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surgery complete…

i’m back home.

today started with a scheduled trip to the grays harbor community hospital.  registered at 9 am and then up to the second floor for carpal tunnel surgery.  day surgery was pretty full today, and i was very, very lucky to have pauline for a nurse.  last time i was in (back in october) it took forever, and 5 trys to get my iv in.  this is not uncommon for me.  today… one try!  with just a few delays and some waiting i went in at about 11:15 am.  this time i had a local only, and was able to be very awake and talking during the quick procedure.  dr. may is wonderful… super quick and i think he said only two stitches.  by 12:30 we were at rite aid to drop off my pain pill script and then off to the gas station, cash machine, and for hubby… jack-in-the-box.  for me a hot rice milk latte – gingerbread and white chocolate… yummy, and very comforting.  then back to pick up pain drugs and home just after 1:30 pm… still doing good, so i had some soup and got settled on the sofa with the dogs.  some napping and a little im communicating and more napping to dream of when i can knit again.

i found this little goodie when i woke from my nap this evening… i didn’t even know it was there… just a little out of it i guess.

cassie taking care of mommy.

yucky yellow fingers and the dogs keeping my spot on the sofa warm.

sofa warmers!

that’s about it for tonight.  off to dream land again.

Nope, not yet…

We still have no power!  This is day 5 – Friday – the end of a very, very long week.  Our local PUD is saying that we might get power tonight or sometime tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’ll sleep in tomorrow. 🙂  The temperature is dropping and the skies are clearing, so it should be a beautiful day tomorrow.  When I left work tonight at 5 pm the temp was 38 degrees in Montesano.  It gets warmer the closer you get to the beach, we are in the mid 40s now and might get as low as 35 – 38 tonight.  Tomorrow might be a good day to go up the beach north of here and check out the damage, and check in on some friends of ours that live at Copalis Beach.  I don’t think they have power yet either.

It’s funny the things you want to do when you can’t… like vacuuming!  My two “hairiest dogs in the world” seem to be shedding more than necessary.  Good thing they keep us warm at night or they’d be out on their ear… yeah, I know that would never happen, but I am thinking they need to be shaved!

One more wash cloth done for the bazaar next week.  It’s bright pink, orange and yellow and looks very tutti-fruity to me.

Have you been out the the knitty site lately?  My dog Cassie is screaming for this Cables + bits!  So I’m going to have her pick out some yarn from my stash, and that will be her Christmas present.  She’s a dog… like she’s going to remember what I’m making her after she picks the yarn color.  Thor now he’s a little tuffer.  He hates to wear anything, he is far too cool for clothes.  I think we’ll pick him up a new squeaky toy at the new pet/toy store here in Ocean Shores.  They have the cutes stuff for dogs in there.  No, our dogs aren’t spoiled!

Well time for me to get back to knitting.  And I only have 30 minutes before the man turns off the generator for the night.

Be safe, and stay warm out there.

2 months in a camera… (long post)

Time is zipping by, I can’t believe it’s November already.  I was just complaining a month ago that I couldn’t knit… and now I just can’t seem to stop!  It’s knit or blog, and as you can tell from my lack of posting, knitting has won out!

OK, before I get to the end of the year, I want to post some things that were in the camera (with the dead battery) and that I didn’t get put out on my blog.  It’s funny how many times I’ve gone back to some of my old posts to remember what I was knitting when – it really helped in updating some of my Ravelry stuff.  The old mind ain’t what she used to be for remembering.

In the camera we have pictures of my Diamond Fantasy Shawl.  It’s on hold for now.

The color shows a little better in this picture…



So let’s flash back to a beautiful September day in Oregon, Canby to be exact.  The Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  I’ll be brief with my memories for this day.

This is Patty at the entrance to the festival, this is actually at the end of our day, with all of her purchases


One of my main goals this year was to get knitting basket.  This is my new knitting (slightly misshapen) basket!

There were very few baskets with green, and I fell in love with this one.  Patty couldn’t make up her mind on size, so she got two all natural baskets.

Another purchase… sock yarn from Blue Moon.

This is STR in Rare Gems, and a pattern I picked up too.  I’ve seen these socks knitted up and thought they might be fun and different.  The pattern is called Hippy Crunchy.

Next up, yep… more sock yarn.

I loved all the colors at The Swell Yarn Shop!  And Angie (owner) was swell too!  Don’t you love her card and yarn label.  She also had a heavier weight yarn too, but this one was calling my name.

No trip to the festival would be complete without seeing Pat Fly! 

I love watching her work this old sock knitting machine.  Lots of people stopped to watch.  Yes, I did pick up some yarn here too.  How could I not?

Once again this year the weather was perfect.  Lots of people sitting out at tables knitting.  If we lived closer we might have done the same. 

Instead we had time for a quick snack and then more shopping. 

