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E Gad!

So last night I was buzzing along on my Arch-Shaped socks and I got the part where you begin the arch shaping, well actually it was the final row of the gusset… the set up row!   Round 5!!!  I read it maybe, ummm, 10 times!  Then decided to just jump in. 

OK, things seemed fine and I merrily knit away.  It wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t making the M1 correctly (a dumb mistake that I know better than to do this) but I did WRONG!  and what happens when you do it wrong?  yep!  holes!  This picture looks like the toe of a sock, but it is the heel!

So why did I keep knitting if I knew it was looking like this?

So why did I keep knitting if I knew it was looking like this?

But Shanda just kept knitting, thinking to myself “I can fix this later”.  I tried them on anyway, and love the way they fit, however holes on the bottom of my foot in my socks is not a good thing.   Did I mention that I was so involved in making these socks I almost forgot to eat dinner… Almost, I said.  I’ll show you the rest of my beautiful sock pictures, so you can see how pretty they are.

  Leg done... still loving the sock.

 Leg Done… still loving this sock.
Inside heel flap done, still feeling the love.

Inside heel flap done, still feeling the love.

Outside heel flap, looking good, and knitting up fast!

Outside heel flap, looking good, and knitting up fast!

What a cute little heel cup!

What a cute little heel cup!

So this brings us to real time.  Time to back up and start this little cutie again at the beginning of the gusset.  One reason I think this will be easy is because I’m at the part where the pattern says I have two choices on how I continue the foot of the sock… and so I say “E GAD”. 
Rick was on duty all night last night and is sleeping so I’m off to the grocery store and then back to do some quiet knitting… or tinking, un-knitting, frogging, whatever! 

Chocolate & Socks…

Saturday DH and I went to the 1st Annual Chocolate Festival in Pacific Beach.  Keep in mind this is a very small town on the Washington coast.  So what am I saying, well, it was not a large event, but if you like good ol’ local folks this is the event to be at!  Walking in the door we were greeted with my favoite chocolate mint sticks, Ovation’s.  I bumped into a few people I knew and gabbed, and browsed the local vendors. (no pictures of the samples, as they were all eaten!  all but one of the chocolate mint sticks.)

Our only vendor purchase was a bag of Chocolate Lavender Torte Mix from Nelson’s Duckpond & Lavender Farm.  The woman selling this wonderful mix had little mini cupcakes for us to sample… YUM!  Come to find out the farm is located in Sequim, WA and is owned by her parents.  Someday I hope to go the big lavender festival they have over there, maybe this year if I set it up as a camping trip, it’s in mid-July.  Anyway, this wonderful bag makes 96 mini cupcakes, or 3 – 8inch round cakes, or 1 jelly roll pan of brownies!!  Decisions, decisions, that will have to wait till later.  

The event goes through Sunday, and there are other locations of other things going on.  Like at Moclips they had a “Smore Fun on the Beach” event at the Hi-Tides resort, all the fixin’s, plus hot chocolate – it was from 6 to 8pm so we headed back to Seabrook. 

In Seabrook, at the Cafe Tashtego there they had a special Chocolate Festival menu, with a tasting of Chocolate and Port!  We didn’t stop because they were pretty full.  We did cruise around the new little village of Seabrook.  It’s very cute, and I love many of the cottages… however, they are right on top of each other. 

DH said you could stick your arm out your kitchen window and into the cottage next door to borrow a cup of sugar.  I told him it wasn’t that bad, and besides, no one barrows a cup of sugar anymore!  The picture above is of the large homes/cottages. They had a lot of small cute cottages, but I didn’t have my camera with me, and these pictures are from my cell phone.  My NEW cell phone that I can’t seem to figure out how everything works yet.  So I have limited pictures. 

Across the road(hwy) from Seabrook they have made a wonderful trail down to the beach.  It was hard to get a picture of it, but trust me it was very pretty. 

 Did I mention that it was a super foggy day? 

