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Red, White and Blue Knitting…

OK, maybe not white.  It was pink, I finished the back of my Sausilto sweater! 

Blue Knitting…     Instead of casting on to begin the front sides of my pink sweater I started something new!  I am finally getting started on the Peapod Baby Set.  I picked up the yarn on Tuesday.  It’s Sirdar Snuggly DK in a denim blue color.  This yarn is so soft.   At first I wasn’t really sure about the pattern.  I mean it seemed like maybe I wasn’t doing something right.  But I decided to just trust the pattern, and guess what?  It looks great!  I love new projects, and this one seems to be cooking right along.  I’m going to work on it at lunch and break today at work.  We have 2 babies coming in our families, one in September (not sure if it’s a girl or boy) and a boy in October.    I’m not sure who will get this sweater and hat. 

Red Knitting…         I mentioned that I started the MS3 project in a beautiful dark red.  Well on Sunday when we were dropping off the boys I talked my sweet husband into stopping at Shipwreak Beads.  I picked up beads for the indigo blue and the red yarn!  I had already started knitting it without beads with the red yarn while I waited for my indigo yarn to come in.  Now I want to see what beads will look like, so I frogged the whole thing.  Well now I get an email from the yarn people that I ordered the indigo from that it may be another week or longer, so I just changed the color to Suede and it will be shipped today.  I’m sure I will find something to do with the beads I got for the indigo.  Now I’ll have to check out Tsunami Beads in Ocean Shores as soon as I get the suede colored yarn.   When I started knitting with the red I used size 3 needles.  The yarn is so fine.  I think it looks good, and not to tight at all.  I can tell the difference between the different stitches.   So now I was ready to test drive those beads…  Then the issue became the crochet hook… I searched high and low and found the one that I thought would work and it turned out to be a size 10.  Too big!  While I was picking up my lunch on Tuesday at Thriftway in Montesano (of all places) I found a #13 crochet hook!  So now I’m at last ready to try knitting it with beads.  To be honest I’m a little worried about the theme of this mystery knit.  I’m really hoping it’s not monkeys!  Have you read some of the guesses?  Scarey!  So I think I’ll wait and see what happens after clue #2.  So far I love the pictures I’ve seen posted.  And Sheri’s is beautiful too.  Maybe I’ll just practice with the red until I get the other yarn, and then again maybe I’ll love the red so much that I use the Suede yarn for something else.  Maybe MS4!!!

Well the other events that took place on 4th of July in my world…  We went out Geocaching again.  This time we placed our 1st cache!  We went up to the beach we got married at last year.  It was such a beautiful day to be beach bumming and there are not so many people at Roosevelt Beach, not like in Ocean Shores.  Wow… I can’t believe how many people were in town.  It’s best to just stay home when it gets like this.  When we got home we fired up the old (actually new) BBQ.  We had a great relaxing evening, grilling, eating and me knitting!

Pictures…  I took a few and I’ll post them later tonight to go with this blog.


fog… fog… fog…

Well life at the beach is sometimes just foggy!  I know that sunshine was just a couple of miles east of us this weekend, but we didn’t see any. 

Saturday very little knitting got done.  I did work on my socks on the trip to Aberdeen and back (were it was sunny). We sure did a lot of spending this weekend.  My sweet-one bought a new vacuum cleaner for me at Home Depot.  I think it’s the only store he ever wants to go to these days.  He also bought some stuff for the dryer vent outside (whatever it was – I didn’t even know we had a problem).  And I have no idea what the other things were that he bought, I’m sure they were important.  We stopped at the Coffee Bean Cafe and I can’t wait until Saturday to knit all day there!  I picked up some coffee beans and some awesome scones! 

Then Sunday we made another trip to Home Depot (more knitting on my sock) and he got a gas powered weed eater thing.  I got paint for the surprise chairs he made me.  3 small Adirondack chairs!  I have always wanted these chairs.  Each of the chairs I painted a different color and they look great on the front porch.  They will go out back on the deck later.  It’s just that when I got done painting yesterday it looked like it might rain and I want them dry one more day.  As soon as I get the flowers planted in the pots it will look even better on our front porch and I’ll take a picture.  I can’t believe I took NO pictures all weekend. 

Well that’s it for this weekend.  More fun to come!