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It’s Here!


OK, I know many of you on the Eastern side of the US have been enjoying summer for a long time now, but we have to see it on the calendar to really believe that it might happen!

Today, the calendar matches the weather we are having!  SUNNY with a few clouds and I think we are up into the low 70’s.  If you are laughing then I know you do not live the Pacific Northwest.

Another thing that is here…

The yarn for the BOYB is in at my LYS!  I picked Plum for the main color, and the stripes will be Lake and Cactus.  I love the seed stitch, but hate to knit it.  Ya know what I’m wondering…  why don’t I learn to knit “the other way”!  I know, I make it sound like I’m knitting the wrong way (giggle).  I’m a proud “thrower” what can I say.  I have tried a few times and then go back to what’s comfortable to me – throwing.  I just wonder… would seed stitch go quicker if I knit the other way?

bottom of boyb

Bottom of BOYB completed!


Other happenings in my knitting life…

I found these wonderful bags.  A little RED sock bag  and RED project tote at the Loopy Ewe.  I can’t resist bags, totes, etc and RED – no will power.  No I didn’t order them.  I have to save something for hubby to get for me.

I’m boxing up my 1st box (1 of 3) to send to my SP12.  Looking at it makes me think I need to buy all this for myself!  Will Power Girl!  I will be good.  I will be good.  I’ve ordered some cool yummies on-line and they should be coming in over the next week or two.  And I have some local stuff to put in too.  The fun part is putting it together in a way that makes it feel like it is the most wonderful gift in the world.  I love the wrapping part just as much as the shopping part.  I’ve finally written down what is to go in each box and what I still need so I don’t just keep buying and buying!  Hope she likes it all!

I’m going to try something new this weekend (and as I type these words I wonder if I can do it) I’m going to only work on one project all weekend long.  No switching back and forth and jumping around.  Am I the only one that does this.  I have NOT been true to my commitment to only CO for new projects when an old one is finished.  I bet I have… oh, don’t even go there… maybe 5 or 6 new projects… NO, I said don’t go there!  If you are reading this Sherri, pretend you didn’t!!! 🙂

Wonderful Brown and Pink Wallaby… mommy to be is having a boy not a girl!  Off to the “later” pile with it.

BOYB… I can’t stop knitting on it today!  (this may be my weekend project)

Tofutsie purple socks – need by 07/18 – still hanging out in my knitting bag. (I carry them around with me in case I get stuck somewhere and feel the need to knit on them.)

Last weekend was Knit in Public and I am still working on getting the rest of the pictures together to post.  I haven’t forgotten.

I started this post on the afternoon of June 20th, and I was all set to post it when I got home.  For some reason when I got home I had a bit of dinner and crashed on the sofa.  It was beautiful when I left work, and when I got home we had fog.  The joys of living at the beach.  Well it is now 4:30 in morning (Saturday)  I woke up at about 2 am because the dogs needed to go out.  Then I came in and I’m wide awake.  I know I will regret this later, but I’m not going back to bed because I’m afraid I will over sleep and I need to be ready to go at 7.  Today (Saturday) is the second sweater finishing class in Kent.  I’m very excited about going and learning more.  So when I leave the house I will be stopping at Mocha Madness to get a 24oz White Rabbit!  (white coffee w/ white chocolate – iced of course!  They say that the white coffee has much more caffeine, but not the coffee taste, more of a nutty taste.  I love the taste of coffee, but I NEED the caffeine.)

I see it is starting to get light outside so I’ll knit a bit and then get ready to go.  I’ll post more later this weekend.  Have a great Saturday!