Anyway, after a couple of beach stops, we headed for home… well for food to be more exact.  Nothing like Chinese food on a cold foggy day at the beach.  Then home.

As for knitting…

I ran across this cute little Playtime Petit Fours by Jennifer Adams 

Jennifer is also known as the NuttyIrishmanKnits.typepad.com, she has a really cute blog site.  And the pattern can be found there.  Click on the link above to see these little wonders.

I’m on still working on my Secret of the Stole ii, and I’m on hint #2.  No pictures at this time.  I am still loving this project, but I’m also knitting on socks. 

I had two different pair of socks that I started last year and I’m trying to finish them up.  Both pairs of socks have one done already and I’m past the heel on one and working the decreasing rounds after the heel on the other. 

One pair of socks is my beautiful Roza socks.  I just finished making the heel and it should go pretty quickly from here on out.  I hope to have them done in the next week if all goes well. (yarn is Socks that Rock)

The other pair I had done, and decided that I just didn’t like the way it pooled so much on the foot.  So I took it out and tried to start is over with the yarn in a different place.  Guess what… it’s still pooling.  But I’m ok with it this time. 

I’ve decided that it will be in my shoe anyway, and I love how comfortable these are so I would rather be wearing them, than fretting over them.  (yarn is Tofusie).

That’s about it for the knitting front.  I need to end now and get some laundry done, and few things around the house before I can resume knitting!

Have a great week!

and now for some pink ones…

First let me say that it looks like winter out my office window… rain, fog and wind!   It’s ok while I’m knitting or while I have to be at work, but it better get nice before next weekend! 

Next weekend is the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon.  3 of us went last year and it was an awesome day, so I’d like to repeat that again this year.

I finished my Mariner socks!

and I wore them yesterday…

but they brought no luck to the Mariners!  (sorry)

It’s time to make pink socks… I started a new pair of socks for BethAnn!  She is a little girl my mom babysits.  She began kindergarten this year and she loves pink.  So I think she should have some new socks.  I picked the Flame Wave pattern in the Interweave 25 fav socks book.  But I didn’t like the way it just looked jumbled up. 

I think I will make the Flame Wave sock, but I’ll use the Cascade Fixation in a solid color – oh yeah, that means I need to stop in at my LYS!!!!  Anyway, back to the pink socks… I pondered awhile and looked at tons of sock patterns but didn’t see what I wanted so I’m making this pattern up as I go (yes, I’m writing it down so I can make a second sock too!) 

I love the picot cuff and the little bumps remind me of raspberry seeds for some reason.  I’m almost ready to start the heel and I think that shall be the Eye of Partiridge.  As for the toe we may go for a star toe… not sure yet.

Soon it will be time to get back to my own pink stuff… yes, my sweater.  For now it will wait a little longer.

Well, last Tuesday night was Knit-Nite and it was wonderful!  We talked a little bit about Ravelry and I got to thinking that I should check and see where I am on the list and guess what!  I’m in now!  This may take many hours to get my stuff in here.  I’m still fumbling around a little, but I’m getting the hang of it.  I really love being able to look at other people’s projects.  A couple of things that I thought I might like to make someday, I now know I will not be making.  And one other project just got moved up in the line!

OK, the dogs are driving me crazy, they keep jumping up at me and want to go out.  So I’ll call it a night!


I have been knitting, just not posting on this blog.  I’ve been busy on my other blog if you care to stop in at my Geocaching and Camping site you’ll see what I’m doing in my non-knitting and non-work time. 

I have so much blog reading to catch up on, I could spend all week reading, but instead I guess I’ll go to work.  My husband likes it when I can spend some of my own money too!  Besides I want to go to the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR again and I’m going to need some money for that basket I didn’t buy last year!

I picked up some Mariners colored STR yarn at the Stich N Pitch and one is done and the second one is in the home stretch now!  I’m using the Tidal Wave pattern from SWTC.  I love this pattern because it’s easy to remember and I only did 3 repeats, because I like my socks on the short side.