OK, I have no idea who this dog belonged to, but he was so cute, and looked so sweet laying under this table that I had to take a picture.

I love dogs!  This one had one blue eye and one brown, even if you can’t see it in this picture.

OK, that’s a wrap for September and the 2007 Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby Oregon.

Next up in the camera…


This was the project I was speeding along with just before I had surgery on my hand.  At first I thought I was going to make a scarf and then I remembered the cute Block Sweater in the One Skein book. 

So here is a picture when I thought I was going to make a scarf…

And then here are the pieces that make up the sweater.

(It’s hard to get the true colors to show up very well in this photo.)  And yes, the sweater has not yet been blocked so I can do the I-cord edge that goes all around it.  Can you believe that I could be this close to done, and then get totally hooked on another project and not look back!  Don’t answer that!  So what did I get so hooked on?


The Great American Afghan!!  This booklet was published a couple of years ago I believe, and it was shown in mostly blues, and greens.  This time when they reprinted the booklet they show it all knit with my favorite yarn Cascade 220, and in warm colors.  Browns, greens, rust and red tones.  I love it!  There are 25 blocks total.  I now have 5 blocks completed and I’m about half way done with another block.

No, I’m not knitting them in order.  I started with number 1, got the block done, but not the detailing that needs to be stitched on it, along with a small pair of socks.

Here are the blocks that I have so far…


I know I have lots more to blog about and more pictures to post, but I really want to knit on my Mr. Greenjeans sweater!  And I should be cleaning to get ready for Thanksgiving company.  My mom and her husband will be coming to our house from Leavenworth, WA.  I’m really excited that I’ll be doing everything this year.  Usually I help or someone is helping me.  Our menu will be a little shorter this year because it is only the 4 of us.  Hubby wants a smokey turkey this year.  We’ll see.  The weatherman is saying no rain, so we’ll have to make sure to spend some time at the beach.

Enough for now, if I don’t blog again in the next day or two, Happy Thanksgiving!


the lake, geocaching, and a little knitting…

It was a good weekend.  Saturday we took the boat out and the dogs went with us.  They are always a challenge to hang on to when they see ducks, seagulls, deer, dogs, and anything moving!  This happens enough to make me almost wish we left them at home.  But then I see how much fun they are having with the wind at their little faces. 


 (or the wind on their backsides! – the silly dogs kept standing with their little butts in the wind facing me.  What’s up with that?  This was a first and we couldn’t stop laughing at them.)

The whole reason for being on the lake was to hide our second cache.  The place we ended up hiding our cache is on city property, you can only get to by boat.  Well, now I stand corrected… you can get to it with lots of determination too.  And you better be packing bandages and a machete.   Someone posted a note to us that they found it the hard way – by land!  If you have a GPS you should be out Geocaching!!!   Sunday, we went out again and found 4 more.  A few scratches from random sticks and lots of fun memories.  I will need to remember bug spray and gloves next time.  Oh, and maybe extra socks.

Now for the knitting… I finished tinking back about 15 rows from that cute little blue Peapod Sweater! 


I’m just about an hour away from finishing the sweaters fronts and back, and I can start on the sleeves.  I like the way both sides are knit at the same time as the back, you just put the back and left side on holders finish the right side, then move to the back, finish it, and move to the left side.

Now let me think…  what else was I knitting on…?  Oh yes, MS3!!!!! 


Have you seen the new Frequent Frogger MS3 button on my sidebar?  Well that just about says it all.  I’m on row 70 and back about 10 plus rows ago I came up one stitch short. 


Can you see the HUGE mistake in the upper left section? (how can you not!)

I said to myself, that’s OK, I’ll just slip a stitch in here and it’ll be fine.  IT’S NOT FINE!!! Bigger than life today at lunch it jumped out me!  Sorry Patty, but yes everyone WILL see it.  It’s not one of those things that “I’ll be the only one that knows it’s there!”  When I showed it to her to prove it,  she stuck her finger on it immediately!  “Yep, there it is!” she says to me.  My only reply is “ribit”!  I didn’t work on this beautiful project over the weekend because I didn’t want to mess it up, and as it turns out it’s already messed up!  Oh well, I wasn’t happy with the very first 3 beads anyway.  (This makes me feel better to say this to myself.)  It’s not like a race or anything, I want to keep enjoying this, so it’ll be OK.   And yes, I will put in life lines this time! 

The beads I’m using are size 6 seed beads.  A bit larger than the size 8, but them seem to be OK.

Now back tracking a little.  I didn’t tell ya that I went to the best knit-nite last Tuesday.  Met a new knitter, well she isn’t a new knitter, she is new to the area.  Aren’t knitters the best people ever!  It was a good night out for the girls that wanna have fun.



Last weekend of April…

And so ends a beautiful weekend.  It took a little while for the beach clouds to blow over, but when they did, what a day!  It’s been a pretty good month, and I can’t believe it’s almost May. 

