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I have been knitting, just not posting on this blog.  I’ve been busy on my other blog if you care to stop in at my Geocaching and Camping site you’ll see what I’m doing in my non-knitting and non-work time. 

I have so much blog reading to catch up on, I could spend all week reading, but instead I guess I’ll go to work.  My husband likes it when I can spend some of my own money too!  Besides I want to go to the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR again and I’m going to need some money for that basket I didn’t buy last year!

I picked up some Mariners colored STR yarn at the Stich N Pitch and one is done and the second one is in the home stretch now!  I’m using the Tidal Wave pattern from SWTC.  I love this pattern because it’s easy to remember and I only did 3 repeats, because I like my socks on the short side.

Tidal Wave Sock pattern – 3 repeats on the cuff. Size 1 needles, 2 circulars.

For my birthday I purchased New Pathways for Sock Knittters – Book One, by Cat Bordhi.  I too think she is amazing, and I’m so glad God created people like her, because I sure wouldn’t have figured this sock technique out in my life time!

I have only gone through lesson one.  And now I will need to make another one to match this cute little sock.  I don’t know if you can see it or not, but the “V” that it makes in the center front is so cool. 

 And I did a perfect job (thanks to the brillant instructions in the book) on my short rows heel!  No picking up stitches, I could get used to this.  I used the yarn that I used on the Peapod Sweater and I’ll be sending these cute little socks to go with it.  I can’t believe that I used size 5 needles!  A friend from work that also purchased this book made me the cute little stitch markers with the “A” and “B” on them.  I’m hoping that my dear, sweet and talented friend Bunni will teach a class on these socks because I’m not so sure I will be able to understand all that I need too, and I don’t want to miss anything.

That about does it for me tonight, I’m wiped out, and need to get some sleep.


still knitting?

Yes I’m still knitting… and camping… and geocaching… and working… and not sleeping much.

I’ll back track just a little here to catch myself up…

…last month we went to the Stitch and Pitch in Seattle and had a grand time. 

Bought a little yarn for Christmas presents (sock yarn – STR in Mariners colors, and yarn that I can’t even remember what it’s called in bright pink and lime greens). 

…Saturday, July 28th Rick and I went in search of a pop up camper.  Bought one from Baydo’s in Fife and went back on the 31st (Rick’s Birthday) to pick it up!

…each day I am still knitting at breaks and at lunch.  It used to be my routine to knit on my MS3 stole each day at lunch… now my stole is being punished for not having the correct number of stitches.

…finished my very cute little Peapod Sweater.

…making a couple of the Heatbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono’s from my Mason Dixon Knitting book.  I’m using the self striping Sugar n Cream.  I have yarn enough to make 4 of them!  The blue one is just over half done, ran out of yarn and started a pink one.  The pink one is now just over half done.  Now that I have more blue yarn I will hurry and finish the pink one.  I’m making each one just a little bit different.

…new favorite knitting project is the beautiful Diamond Fantasy shawl.  This is what I’m working on at lunch time these days. (while the stole is being punished).

…and my pink Sausilto sweater has been waiting in my cute pink knitting purse.

… and yes there are many socks on all my needles!

So I guess I am up to date now, knid of. 

I also have another blog that I’m keeping as a journal of our camping/geocaching adventures. I just got it started so I can keep track of where we have been with family and friends.  I’ll try not to let my knitting over flow into this blog!  It’s at: http://geocacheandcamping.wordpress.com/

That’s it for now. 

the lake, geocaching, and a little knitting…

It was a good weekend.  Saturday we took the boat out and the dogs went with us.  They are always a challenge to hang on to when they see ducks, seagulls, deer, dogs, and anything moving!  This happens enough to make me almost wish we left them at home.  But then I see how much fun they are having with the wind at their little faces. 


 (or the wind on their backsides! – the silly dogs kept standing with their little butts in the wind facing me.  What’s up with that?  This was a first and we couldn’t stop laughing at them.)

The whole reason for being on the lake was to hide our second cache.  The place we ended up hiding our cache is on city property, you can only get to by boat.  Well, now I stand corrected… you can get to it with lots of determination too.  And you better be packing bandages and a machete.   Someone posted a note to us that they found it the hard way – by land!  If you have a GPS you should be out Geocaching!!!   Sunday, we went out again and found 4 more.  A few scratches from random sticks and lots of fun memories.  I will need to remember bug spray and gloves next time.  Oh, and maybe extra socks.

Now for the knitting… I finished tinking back about 15 rows from that cute little blue Peapod Sweater! 