Tidal Wave Sock pattern – 3 repeats on the cuff. Size 1 needles, 2 circulars.

For my birthday I purchased New Pathways for Sock Knittters – Book One, by Cat Bordhi.  I too think she is amazing, and I’m so glad God created people like her, because I sure wouldn’t have figured this sock technique out in my life time!

I have only gone through lesson one.  And now I will need to make another one to match this cute little sock.  I don’t know if you can see it or not, but the “V” that it makes in the center front is so cool. 

 And I did a perfect job (thanks to the brillant instructions in the book) on my short rows heel!  No picking up stitches, I could get used to this.  I used the yarn that I used on the Peapod Sweater and I’ll be sending these cute little socks to go with it.  I can’t believe that I used size 5 needles!  A friend from work that also purchased this book made me the cute little stitch markers with the “A” and “B” on them.  I’m hoping that my dear, sweet and talented friend Bunni will teach a class on these socks because I’m not so sure I will be able to understand all that I need too, and I don’t want to miss anything.

That about does it for me tonight, I’m wiped out, and need to get some sleep.

It was a great day…

Saturday we had rain, and yet it didn’t seem to make any difference.  W.W.K.I.P. Day was a success.  Our location was the best ever.  Celia and her staff at the Coffee Bean Cafe were wonderful.  The brought us bowls of Chicago Carmel popcorn (very addictive).  First thing I did was get my iced White Chocolate Blackberry Non Fat Latte!!!  (the peanutbutter cookie came later in the day).  Lucky Julie arrived just as the scones were coming out of the oven, can it get any better. 

Now for the not so good news… I had my camera in my tote bag and didn’t realize that the settings had gotten changed.  So my pictures didn’t turn out very well.  I didn’t even notice it until I went outside at the end of the day to get a picture of the sign.  Oh well here is our happy group…

 Bunni Sherri Patty

Bunni, Sherri and Patty

June 9, 2007

This is our ‘knitting front room’ at the Coffee Bean Cafe!

Celia the owner of the Cafe

This is Celia the wonderful owner of the Coffee Bean Cafe!  (she doesn’t always stand on a chair behind the counter – only when taking pictures for us!)

sign outside

I told you it was rainy day! (we were sitting just on the other side of these balloons inside on the cozy sofa, eating popcorn and knitting) I forgot about the ballons, and left them there… I meant to have Sherri take them back to her shop for her son… I think to much knitting (and caffine) can turn your brain to mush, but good mush!

I should have gotten a picture of one of the best things that happened.  On Friday, Patty frogged a whole sweater (too big)  we were discussing how off the gauge was and the size didn’t seem to match the pattern at all.  On Saturday she brought the yarn and pattern and began to knit a new gauge.  Then Sherri called in for back up… and Linda came running over asking if she need to bring her calculator!  Right away she showed how to measure the best way to get the true gauge and looked at the pattern to determine what she would need to do this time for the perfect sweater!  This is what I love about knitting.  Everyone always seems so helpful, and willing to teach you the correct way to do something, or a better way.  This is also one of things that keeps me excited about knitting, that there is always someone out there that is willing to teach from their experiences.  I think knitting friends are the greatest!

I can’t believe that I stayed from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.  The day just went by so quickly.  I knit on my sweater and I’ll have to say that I did have a couple of laugh attacks that caused me to make an oops twice.  But all is well now. 

This is my sweater so far… (can you tell that I love my knitting purse almost as much as my knitting? and yes for some reason I am really getting in to pink now.)

Sausalito Sweater

This is what the bottom will look like after it has been folded up and sewn in place.

Sweater back bottom

And then we have the birth of a new sock… the Tofutsie Sock Club June 2007 yarn!

june 2007 tofutsie yarn

Tidal Wave socks

I think it will be a long time before we see any more pictures of this sock, as we have lots to do on the sweater and shawl!  I decided on the Tidal Wave sock pattern instead of the Wild Kats sock pattern, and I will make that one up in one of the new Tofutsie sock colors that will be coming in soon at The Yarn Corner!