Last Sunday in April 2007

I always feel a little blue when my hubby leaves for the big city (Seattle) on Sunday.  His new job is in Seattle and soon he’ll be telecommuting, but for a few weeks he’ll just be coming home on the weekends.  The dogs go crazy after he leaves, they run after him, and then sit and stare out the window waiting for him to come back.  They make me laugh, and I love them to death, so I’m glad they are here with me.

Puppy Love…

Thor and Cassie

Knitting… yes, we had some knitting going on over the weekend in-between home projects. 

I first want to show you the cuties little socks ever.  I picked up a sock blocker key chain (w/pattern) at The Yarn Corner this week. 

sock blocker key chain 

This is a great sock to knit if you need to have some instant gratification for finishing a project.  And who doesn’t need to get that feeling once in a while.  I have it double this week, as I’ve knit up two… I guess I have a mis-matched pair of socks done! 


The teal yarn (I know it looks blue, but it’s not) is from my very first pair of socks.  And the second brown/pink and blue yarn is from my RPM socks.  It only takes a little bit of sock yarn and about an hour.  I’ll be making more of these down the road… you know, when I need to get that feeling that I’ve finished something!  You really should get in to buy one of these cute kits before they are all gone. 

My shawl had a little set back early in the week.  I had the wrong number of sts after one row and then I tried to correct it and it got worse and worse and worse.  Totally Frogged it all!

1st try…

1st try - trashed

I started again on Wednesday and I’m very happy now. 


I really love this pattern, I think it’s great for a first time shawl.  I totally love the fact that you have to concentrate on the pattern and it feels soooo good when I have the right number of sts at the end of the row.  Yes, I now count at the end of each row before continuing on to make sure I have the correct number.  Lessons learned.  I know I’ll need to get some pins for blocking too, but I have a while before that day comes!

While sitting at my desk in our home office yesterday, I picked up my dpn’s and my Lucy STR yarn (picked this up at the Canby, OR Flock and Fiber Festival last summer).  I was organizing piles of papers and putting stuff away and ran across this sock pattern that I printed so that I would remember where this great yarn came from.  Anyway, I went out to the website, and once again there is no more of this yarn.  I will need to watch closer or email them to ask if I can get on a list or something for the next time they make it up.  The yarn is from Freshisle Fibers in Canada.  It’s self-striping watermelon!  If anyone knows where else I might find this yarn I would love to hear from you.  OK, back the sock pattern and the lovely Lucy yarn, I decided to start on this simple pattern with Lucy and so now I have one more project going.  These are my Office Lucy Socks – because they will stay in the office, and I will work on them in here while downloading etc.

Lucy Office Socks

I’m having some issues with downloading photos right now, so that’s why some are very large.  It seems I’ve used all my space at Flickr for this month, so I’m using my Photobucket.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, right! 

Speaking of getting the job done, I’m off to finish up the laundry before settling in to some knitting!

Busy Sunday… (lots of pictures)

Busy… well sort of busy.  I put together 2 gift baskets for an auction. (Montesano High School Seniors)

2 gift baskets 

One of the baskets has a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage and lots of chocolate things.  Like: Chocolate Mousse Lip Balm, Double Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate mix, Hazelnut Truffle Hot Chocolate mix, Chocolate Raspberry Brownies Mix in a Latte To-Go cup (one of my personal fav’s),Cappuccino Truffle Bar, Caramel Truffle Bar and few Seattle Chocolates in yummy flavors, and a very cute 3 pack of McSteven’s Sweet & Creamy coffee flavors. (If you haven’t tried these you really should). 

 Indulge Basket

I made a cute little card to hang from the basket that lists everything that is in the basket. Oh, everything is sitting in an 8 x 8 Non-Stick Bakers Brownie pan!

Up Close Indulge Basket

The other basket has more of a HOT theme to it.  Included in this basket: (2) $10 gift certificates to EL RANCHON restaurant in Montesano or Elma, Jalapeno Cheddar Peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanuts with Habanero Pepper, Chipotle Honey Peanuts, Jack Ass Hot BBQ Popcorn packet, Jack Ass Hot Sauce, Terracotta Salsa Dip Bowl, 4 of my favorite dip mixes, Santa Fe Ranch, Tex Mex, Mexicali and Hickory-Smoked Western Dip.  Oh, and the fun factor… a pair of Chili Pepper Magic Boxer Shorts (that’s what is in the little package in the front of the basket. They really do pop out to be regular100% cotton boxer shorts, and very cute too!)  And the basket that everything is in, very hard to part with… cute little lid opens and closes on it, and very heavy duty, wire reinforced.

Hot Basket

This is the back of the cute basket, so you can see the lid…

back of basket - lid showing

Next on the list for the day is to make cookies for my husband. 

