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fog… fog… fog…

Well life at the beach is sometimes just foggy!  I know that sunshine was just a couple of miles east of us this weekend, but we didn’t see any. 

Saturday very little knitting got done.  I did work on my socks on the trip to Aberdeen and back (were it was sunny). We sure did a lot of spending this weekend.  My sweet-one bought a new vacuum cleaner for me at Home Depot.  I think it’s the only store he ever wants to go to these days.  He also bought some stuff for the dryer vent outside (whatever it was – I didn’t even know we had a problem).  And I have no idea what the other things were that he bought, I’m sure they were important.  We stopped at the Coffee Bean Cafe and I can’t wait until Saturday to knit all day there!  I picked up some coffee beans and some awesome scones! 

Then Sunday we made another trip to Home Depot (more knitting on my sock) and he got a gas powered weed eater thing.  I got paint for the surprise chairs he made me.  3 small Adirondack chairs!  I have always wanted these chairs.  Each of the chairs I painted a different color and they look great on the front porch.  They will go out back on the deck later.  It’s just that when I got done painting yesterday it looked like it might rain and I want them dry one more day.  As soon as I get the flowers planted in the pots it will look even better on our front porch and I’ll take a picture.  I can’t believe I took NO pictures all weekend. 

Well that’s it for this weekend.  More fun to come!