lift her head, she just stayed curled up in front of the fireplace.

Looks like no rain today, just clouds and lots of cold wind.  A typical day at the beach.  I think if I get out of my lazy mode I’ll take the dogs to the beach… but only if I get out of my lazy mode!

I’ve been chopping and dicing veggies this morning and cooking rice.  I’m going to make my wonderful giant batch of shrimp fried rice today.  It’s great food for being lazy, it heats up quick and has tons of stuff in it… all the veggies that are about to go south in the refrigerator.  Green onions, yellow squash, carrots, green peas, cabbage, etc.  Scramble a couple of eggs and some of that yummy garlic herb shrimp from Schwans.  One box of Rice a roni fried rice and some left over white rice and seasonings from a dip mix.  Bam… you have lunch/dinner.

Well I’m off to enjoy my blackberry cobbler iced latte, and some Law and Order reruns while I knit.  I hope you enjoy your first day of the new year and I’ll be back to post pictures later this week.

Stay safe, warm and dry… and get knitting!