It’s all about Cassie!

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t really put much time or energy into keeping my blog up to date, and when I do post I feel so rushed.  So tonight I will share only one thing.

Leaving the Animal Hospital on Monday, the day before surgery.

I am so thankful that I have my little Cassie Rabbit to greet me each night when I get home!

You see Cassie had surgery again last week.  New Years eve 2009 we noticed that Cass was squatting everywhere acting like she had to pee.  It was so strange, and we could see she was pain.  We called the vet and they had us bring her in right away.  She had bladder stones.  They call them stones, but they look more like flat jagged rocks.  They said they are like little razor blades!  Can you imagine how much pain that must cause.  Poor little girl.  Anyway, when she had her check up 3 weeks ago I told them that I think she might have something wrong again, but maybe I was just being a little overly protective because of just loosing Thor not long ago.  They took some blood and I dropped off a little pee sample then next morning and then x-rays on the following week, and that’s when it was confirmed… they had come back.  So last Monday they had me bring her in and put a pain patch on her.  I thought this was strange, but they said it was going to help her a great deal.  So I was very thankful for that.  Tuesday just before 5pm I picked up my little girl and took her home.  Poor thing, she was swollen and mad!  I don’t think she likes them there at her vets office anymore!

Well, she did pretty good Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday her daddy had to take her back to have the pain patch removed.  I am so glad that I wasn’t there.  They couldn’t get the patch off.  Yes, that’s right… the patch wouldn’t come off.  They tried warm water and a few other things, but in the end they had to put a muzzle on her and I don’t want to know the rest of how they got the patch off of her.  All I know is that it took her skin off too… the poor thing looked awful when I got home on Friday night.  Rick said that she really hates everyone there now.

poor baby resting at home after having the patch removed

She is doing great now, and I am keeping the lotion on her skin to help it heal and not get infected and she gets pain meds for another day.

I won’t show you her shaved tummy and the swelling, but I will say she is doing fantastic now!

Monday night the day before surgery... she was feeling pretty good with the pain patch!

So anyway, I just wanted to record what has been going on with my little Cassie Rabbit.   Right this minute she is snoring all curled up in her daddy’s chair.  I love that spoiled little dog sooo much.

OK – my next post will up date you on everything knitting!!!


One response to “It’s all about Cassie!

  1. You make me laugh. I’m so happy that Cassie Rabbit is ok. I cannot believe the spot where the pain patch was, wow! You told me it was bad but I didn’t think it was that huge!!!

    I’m happy that you are all about your baby girl, it’s important. I’m glad she has you for a mama and Rick for her daddy.

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