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Nope, not yet…

We still have no power!  This is day 5 – Friday – the end of a very, very long week.  Our local PUD is saying that we might get power tonight or sometime tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’ll sleep in tomorrow. 🙂  The temperature is dropping and the skies are clearing, so it should be a beautiful day tomorrow.  When I left work tonight at 5 pm the temp was 38 degrees in Montesano.  It gets warmer the closer you get to the beach, we are in the mid 40s now and might get as low as 35 – 38 tonight.  Tomorrow might be a good day to go up the beach north of here and check out the damage, and check in on some friends of ours that live at Copalis Beach.  I don’t think they have power yet either.

It’s funny the things you want to do when you can’t… like vacuuming!  My two “hairiest dogs in the world” seem to be shedding more than necessary.  Good thing they keep us warm at night or they’d be out on their ear… yeah, I know that would never happen, but I am thinking they need to be shaved!

One more wash cloth done for the bazaar next week.  It’s bright pink, orange and yellow and looks very tutti-fruity to me.

Have you been out the the knitty site lately?  My dog Cassie is screaming for this Cables + bits!  So I’m going to have her pick out some yarn from my stash, and that will be her Christmas present.  She’s a dog… like she’s going to remember what I’m making her after she picks the yarn color.  Thor now he’s a little tuffer.  He hates to wear anything, he is far too cool for clothes.  I think we’ll pick him up a new squeaky toy at the new pet/toy store here in Ocean Shores.  They have the cutes stuff for dogs in there.  No, our dogs aren’t spoiled!

Well time for me to get back to knitting.  And I only have 30 minutes before the man turns off the generator for the night.

Be safe, and stay warm out there.