still not knitting…

Well I’ve joined a few more KAL and I still can’t knit.  I’m getting really anxious and the only thing I can think of to do to make me feel better is “GO BUY SOME YARN”!  So tomorrow I think I’ll hit my LYS looking for yarn for my Mr. Green Jean’s sweater… I’m sure that will make me feel better.

Something else I’ve been doing a lot of lately is browsing Ravelry.  I so love this site.  I need to stop finding things to knit. 🙂  I have taken a few things off my “knitting waiting list” because of details people wrote about the patterns. 

I still have not been able to get the pictures downloaded off my camera to post some updated shots.  I’ll try to get things back on line this Sunday while hubby is on duty. 

This Saturday so much is happening… New Pathways class at The Yarn Corner, The Cranberry Festival in Grayland, and A Whale of a Quilt Show in Ocean Shores.  Looks like I’m going to have to back out of the knitting class and go to the Cranberry Festival with hubby.  Sunday I’ll go spend a few minutes at the Quilt show.  And the whole weekend I’ll be dreaming of knitting!

Sweet dreams!


2 responses to “still not knitting…

  1. wow. hmmm. we rate 2nd to the cranberries, eh? lol i look forward to seeing you anyway!

  2. I just ‘had’ to follow the link to the Mr. Green Jeans sweater!!! I will have to join you in the KAL (just as soon as I finish the other 3 sweaters…)

    I have to work on Saturday, so I’ll end up missing most of the activities of the weekend, but we will probably end up going out the the quilt show on Sunday.

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