I’m just about an hour away from finishing the sweaters fronts and back, and I can start on the sleeves.  I like the way both sides are knit at the same time as the back, you just put the back and left side on holders finish the right side, then move to the back, finish it, and move to the left side.

Now let me think…  what else was I knitting on…?  Oh yes, MS3!!!!! 


Have you seen the new Frequent Frogger MS3 button on my sidebar?  Well that just about says it all.  I’m on row 70 and back about 10 plus rows ago I came up one stitch short. 


Can you see the HUGE mistake in the upper left section? (how can you not!)

I said to myself, that’s OK, I’ll just slip a stitch in here and it’ll be fine.  IT’S NOT FINE!!! Bigger than life today at lunch it jumped out me!  Sorry Patty, but yes everyone WILL see it.  It’s not one of those things that “I’ll be the only one that knows it’s there!”  When I showed it to her to prove it,  she stuck her finger on it immediately!  “Yep, there it is!” she says to me.  My only reply is “ribit”!  I didn’t work on this beautiful project over the weekend because I didn’t want to mess it up, and as it turns out it’s already messed up!  Oh well, I wasn’t happy with the very first 3 beads anyway.  (This makes me feel better to say this to myself.)  It’s not like a race or anything, I want to keep enjoying this, so it’ll be OK.   And yes, I will put in life lines this time! 

The beads I’m using are size 6 seed beads.  A bit larger than the size 8, but them seem to be OK.

Now back tracking a little.  I didn’t tell ya that I went to the best knit-nite last Tuesday.  Met a new knitter, well she isn’t a new knitter, she is new to the area.  Aren’t knitters the best people ever!  It was a good night out for the girls that wanna have fun.



Red, White and Blue Knitting…

OK, maybe not white.  It was pink, I finished the back of my Sausilto sweater! 

Blue Knitting…     Instead of casting on to begin the front sides of my pink sweater I started something new!  I am finally getting started on the Peapod Baby Set.  I picked up the yarn on Tuesday.  It’s Sirdar Snuggly DK in a denim blue color.  This yarn is so soft.   At first I wasn’t really sure about the pattern.  I mean it seemed like maybe I wasn’t doing something right.  But I decided to just trust the pattern, and guess what?  It looks great!  I love new projects, and this one seems to be cooking right along.  I’m going to work on it at lunch and break today at work.  We have 2 babies coming in our families, one in September (not sure if it’s a girl or boy) and a boy in October.    I’m not sure who will get this sweater and hat. 

Red Knitting…         I mentioned that I started the MS3 project in a beautiful dark red.  Well on Sunday when we were dropping off the boys I talked my sweet husband into stopping at Shipwreak Beads.  I picked up beads for the indigo blue and the red yarn!  I had already started knitting it without beads with the red yarn while I waited for my indigo yarn to come in.  Now I want to see what beads will look like, so I frogged the whole thing.  Well now I get an email from the yarn people that I ordered the indigo from that it may be another week or longer, so I just changed the color to Suede and it will be shipped today.  I’m sure I will find something to do with the beads I got for the indigo.  Now I’ll have to check out Tsunami Beads in Ocean Shores as soon as I get the suede colored yarn.   When I started knitting with the red I used size 3 needles.  The yarn is so fine.  I think it looks good, and not to tight at all.  I can tell the difference between the different stitches.   So now I was ready to test drive those beads…  Then the issue became the crochet hook… I searched high and low and found the one that I thought would work and it turned out to be a size 10.  Too big!  While I was picking up my lunch on Tuesday at Thriftway in Montesano (of all places) I found a #13 crochet hook!  So now I’m at last ready to try knitting it with beads.  To be honest I’m a little worried about the theme of this mystery knit.  I’m really hoping it’s not monkeys!  Have you read some of the guesses?  Scarey!  So I think I’ll wait and see what happens after clue #2.  So far I love the pictures I’ve seen posted.  And Sheri’s is beautiful too.  Maybe I’ll just practice with the red until I get the other yarn, and then again maybe I’ll love the red so much that I use the Suede yarn for something else.  Maybe MS4!!!

Well the other events that took place on 4th of July in my world…  We went out Geocaching again.  This time we placed our 1st cache!  We went up to the beach we got married at last year.  It was such a beautiful day to be beach bumming and there are not so many people at Roosevelt Beach, not like in Ocean Shores.  Wow… I can’t believe how many people were in town.  It’s best to just stay home when it gets like this.  When we got home we fired up the old (actually new) BBQ.  We had a great relaxing evening, grilling, eating and me knitting!

Pictures…  I took a few and I’ll post them later tonight to go with this blog.