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knitting updates…

Secret of the Stole ii… Full speed ahead! 

Not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea. 

this is the cute little tote that I’m keeping my sots ii in.
the color is called suede, and it’s a little lighter than in this picture.
a little blocking shows the pattern  starting to come to life.

 I finished hint #1 at lunch today while listening to a “knitting at night” podcast.  I’m new to podcasts, and I listened to #11 and #12 at lunch.  I love it.  It’s like listening to a friend read their blog to you.  I got so much good info from Casey’s podcasts and many good laughs too.   The only problem I had was, every now and then she would start saying knitting stitches or numbers and I’d have to think “what number was I on, what stitch did I just knit”. 🙂

Surprise… It’s the Huge Blanket Bag… This is an oldie but goodie.  I need to sew the pocket on the inside and it will be done.  I started knitting this… wow, I’m gonna have to check my really, really old blogs to see when I started this one.  OK, I found it… I blogged about this bag August 2, 2006!!!  I was working on it just before I got married.  Cute pictures of Cassie too, if you want to check it out, I have a link to my old blog on my side bar below the KAL section. 

It is really large but I’m sure I’ll have fun using it this summer.

Next up… Yes, it’s the Mr. Greenjeans sweater in a beautiful shade of watermelon! 


I love knitting with Cascade 220.  I hope to be working on this again very soon.  I dug it out and put it on to make sure I’m ready to start the next phase.  It’s hard to see what a wonderful color this is.  It reminds me of summer. 


It’s hard to photo this right now, but I will get more pictures as soon as I resume knitting on this.

Last up… this is something I didn’t knit.  I watched her knitting on this during breaks at work.  This is my friend dear friend Patty wearing her Rusted Root (pattern from Zephyr Style).  I love it.  And I love all patterns that are knit from the top down!

Well that’s my update.  Have I said how happy I am that I’m knitting again, and that both hands are doing great.  It sure makes a difference when I’m knitting.  I’m a little sore on the left side from the surgery, and it seems to get tired a little quicker than I like, but I remember the same thing happening on the right side.  So I’m sure by the end of the this month all will be great.

Well that’s a wrap for tonight.