100 Things

OK, I’m going to give this a go…  here are 100 things about me. (this is a work in progress as am I)

1… I live on a lake at the beach (well 2 miles from the actual beach/Pacific Ocean)

2… There is no bad way to eat peanut-butter, and I love it with & on everything.

3… I drink iced coffee drinks year-round.

4… I love RED!  But my favorite color is periwinkle.

5… I drive a RED Honda Element, and I love it.  It’s like a mini-hummer to me.

6… I lived in Texas for 8 years.

7… I was born in Ellensburg, Washington and lived there for less than a year.

8… I love dogs, and have 2, and I’m not to fond of cats.

9… I always try to make others feel comfortable when I see they are not.

10… I have worked in the Payroll field since 1985!

11… I graduated from High School in McMinnville, Oregon class of 1981. (Go Grizzles)

12… I am still in touch with my oldest and dearest friend… we have known each other since we were 5!

13… I have no children, but have 4 nephews and 1 niece.

14… I am married.  I married for the first time the day after my 43rd birthday!  (He is my best friend and we met online 8 years ago, and have been married for almost 2 years).

15… I love to go Geocaching.

16… I love to go camping, but don’t like to stay at campgrounds that have no trees.  I don’t like the kind of campgrounds that are an open field and you get stacked in side by side.  (We own a pop-up!)

17… I am a very bad speller.

18… I have been knitting since March 15, 2006!

19… I love to wrap presents.

20… My favorite season is early fall.

21… I have never been to any of the New England states, and have always wanted to.

22… I had lap-band surgery in Monterrey, Mexico.

23… I have 2 brothers and a sister all younger than me.

24… I am named after a dead little girl.  (My father liked the name and thought it was to pretty of a name to not be carried on.)

25… I used to be very shy!! 🙂  Now I try very hard to be more out going.  I also used to be very nervous and uptight about everything!  They thought I had a bleeding ulcer at age 8. 

26… My mom is my best friend.  She has always tried to instill confidence in myself and that I can do and accomplish anything.  She has also taught me to be kind to others, and that some times it takes more patience than I feel I have.  She taught me how to stretch a dollar when times are tough.  Like a million ways to eat beans! 🙂 

27… I love old black & white movies.  Especially Alfred Hitchcock films, and anything like it.  I loved the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

28… I sang on one of Garth Brooks live albums!  (so did everyone else in the crowd too!)

29… I prefer pie over cake. (especially any pie with peanut butter!)

30… I don’t like to be tight or small places, but I love to go spelunking (cave exploring).

31… I sometimes have anxiety attacks while shopping in very crowded places.

32…  I don’t like it when people lie to me.

33… I don’t like to fly much.

34… I always try to be the peace maker when my brothers and sister and I get together with our families.

35… I love to spoil my husband.  I bake something for him each week.  Cookies, brownies or something.

36… My dream vacation is to go to Australia, I want to visit Tasmania and the Bass Strait Islands.  Second would be a Greek cruise.

37… The best job I ever had was also one of the worse jobs I ever had… it was while working at a florist shop on Whidbey Island.

38… I write short stories.  But haven’t had the courage to submit any of them.

39… I have had photos published in magazines, and one even hangs in a bank on Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Washington.

40… I can’t sew to save my life, and my mom is a great seamstress.

41… I love audible books.  (and listen to them all the time at work on my ipod)

42… I love pumpkin…  pie, ice cream, muffins, cookies, bread, waffles, and as a syrup in my iced coffee.

43… My first album was The Partridge Family.

44… I was born in 1963.

45… I had a unicycle in the 4th grade and rode it all over our neighborhood.

46… I love old beach pails. (and new ones that look old)

47… I rather have fish than steak.

48… I tan easy, and my scalp burns easy!

49… I love to travel my car, and have been to many states.  I love to visit and see all the local history.

50… I love the people, food and customs of the south.

51… My favorite ice creams are Coffee Almond Fudge and Peanutbutter Fudge.  (Oh and Chunky Monkey too)

52… I try hard not to take everything to personal.  Like I said “I try”.

53… I love staying in nice hotels… the crisp sheets and lots of pillows and those cute little soaps.

54… I have a pen collection.  I can’t help myself, I love pens.  My favorites are the ones that write with a fine tip, say where they are from, or that I pick up from a special event.  I can tell you where most every one of my pens came from.  Some I have had more than 15 years.  People bring me back pens from the places they travel to.  I have 5 mugs full of pens on my desk at work!

55… I don’t like pretenders.

56… I can’t whistle, but I try!

57… I love to design and create.

58… I am an awful housekeeper.

59… I love to stay up late, and don’t like morning.  However, I love to go to bed early, and get up early when I am camping.  I love the smells of the campground first thing in the morning.

60… I don’t wear purfume, but I love clean crisp smelling lotions.  Grapefruit, linen, green tea, orange blossom and coffee are a few of my favorites.

61… I love the smell of coffee and the taste, even in my ice cream, chocolates, brownies, cookies, and pie.

62… I try not to let my feelings be hurt when people say hurtful things about my weight.

63… I don’t have a favorite sports team… anymore.  (it used to be the Dallas Cowboys)

64… I had a huge crush on Troy Aikman (#8 Dallas Cowboys)

65… I love lace and sock yarn.

66… I love internet shopping.

67… I love to surprise people with small gifts.  I get a high from buying things that I know other people will like.  It just feels good.

68… Sometimes I say things with out thinking by accident.  I sometimes just don’t know when to shut up and just listen.  It’s an art to listen… and I’m working at becoming an artist in listening to hear things that people are saying without putting it in words.

69… I beleive people should hug more.  And yet sometimes it is the most difficult for me to do because I’m afraid of making others feel uncomfortable.  

70… I have a hard time making patterns or recipes according to the directions.  I will usually the first time I make something follow the directions, but the whole time I am thinking about how I would like to change it.

71… I give good dog haircuts.  But only get my own haircut about once a year.  I cut my bangs every other week (or when it doesn’t go the right direction).

72… I used to be the President of the Volunteer Sheriff’s group.  I think everyone should volunteer to do at least one thing each year.  Often people say they don’t have time, but even the small things help.  I beleive we should all give back in some way to our own community.  I think people complain too much and don’t try to be the answer or find the answer.

73… I love the water.  Ocean, lake, river, creek and stream.

74… I love to make cheesecakes.

75… I love nuts.  (even better if they are coated with chocolate.)  My husband hates nuts in his food!

76… I love fresh peas from the garden.

77… I love items with bees and dragonfly’s.

78… I want to retire before I am 60.

79… I am almost always running late.  But I will find time to stop and get coffee.

80… I can’t speak any foreign languages, but would like to learn.

81… i love sweet peas, and peonies, oh and violets too.  i prefer tulips over roses.

82… i love beach glass and jewerly made from beach glass.

83… I secretly would love to have a yarn store… I would call it “The Yarn Folly”  because I am a fool for yarn!

3 responses to “100 Things

  1. I had no idea you were doing this…fun!!!! We have lots the same!

  2. oh…and the story thing and the picture thing, I never knew! How cool!

  3. Hey ..It was nice to finally meet the lady behind the face at the Yarn Corner the other night. I wish I could have chatted longer.

    I was reading you 100 things…well, 82 of them. I did one too…it is amazing how similar we all are.

    Hope to get down on another knit night again soon.


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