Now I must get some laundry done, and clean the kitchen so I can justify sitting and knitting for several hours!  I simply must talk to the husband about a maid, it would free up much more time to knit and I would be forever happy about a clean house! 

Oh my, I just got the wet nose to my foot that my princess Cassie wants to go out.  Maybe we should run down to the beach to see what the storm last night blew in, my dogs love to run on the beach, and it’s been awhile. I think knitting may have to wait.

fog… fog… fog…

Well life at the beach is sometimes just foggy!  I know that sunshine was just a couple of miles east of us this weekend, but we didn’t see any. 

Saturday very little knitting got done.  I did work on my socks on the trip to Aberdeen and back (were it was sunny). We sure did a lot of spending this weekend.  My sweet-one bought a new vacuum cleaner for me at Home Depot.  I think it’s the only store he ever wants to go to these days.  He also bought some stuff for the dryer vent outside (whatever it was – I didn’t even know we had a problem).  And I have no idea what the other things were that he bought, I’m sure they were important.  We stopped at the Coffee Bean Cafe and I can’t wait until Saturday to knit all day there!  I picked up some coffee beans and some awesome scones! 

Then Sunday we made another trip to Home Depot (more knitting on my sock) and he got a gas powered weed eater thing.  I got paint for the surprise chairs he made me.  3 small Adirondack chairs!  I have always wanted these chairs.  Each of the chairs I painted a different color and they look great on the front porch.  They will go out back on the deck later.  It’s just that when I got done painting yesterday it looked like it might rain and I want them dry one more day.  As soon as I get the flowers planted in the pots it will look even better on our front porch and I’ll take a picture.  I can’t believe I took NO pictures all weekend. 

Well that’s it for this weekend.  More fun to come!

a mixed bag…

This weekend has gone by soooooo fast!  (Saturday… cold, windy, sunshine, rain, a little everything.)We cleaned up the deck and Rick built a railing for our new BBQ to back up against.  (we get high winds without notice and we don’t want it tipping over like the old one did.) 

So while Rick played with the tools and wood,  I got the outdoor table and chairs cleaned up.  I decided that the skirt thing that went around the table had to go.  And when I took it off… an idea hit me!  I could put flowers on the shelves!  We have had this tall table & chairs for 6 years now.  Considering the weather here I think it has done well.  (The salt air/water tends to eat everything!)  Anyway here’s what the table looks like with the skirt thing off (and pre-flowers). 

table & chairs

Maybe the deer won’t be able to eat the flowers in here.  Well, I can hope. 

I also got the windfeathers from our wedding last summer out of storage and put them up.  They are very colorful and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the ducks and geese off our dock.  The dock really needs to be cleaned, but that will happen on another day.

Saturday wrapped up with some movie (very memorable, I can’t even remember the name of it!), and making a few samples to check for the right gauge before I pick a yarn for my sweater.  I had some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece left over from a project last year and I decided to knit it up.  Then I decided to try some left over Cascade Pima Tencel. 

 2 samples

The colors are NOT what I’m going to use, but they really helped me to decide what kind of yarn I want for the sweater.  (That will come later!)  Anyway, here are all the samples I knit to help me see what size needles.  I even did a sample of the trim on the sweater. 

 all samples

The pattern called for size 7 needles but with the one in the middle (light blue pima tencel), I had to go down to 5’s! And the purple size 6 was ok.  I will make the final decision next week.  (Thank you Bunni for taking so much time with me on Friday to look through all the yarn books!)  I really like the tiny bow pattern, it’s very simple to remember and it’s an 8 row repeat!

Sunday… we jump in the car and hit the garage sales!  Lots of junk out there and I did good.  I only brought home 3 old knitting mags. 

