Guess who?

Well it’s been a VERY long time. In fact I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten away from reading blogs and blogging.

I’m still knitting, had a brief set back in February when my Jack Russell (Cassie) accidentially bit me instead of her brother Leo (our newest member of the family – he’s a 3 year old Westie).

Long story short.. (too late) I ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery on my right index finger. I don’t have all the bend back yet in my finger, but I’m still working on it.

Now here it is April, and Cassie and Leo got into it again and my foot got in the way, and this time is was my toe! Another trip to ER because the doctor could see me on a Friday and it was starting to swell and didn’t look to pretty. Never a dull moment.

Well, I’m going to get my ducks in a row and I’ll update some knitting projects and a few pictures too.  More later!


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