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it’s time to block…

I finished my Lace Leaf Shawl at lunch time today!  I am so excited to have this done, well almost done.  Let’s just say I’m thrilled to have it off the needles!  Now it’s time to block.  However, I don’t have enough pins to do this so I’ll have to stop on my way home tomorrow night and get some.  I have 20 quilting pins and that’s it. 

I made up the small pattern and it is… small.  I can’t wait to see how much bigger it will be after blocking.  I’ll post all the details when I post the final pictures.


Up close pre-blocking…

The color is hard to get right, I’ll take the next photos outside when I’m completely done. 

I already can’t wait to start another shawl.  I started looking at other shawl patterns and I really like the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and Charlotte’s Easy Lace Shawl designed by Lily Chin (Fiber Trends pattern), and I’ve seen many others too.  But I’m not forgetting what is waiting for me in my cute little pink purse (knitting purse).  It’s my Sausalito sweater!!!  And it’s time to go knit on it now.

getting back to knitting…

I’m feeling better and I’m looking forward to knitting at lunch time tomorrow at work!  I went in to work for half a day today, and then came home to sleep.  I think I have taken too many cold/flu drugs, because now I can’t sleep.

Well I should have some progress to show soon on both my sweater and shawl.  (all socks are on hold for a little while – Oh, on my way home I stopped and bought more Tofutsie- it’s lime green and white.  And now I think I need to get the hot pink and white to go with it – but remember all socks are on hold, not the buying of more sock yarn!)

I’m going to leave you with this…

Hearts to give, and to keep!


Last weekend of April…

And so ends a beautiful weekend.  It took a little while for the beach clouds to blow over, but when they did, what a day!  It’s been a pretty good month, and I can’t believe it’s almost May. 

Last Sunday in April 2007

I always feel a little blue when my hubby leaves for the big city (Seattle) on Sunday.  His new job is in Seattle and soon he’ll be telecommuting, but for a few weeks he’ll just be coming home on the weekends.  The dogs go crazy after he leaves, they run after him, and then sit and stare out the window waiting for him to come back.  They make me laugh, and I love them to death, so I’m glad they are here with me.

Puppy Love…

Thor and Cassie

Knitting… yes, we had some knitting going on over the weekend in-between home projects. 

I first want to show you the cuties little socks ever.  I picked up a sock blocker key chain (w/pattern) at The Yarn Corner this week. 

sock blocker key chain 

This is a great sock to knit if you need to have some instant gratification for finishing a project.  And who doesn’t need to get that feeling once in a while.  I have it double this week, as I’ve knit up two… I guess I have a mis-matched pair of socks done! 


The teal yarn (I know it looks blue, but it’s not) is from my very first pair of socks.  And the second brown/pink and blue yarn is from my RPM socks.  It only takes a little bit of sock yarn and about an hour.  I’ll be making more of these down the road… you know, when I need to get that feeling that I’ve finished something!  You really should get in to buy one of these cute kits before they are all gone. 

My shawl had a little set back early in the week.  I had the wrong number of sts after one row and then I tried to correct it and it got worse and worse and worse.  Totally Frogged it all!

1st try…

1st try - trashed

I started again on Wednesday and I’m very happy now. 


I really love this pattern, I think it’s great for a first time shawl.  I totally love the fact that you have to concentrate on the pattern and it feels soooo good when I have the right number of sts at the end of the row.  Yes, I now count at the end of each row before continuing on to make sure I have the correct number.  Lessons learned.  I know I’ll need to get some pins for blocking too, but I have a while before that day comes!

While sitting at my desk in our home office yesterday, I picked up my dpn’s and my Lucy STR yarn (picked this up at the Canby, OR Flock and Fiber Festival last summer).  I was organizing piles of papers and putting stuff away and ran across this sock pattern that I printed so that I would remember where this great yarn came from.  Anyway, I went out to the website, and once again there is no more of this yarn.  I will need to watch closer or email them to ask if I can get on a list or something for the next time they make it up.  The yarn is from Freshisle Fibers in Canada.  It’s self-striping watermelon!  If anyone knows where else I might find this yarn I would love to hear from you.  OK, back the sock pattern and the lovely Lucy yarn, I decided to start on this simple pattern with Lucy and so now I have one more project going.  These are my Office Lucy Socks – because they will stay in the office, and I will work on them in here while downloading etc.

Lucy Office Socks

I’m having some issues with downloading photos right now, so that’s why some are very large.  It seems I’ve used all my space at Flickr for this month, so I’m using my Photobucket.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, right! 

Speaking of getting the job done, I’m off to finish up the laundry before settling in to some knitting!

A new month & a new project or two…

I’ve been knitting on this and that.  I can’t seem to stick with anything lately, I started working on a new sweater (I call it my Crazy sweater)  I’m using all my left over yard from felted bags.  I think it will make a great sweater to wear with my jean skirt or jeans, or maybe just a throw on sweater because it’s cold and windy at the beach all the time!  It’s hard to see the true colors in this picture but it’s close.  This picture was taken before I finished the back.  There seems to be a lot of orange on top!  Also, it took me awhile to get the gauge right because the yarn I’m using is mostly Cascade 220.

Lys sweater back 

This is a more up close look of the FREE Berroco pattern called Lys

Lys Pattern 


I have also picked up this new sock yarn that I just had to have because I wanted something new. 

 Tofutsie Yarn

This is Tofutsies sock yarn, color #737 Footsteps. 

