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Silver Spruce Aibhlinn…

It’s a new year…

I thought I would review something I finished up at the end of last year.  This is one of my favorite knitted items that I have ever made.  And why is it when I complete something and want to take pictures, it’s the mid of the night and I look like crap.  So that’s my story for why I look like a bag lady in the pictures!  

PATTERN: Aibhlinn(available at Knitty.com for free)
YARN:  Cascade 220 Heather – Sliver Spruce colorway 9322 –  I used just under 2 skeins
NEEDLES: Clover bamboo velvet size 8 circulars
KNIT IT AGAIN? Yes, for sure!  I’ll make one for myself and maybe even as a gift too.  I love cowls!

I followed the pattern exactly until the end when I got nervous that I might not have enough yarn to make it as long as called for – 24″.  I think it is plenty and perfectly long enough, about 22″!  This present was made for my mom and she lives where there is a lot of snow.   I STILL haven’t got it mailed, I needed to put a couple of other things in the box first – it will go out this week. (sorry mom). 

Pulled up like a hood - very cozy!

Pulled up like a hood - very cozy!

Folded down - its nicer than a scarf that could come flying off.

Folded down - it's nicer than a scarf that could come flying off.

Completed - I love this pattern and it feels SOOOOO nice!

Completed - I love this pattern and it feels SOOOOO nice!

 OK, so you get the idea… I love this pattern, and the yarn – great combo!

So, that brings us current for the ending of 2008.  Now here we are in 2009 – Yes, I have many projects begging to be put first on the needles… but, we must have some order to this madness. (or at least it should look like we have a plan!)  First up on January 1 I started a project to be given away for an auction in March.  I’ll blog about it next, I need to take some pictures to show.  I should be able to get it posted tonight or later today. 

Well, my sweetie was one of the many in our nation that lost his job.  It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m staying positive that something good is coming.  I’m also praying he learns how to use the vacuum during this down time! 🙂  Gotta run for now to knit some more.  We are staying in the house be lazy and staying warm today.  It’s not snowing here (it does feel cold enough) but we are getting rain and lots of wind – imagine that… wind at the beach!  🙂

Stay warm and dry,