Monster Cookies 

These are the left overs. Monster cookies are one of MY favorites and yes, he likes them too, but I don’t think as much as I do.  The cookies are peanut-butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip and mini M&M’s.  Anything with peanut-butter is a favorite of mine.  Anything Peanut-butter and Knitting my 2 favorite things.  Oh, wait and chocolate and good coffee too!  Could I live on just these things, probably not, but I love them just the same.  And I know not what moderation means some days!  I’m talking about knitting and coffee here!

And now for what I’ve been waiting all day to do, knit!!!  Here we are getting back to the second sock!  One long boring movie last night and I made some headway, before I fell asleep. 

Second Sock for Mom 

 I’m ready to begin the heel on mom’s birthday socks.  This is my little set up for the day here…

  Second Sock & Latte

yes, it includes an iced sugar-free hazelnut latte! (now looking very watered down and milky)

And lastly, what day would be complete without taking the dogs out to look for Bob. 

Thor & Cassie looking for Bob

Check out the neighbor cats watching my dogs! 

Wally & Marty

I have the best neighbors ever.  Once I went to work and left the garage door up (like that’s never happen to you!)anyway, they called me at work to make sure everything was ok, and told me they would go close it for me.  Another garage door incident happen one night when I was home alone with the dogs and I forgot to close the garage door (again) and they got home about 11:30pm and thought it was strange that the door was up, so they knocked on the door to let me know. (scared me half to death because I had fallen asleep on the sofa watching a scary movie, but very nice of them to do so).  Anyway, about their cats.  They are named Wally and Marty.  Want to guess where they got them?  Yes, that’s right America… WalMart!!!  Don’t you love it.  They are indoor only cats.  That means they are only allowed to shread what is indoors only.  I’ve visited the neighbors, I know this to be true!  Many times I’ve heard them say they wished they could return them to WalMart! 

Well that ends another fine day in the life of a knitter at the beach, living on the lake!  I must go knit now!

Old Projects are New Again!

First, the cute little sweater I was working on, it’s as done as I’m going to be with it!  It took far longer than I had anticipated.  I thought with it being so little that I would just whip it out in a couple of weekends, and during my lunch breaks finish it up.  Ha! With that said here it is.  I know the collar looks a little odd, but I swear that’s what the pattern called for.  It doesn’t have it’s 3 little buttons on yet.  (This picture was taken at my messy desk at work.)

Easter Egg Sweater

Now I’m on to old projects.  Funny thing about projects… if you leave them alone for long enough and then come back to them, they feel like a new project!  Perfect example is my RPM socks… they’re done! (Thor is wondering why I have a chair in front of his sliding door – well, it’s because the light is better, and you can see the great colors!)

 Thor and RPM Socks

Now I’m back to bobble making to complete my Noni Bobble Bag.  No pictures yet, I’m waiting until I get the one million bobbles made first.

My mom’s birthday socks (that’s what I’m calling her Christmas socks since her birthday is next month, and I hope to have them ready by then!) anyway, they are looking smashing!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this yarn, it’s soft and lightweight, and yummy!  Pictures to follow after sock one is completed.

Last weekend I spent knitting simple projects that would take very little time and could be completed quickly for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something useful.  I made a flower washcloth out of Sugar’n Cream cotton – from the Weekend Knitting book by Melanie Falick.  (I love this book too!) I made a couple of large ones and then reduced the number of stitches to make small ones.  I made  it out of Sugar’n Cream because I’m going to use them for coasters and the large one is to sit my ice tea pitcher on.


I also attempted to make a cupcake.  I’ve seen several of these and thought they were cute, so I thought I would use some of my leftovers to make one for a friend.  Well… mine turned out to look a little like a toadstool.  I sewed the top on and it looked wrong so I sewed it again and again, each time just a little differently.  Soon it was looking like it was way over stuffed!  The nice things I have to say about it… it’s soft, it’s made in nice colors, and it makes a great stress ball!  I hope she will like it anyway.  I’ll try again one of these days.


 Cute Cupcake Bottom



Bob, our neighborhood raccoon came around this afternoon begging for food.  We call him Bob because he doesn’t have a tail.  Our dogs Thor and Cassie just watched him watching us.  I have a strict “no feeding” rule (that my husband can’t live with, because he is always giving him graham crackers and dog food.) anyway, Bob comes back and naps on our back deck all the time.  Sometimes in the summer he’ll just nap at the end of our dock.  He is very cute, and fun to watch.

Thor & Bob

Cassie & Bob

I love my dogs… so I must post just one more of Thor – He’s laying on the loveseat, on a pillow, behind his dad’s head, with his chin resting on a table.  He’s such a cutie!

Thor Resting

Ok, I’m still getting used to this new blog, and I’m having a heck of a time getting things to go where I want them to go.  I’ll keep trying!

Until later, happy knitting!