I love the lightweight feel of this yarn.  The yarn is thin and I’m using 2 circular size 0 needles.  I cast on 64 stitches the first time and found it was going to be too small, so I ended up with a CO of 80 stitches!!  That seems like a lot to me, but it worked out nicely.  I picked an easy pattern so I could knit on these socks at work during break and lunch.  I’m using the Madder Ribbed sock pattern out of the Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  I decided to try a different heel and toe with these socks too.  I’m breaking away from comfortable just a little. 

 Tofutsie sock

The heel is a Dutch or Horseshoe heel, and the toe started out to be the Pointed Toe in the book.  I don’t really like pointed toes, but I do like the way it decreases, so I just modified it a little at about round 24.  I started decreasing every other row and by round 27 I had 10 stitches left to kitchener stitch closed.  When I was finished with the first sock (on Friday at The Yarn Corner) I tried it on and my foot fell in love!  It was begging for the next one.  So I began…

 2nd Tofu sock

Then where are the Roza socks you are wondering?  Well they are happily sitting in my knitting bag at work.  Oh, and the Green Gable sweater… well it’s sitting in another knitting bag.  I went around to house looking into every bag and drawer finding all my knitting projects and wrote them down and what stage of the game they are at currently and I was so surprised at how many projects I have going.  I guess this means I am real knitter now!  Well this wonderful list I made… I was going to type it into the computer and now I can’t even find it.  I’m sure it’s probably marking a page in a knitting book or something. 

 Speaking of knitting books…

knitting books

last weekend I wasn’t feeling well.  So I checked out a million (they felt like they weighed that much) books at the library.  I enjoyed my sick day, and dreamed of all the awesome things I would like to knit someday.  And I laughed (sometimes out loud) at some of the goofy crap that I ran across too!

The other day it was so sunny and beautiful I grabbed the camera to get a shot of the lake with our house making a shadow.  I can almost feel summer… well not today… it’s rainy and windy again.  But I know the sun wants to make a come back soon!

House Lake Shadow

Just thought I would add this picture to show my mom what plants made it through the winter (and the ones that didn’t)!

dead plants

Yes, my blog has changed again… the picture is something I’m working on that I’ll show more of when it’s completed!

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you are warm and safe today.


Day Light Savings Clock

No, it’s not all one word, that’s just the way it makes me feel.  All squished up, and rushed.  I love daylight, but I love sleep too!  I think we actually loose an hour running around changing the time on everything in our homes.  On the brighter side… the clock in my car is now correct!

I didn’t get enough sleep last night… stayed up to completely frog my Green Gable back to the slip knot!!!  Two things happened to lead to this.  ONE: I found 2 little mistakes.  And TWO:  I couldn’t figure out where I left off.  And that lead to THREE: I needed to start over. 

Before the big unwinding… (where I am now, it’s picture worthy).

Green Gable in Pinecone

Another thing has happened since I began the GG (I think this was in July), I’m knitting much better now, and can fix most of my mistakes, and can read patterns very well now.  So it’s ok, I’m enjoying working on needles bigger than a size 1.  Not, to say I don’t love sock knitting.  It’s the best take along knitting ever, and I love knitting on socks at work. 

Enough blog reading and writing for today… I want to get a hour or two of knitting in tonight, before an early bedtime. 

Oh, one more thing on the sweater front… I have been looking at (and drooling over) several Kim Hargreave’s patterns.  I love to post pictures so here we go – these are all from the Kim Hargreaves website.

Like… Glimmer


and Dream…


and Wispy….


and Temptation…


and the ever popular Glee (shown in medium blue and navy)



A couple of these sweaters are knit with Rowan Summer Tweed (I love the look of this yarn, and hope to knit with it, or something like it soon).  One of these patterns will surely make it to my house one day.  I’m not sure about when, but I do really love them.  I saw Glimmer, and Glee knitted up on a couple of blogs and that’s what lead me to think… I must get this pattern.

Ok, I’ve been going on about sweaters for long enough, time to get back to some actual knitting.

Nodding Violets

Wednesday I finished mom’s socks!  These will make great Birkenstock sandal socks because the pattern goes way down on the toes.

Birthday Socks for Mom

Pattern: Scale Skin Socks  –  Yarn: Lace Wing Sock yarn  –  Colorway: Old Country  –  Rumor has it that The Yarn Corner in Aberdeen is getting some of this yummy yarn in soon!  Again, I can’t say enough great things about this yarn.  546 yards, 125 grams of super soft, super twist, super wash merino wool!

SSS Heel

I made very few changes to this pattern… EOP heel and an experimental toe! 

SS Sock toes 

I’m not sure what you call the toe, it’s a version of a round toe, I kept doing the pattern on the toe until I was at the k3, k2tog repeat, and then I stopped at 12 stitches on each needle and kitchner stitched it closed.  Yes, they were knit on size 1 circulars!  Below is the Hot Cocoa and Hot Cranberry Cider packet that will accompany the socks to mom!

Birthday Gift for Mom

Now I’m on to a new pair of socks.  I started the Roza’s Sock pattern with Socks that Rock lightweight yarn, colorway: Nodding Violets. 

Roza Sock

This is my first time knitting with the Socks that Rock yarn and I do like it very much.  (It’s not Lace Wing – but it’s mighty nice!)  The pattern is in the latest issue of Interweave Knits magazine, it’s the pattern from Grumperina.  I love the fact that it’s a simple 2 row repeat that I can remember and just yak away while knitting, very cool.  The colors in this yarn are beautiful.  This is yarn that I got last summer at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  When I got home with this yarn, I thought “what was I thinking – these aren’t my colors”  But now that I see how the sock is knitting up… I love these colors.  I thought I would make these for a gift, but now I’m thinking my feet might like these very much!

Roza Begins

Yes, this is my giant foot!  It’s hard to see the details of the sock, but they sure feel nice on my foot!  Time to get back to knitting.