Jack Frost Volume 41 from 1942 – Original price .25

1942 Jack Frost


1942 Jack Frost Ad

A 1950’s Knitting Primer with “50 easy knitting patterns and stitches to knit the Sampler Afghan – a lasting record of your knitting skill”.  Original price .35

Spinnovations 3 – 1975 – Idea book … 50 great looks for summer!  (eat your heart out Farrah Faucet)

Monday… The sun came out just before noon!  I grabbed my knitting and ran for the back deck.  This chair is great, it even has a built in yarn holder! 


I haven’t been working on these socks much, but they are a good sunshine knitting project.  I got this great purse on ebay a couple of weeks ago and I use it for a knitting bag.  Too cute, the socks coordinate well with it, don’t you think!


I was hoping to get more done on my shawl this weekend but, poof… the weekend seems to be about over.  Maybe during the movie tonight. (something he picked out, I’m sure it will be wonderful!) 

All things considered, it has been a good weekend.  I even managed to get some laundry done, and bake brownies for hubby.  Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and warm.  And lucky me… it’s back to work! 🙂

Have a great week all!

a weekend away…

I decided to divide my posting today in two.  Let’s talk about what a great trip I had to my mom’s last weekend.

This is a picture coming over the pass on Thursday evening.  I think these birds where having a contest “who can stand on one leg the longest”.  So many years I have driven by this lake and seen the stumps in the bottom of this dried up lake, and now to see it with water again is wonderful.


Here’s one more picture of the lake.

lake on the pass

Mom had an appointment in town on Friday morning (Leavenworth, WA) so I tagged along and guess what is just across the street?  The LYS!!! Wooley Booley.  I looked at all the patterns and fun stuff and touched all of the yarn.  I left with only a new sweater pattern (imagine that) and some sock yarn.  I’m saving my money to buy yarn for my new sweater pattern.  Here it is…

Sausalito pattern

Sausalito – a dolce handknits pattern.  I’m thinking I’d like to make it up in a light celery green or a periwinkle color.  I’ll have to talk the friendly shop owner at The Yarn Corner to help me decide.

As for the sock yarn.  It’s Steinbach Wolle – Strapz Cotton Effekt – color – ?? I’m not sure.  It’s 45% cotton, 42% wool, and 13% polyamid.  This is a new one for me.  I haven’t ever seen this yarn before and I hope it does well.  I was thinking about the Rainy Day Socks pattern and then I remembered I wanted to try the Quill lace sock pattern.  So I’m using the Quill lace pattern with the top of the Rainy Day pattern.  Here’s what we have so far.


The color looks very different in these pictures.  But you get the idea.

I love this pattern (the Quill lace pattern)  it’s simple to remember and I really like that in a sock pattern.  The sock is turning out a little stiffer than what I’m used to, I guess because of the cotton content.  I’m still hoping for a great pair of socks!

Well it looks like the rain has stopped for a bit so I need to take the dogs out.  Maybe I’ll post more tonight.

Knitting, Dips and books…

Well the weekend is drawing to an end… and it’s been drizzling all day!  This will be a short entry tonight because I want to get back to knitting on my shawl.

shawl and keyboard

It’s almost doubled since last weekend.  I had a couple of lunch hours that I spent looking for the missing YO.  And then I had a couple of lunch hours that went very well!  I love this pattern.


Tofutsies are still in the bag… I’m on the second sock and in the home stretch (the foot) now.  In the mean time I have switched back to my much neglected Roza socks. 

Roza… remember the Roza socks? Well they are a good break time knit, and I can spend almost 30 minutes a day on them.  On Friday morning break (outside on the bench in front of work, in the sunshine, I might add) I finished my first Roza.  The pictures just don’t do it justice.  

I love this picture with Thor checking it out.

Roza and Thor nose

This photo shows the color a little better.

