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Look what followed us home…

Last Friday we drove down to the Portland, Oregon area to bring home hubby’s newest toy.

The next day, Saturday, the weather was beautiful again and we put the boat in the lake to get used to it.  It is very, very different from his old boat (a bass boat).  This is a Trophy 2052… 

all he talks about now is going out in the ocean with it. 

Well let’s review it’s good points.  Lots of space underneath to knit and be comfortable.  While boating in the sun shine it has a nice place for me to sit and knit too!  Oh, and we can store the dogs below if needed too!


Sunday the weather turned foggy and we went out exploring the lake again with the dogs.  Cassie runs out to the boat every time we open the door for her to go out.  She thinks the boat is hers.  Thor on the other hand really isn’t too excited about the boat… yet.

We are hoping for a nice 4th of July weekend so we can play with the boat a little more.  Until he gets more things for the boat we won’t be taking any big trips.  (that’s fine with me). 🙂


It’s a 2nd box from my SP12… I love 4th of July, and I love red, white and blue.  (I think one of the reasons this is a favorite holiday is because there isn’t the family stress of whose house we have to go to.)  I took the popcorn and gummy bears to work today to share, and we had a feast because one of the girls brought frosted sugar cookies… talk about a sugar high.  Good thing I only had to work until noon!  The popcorn was awesome, it was flavored cherry, blueberry and vanilla… who would have thought it would be so great together.  My favorite thing is the yarn!  I’m already dreaming about what I might make with it.  Very cute card, and pin.  This box makes me smile over and over again.  Thank you so much Nosy1!!!! 

Well that’s it for now… have a happy and safe 4th of July.  We’ll be on the beach and lake all weekend and I’m hoping for a little sunshine.