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This week in review…

MONDAY – Chiropractor tried to kill me… or just break me in two or something like that.  Enough said about Monday!

TUESDAY – Knit Night!  I really look forward to the monthly knit night at The Yarn Corner.  I love to look at all the yarn and dream.  But what’s this?  A clear bag with some stuff in it… roving!  I look at this bag briefly and can’t figure out what “artfelt” is, so I move on to my next favorite thing.  What is everyone knitting!  Another one of my favorite things to do is to pick Amber’s brain.  (She is working on this beautiful bolero in some kind of a yummy brown.) I have a little project that I’ve been working on.  It started out I was just knitting a swatch of a pattern to see what it looked like.  Now it has turned into a project.  I’m making it into a little accessories bag to keep my this and that in (tape measure, small notebook, scissors, etc.). I have fabric to line it with, and I’m going to learn how to put a zipper in, what a great learning experience.  And if it doesn’t turn out, so what, I’m learning!   OK, before I go any further I need to warn you, I’m going to be jumping around a little here, try to keep up.  I checked out this awesome book from the library called Vogue Knitting.  I love this book it has so many tips and show me how to do it pictures.  Things I should have read before my first sweater – but that’s ok, it was my first, you live, you knit, you learn!  OK, so this awesome book shows up on my desk in a brown box.  Yes, my very dear sweet friend Patty bought it for me!  (and one for her too!)  So, on page 136 is a pattern called Embossed honeycomb (remember I’m still new to knitting, sort of)… looking at the picture I was intrigued, so I cast on and began knitting to see what it would look like. 

embossed honeycomb

This is a sneak peak at the soon to be accessories bag in the embossed honeycomb stitch.

I like it, and as I’m knitting I am reminded of another book and project.  It’s the One Skein book by Leigh Radford (another fav book of mine) – on page 52 there are 3 little accessory bags.  I really like the willow green one.  It’s crocheted… I can crochet, but would rather not now that I can knit.   So… I’m thinking why not make this swatch sample into a little bag, OK, maybe a little bit bigger bag.  Jump back to Tuesday Knit Night, and I’m picking Amber’s brain.  I’m not sure what to do to the sides of my big sample embossed honeycomb knitting experiment.  I did knit a simple bottom to it and now I’m thinking I need to make the sides about a half inch.  But do I pick up stitches around and knit somehow, or do I make a side piece and add it by stitching it in place?  Help me I cry.  Amber as always with her wisdom directs me to a Interweave mag from a while back and that I could maybe use it for a guide.  Big smile on my face, I will do this the minute I get home.  OK, that’s what I was thinking at the moment.  Now flash, I’m at home and I’m pooped so I take the dogs out and go to bed.

WEDNESDAY –  All day at work, I’m thinking about those cute clear bags at The Yarn Corner, and what do you do with that stuff.  So what do I do… well I leave work early and rush over there!  Only 15 or 20 minutes before she closes.  I use ALL of this time to examine closely each bag 10 times!  I kid you not, ask Sherri or Lauri.  Thankfully she had to close so the last one I touched is the one I took home!  At the time I just couldn’t figure out what I was going to be doing with it, so the colors didn’t really make sense to me.  NO knitting required for this new project.  But still I’m game to learn what secrets are in this magical clear bag that will one day be great to keep yarn in, me thinks at the time!

Here’s what I got…

The Bag 

the stuff

all out of the bag

I love the colors!  I watched the DVD (twice)!  I get it!  This is cool project it’s paper felting.  I’m going to make something… so I jump into cutting apart the big roving by colors (like the DVD said to do) and now all I want to do is make something.  So knowing I don’t have a lot of time tonight, I decide to just make a little something.  I grab an old towel, cut a small piece of the magic paper that my roving will go on and go to town with the poking!  Please see The Yarn Corner blog for more details about this kit (April 4).  Now I really still have no idea what I’m going for here (I recommend you know what you are going to do BEFORE you do it).  But like I said I’m jumping in! 

poking into towel

Oh, and another thing, the barbed needles are very sharp (Hello, barbed like barbed wire fencing that hurts when you try to crawl under it in a halter top with a sunburn – got the picture!)  Ring, Ring, it’s mom, but I can’t stop now.  So I’m excitedly telling my mom about what I just got and I’m still poking at my roving with this very sharp barbed needle.  (I don’t recommend talking on the phone while doing this either)  Yes, there was a little blood involved, but I’m learning! 

Here we have what Shanda created on her first try… 

samples artfelt

 If you have stopped laughing at them, you can continue reading.

So yes, I didn’t understand everything and I should have watched the DVD one more time, and I probably shouldn’t have been talking on the phone with mom.  But I was so excited to make something with this roving!!!! 

Flash forward, quick get the little blobs wet, roll in towel carefully, shove in panty hose leg carefully, tie knot in leg so it won’t fall out in the dryer, and toss in dryer.  (don’t forget to change the setting to Cotton, or high heat, or whatever)  Now, flash forward 20 more minutes and unknot not so carefully, pull rolled towel out of leg, not so carefully because you are so excited to see it, and there it is!  Please no drum roll… it’s not done yet.  Run to the kitchen where we had a pan of water boiling in preparation for this moment.  Now toss the little blobs into a glass brownie pan (wish I had brownies right now) and pour bowling water over it, magically the paper dissolves!  Back to the towel to get rid of excess water and then they must dry. 

flower blob on white yarn ball

Flower blob on white yarn ball.

with pen to see size of blobs

Here we can see in more detail the size of my flower blobs!

highligher and blob

and here we have a highlighter to compare the size of my cute little flower blob.

I swear I will make something more carefully, and planned out later… as soon as I stop laughing at these poor little blobs that I created.  I know you are saying “What was she thinking?”  OK, I was thinking of a flower type object when I started and now I’m happy to say this test is over.  I will move on to create again – after I watch the DVD a couple more times!

THURSDAY – I get home from work and take the dogs outside as usual and WHAT IS THAT!

lakeside changes

yes, it has a blue roof!

other side of the lake

This may not seem like a big thing to you and yo mama – but someone has cleared the beautiful trees on the lake directly across from our house!  I knew that someday someone may build or do something like this, but not yet.  I can see the log house that someone built on the street across from the lot they cleared.  This is all very strange to me.  I’m sure I will adjust it just feels weird to see a house over there, and at night they have a LIGHT for crying out loud!  It’s the dark side of the lake, there are to be NO lights!  As you can tell I’m adjusting well. 

FRIDAY – (the 13th) It’s payday and I’m still laughing about my little blobs that I made all by myself!

SATURDAY– Today it feels like spring outside.  We’ve had sunshine and rain all day.  During the next sun break I really should run outside and wash my very, very dirty red Honda Element.  And during the rain I am Spring Cleaning.  Where did this tradition start?  No, don’t tell me… I will hate that person forever I’m sure if I knew.  OK, so I’m blogging, I’m looking at more knitting books and I’m proud to say that our taxes are filed and the money is in the cyber-mail!  We have movies to watch while I knit tonight and things are good.  I left out something that happened to me on Thursday, but that big news will follow later.

The sun is out and I must run!