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Busy Sunday… (lots of pictures)

Busy… well sort of busy.  I put together 2 gift baskets for an auction. (Montesano High School Seniors)

2 gift baskets 

One of the baskets has a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage and lots of chocolate things.  Like: Chocolate Mousse Lip Balm, Double Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate mix, Hazelnut Truffle Hot Chocolate mix, Chocolate Raspberry Brownies Mix in a Latte To-Go cup (one of my personal fav’s),Cappuccino Truffle Bar, Caramel Truffle Bar and few Seattle Chocolates in yummy flavors, and a very cute 3 pack of McSteven’s Sweet & Creamy coffee flavors. (If you haven’t tried these you really should). 

 Indulge Basket

I made a cute little card to hang from the basket that lists everything that is in the basket. Oh, everything is sitting in an 8 x 8 Non-Stick Bakers Brownie pan!

Up Close Indulge Basket

The other basket has more of a HOT theme to it.  Included in this basket: (2) $10 gift certificates to EL RANCHON restaurant in Montesano or Elma, Jalapeno Cheddar Peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanuts with Habanero Pepper, Chipotle Honey Peanuts, Jack Ass Hot BBQ Popcorn packet, Jack Ass Hot Sauce, Terracotta Salsa Dip Bowl, 4 of my favorite dip mixes, Santa Fe Ranch, Tex Mex, Mexicali and Hickory-Smoked Western Dip.  Oh, and the fun factor… a pair of Chili Pepper Magic Boxer Shorts (that’s what is in the little package in the front of the basket. They really do pop out to be regular100% cotton boxer shorts, and very cute too!)  And the basket that everything is in, very hard to part with… cute little lid opens and closes on it, and very heavy duty, wire reinforced.

Hot Basket

This is the back of the cute basket, so you can see the lid…

back of basket - lid showing

Next on the list for the day is to make cookies for my husband. 

Monster Cookies 

These are the left overs. Monster cookies are one of MY favorites and yes, he likes them too, but I don’t think as much as I do.  The cookies are peanut-butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip and mini M&M’s.  Anything with peanut-butter is a favorite of mine.  Anything Peanut-butter and Knitting my 2 favorite things.  Oh, wait and chocolate and good coffee too!  Could I live on just these things, probably not, but I love them just the same.  And I know not what moderation means some days!  I’m talking about knitting and coffee here!

And now for what I’ve been waiting all day to do, knit!!!  Here we are getting back to the second sock!  One long boring movie last night and I made some headway, before I fell asleep. 

Second Sock for Mom 

 I’m ready to begin the heel on mom’s birthday socks.  This is my little set up for the day here…

  Second Sock & Latte

yes, it includes an iced sugar-free hazelnut latte! (now looking very watered down and milky)

And lastly, what day would be complete without taking the dogs out to look for Bob. 

Thor & Cassie looking for Bob

Check out the neighbor cats watching my dogs! 

Wally & Marty

I have the best neighbors ever.  Once I went to work and left the garage door up (like that’s never happen to you!)anyway, they called me at work to make sure everything was ok, and told me they would go close it for me.  Another garage door incident happen one night when I was home alone with the dogs and I forgot to close the garage door (again) and they got home about 11:30pm and thought it was strange that the door was up, so they knocked on the door to let me know. (scared me half to death because I had fallen asleep on the sofa watching a scary movie, but very nice of them to do so).  Anyway, about their cats.  They are named Wally and Marty.  Want to guess where they got them?  Yes, that’s right America… WalMart!!!  Don’t you love it.  They are indoor only cats.  That means they are only allowed to shread what is indoors only.  I’ve visited the neighbors, I know this to be true!  Many times I’ve heard them say they wished they could return them to WalMart! 

Well that ends another fine day in the life of a knitter at the beach, living on the lake!  I must go knit now!