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the price of gas…

The little town I live in has 1 grocery store, 2 gas stations, and well let’s see… 7 coffee places!   And while I’m talking about this great little town that I live in, lets talk about gas for just a moment… $3.45 for the cheap stuff this morning on my way to work at the Shell station!  When is this going to end?  I’m heading out of town to visit my mom on the other side of the mountain and it’s a major expense just for gas.  This cuts into my coffee money and my yarn, etc money!!!  So I ask again… when is someone going to do something about this?  If the oil companies are having record breaking profits, don’t you think they could invest some of this money in to more oil refineries to help themselves and us out?  OK, I’m glad I got that little rant out of my system.   I’m stepping down from my soap box now.

My shawl is just getting so big.  I love it, have I said this before?  Well, I love it!  I’m already looking forward to the next one.  I read something the other day that got me thinking about how long it takes to finish a project and I thought if I could only knit faster then I could get more knitting projects done.  But then as I was knitting at lunch, I realized how much I enjoy knitting and it’s not a speed thing, it’s like enjoying a fine piece of chocolate.  I really enjoy knitting at whatever pace feels good.  Sometimes it’s much faster than other times (just like the way I eat chocolate)! 

It was funny, as I was packing last night I was worried about bringing all my knitting projects with me, and things I have knitted recently to show to my mom.  Clothes… oh, I might want to make room for them too!  So at the last minute I switched bags, the big bag is for knitting stuff and the small bag is for clothes, etc.!!  It’s important to have your priorities in line. 

I’ll be home Sunday, so I should have new pictures to post then! 

Have a happy and safe Mother’s Day weekend!