Roza sock in window

I was viewing a few blogs this weekend and came across someones Manta Ray Shawl, and thought that I had seen that recently… I had.  It’s in my new book Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason .  I wasn’t sure how much I liked this book at first, but the more that I look at it the more I liked it.  I could imagine this shawl made out of the brushed acrylic yarn that I have in this grape color.  I’ve only had the yarn for about 24years!!!!  Yes, that’s right.  Back when I lived in Oregon, and worked for Robin and Russ Handweavers, I bought a cone of this!  Back then I could only crochet and weave and I have no idea what I thought I was going to make out of this yarn, (maybe a blanket thing) I just knew that I liked the color.  So what did I do… stayed up half the night knitting on it when I have perfectly wonderful projects to be working on!!  Oh the shame of it. -No picture to follow of this project until I recharge all the batteries (yes, 3 of them) that I have run down. 

On the dip front, I did my inventory – lots to order to have fresh stuff ready to make dips!  I tried fine tuning a couple of dips that I wanted to kick up and change a bit and I made up 3 to take to work.  A mild curry herb dip, a smokey mexican type dip and a blue cheese herb dip.  Stop by and try some if you’re in the neighborhood.

Well for light reading I’ll tell you that I’m enjoying the Knitting for Peace book and I’m listening to The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau (at work) and in the car I’m on the last CD of The Seventh Sinner by Elizabeth Peters.  I love a good mystery or thriller or suspense and I love a good story (even the ones that will make me laugh and cry and feel like I know these people).  The book by Elizabeth Peters is a good story.  No guts, blood, and swearing just a good ol’ fashion Agatha Christie type mystery.  Easy to listen to and no, you won’t figure out who did it until the bitter end!  It takes place in Rome and they go to all the places I want to someday visit. 

Did I say this was going to be a short blog night?  Good heavens I must go knit now!  I hope a good weekend was had by all.

Last weekend of April…

And so ends a beautiful weekend.  It took a little while for the beach clouds to blow over, but when they did, what a day!  It’s been a pretty good month, and I can’t believe it’s almost May. 

Last Sunday in April 2007

I always feel a little blue when my hubby leaves for the big city (Seattle) on Sunday.  His new job is in Seattle and soon he’ll be telecommuting, but for a few weeks he’ll just be coming home on the weekends.  The dogs go crazy after he leaves, they run after him, and then sit and stare out the window waiting for him to come back.  They make me laugh, and I love them to death, so I’m glad they are here with me.

Puppy Love…

Thor and Cassie

Knitting… yes, we had some knitting going on over the weekend in-between home projects. 

I first want to show you the cuties little socks ever.  I picked up a sock blocker key chain (w/pattern) at The Yarn Corner this week. 

sock blocker key chain 

This is a great sock to knit if you need to have some instant gratification for finishing a project.  And who doesn’t need to get that feeling once in a while.  I have it double this week, as I’ve knit up two… I guess I have a mis-matched pair of socks done! 


The teal yarn (I know it looks blue, but it’s not) is from my very first pair of socks.  And the second brown/pink and blue yarn is from my RPM socks.  It only takes a little bit of sock yarn and about an hour.  I’ll be making more of these down the road… you know, when I need to get that feeling that I’ve finished something!  You really should get in to buy one of these cute kits before they are all gone. 

My shawl had a little set back early in the week.  I had the wrong number of sts after one row and then I tried to correct it and it got worse and worse and worse.  Totally Frogged it all!

1st try…

1st try - trashed

I started again on Wednesday and I’m very happy now. 


I really love this pattern, I think it’s great for a first time shawl.  I totally love the fact that you have to concentrate on the pattern and it feels soooo good when I have the right number of sts at the end of the row.  Yes, I now count at the end of each row before continuing on to make sure I have the correct number.  Lessons learned.  I know I’ll need to get some pins for blocking too, but I have a while before that day comes!

While sitting at my desk in our home office yesterday, I picked up my dpn’s and my Lucy STR yarn (picked this up at the Canby, OR Flock and Fiber Festival last summer).  I was organizing piles of papers and putting stuff away and ran across this sock pattern that I printed so that I would remember where this great yarn came from.  Anyway, I went out to the website, and once again there is no more of this yarn.  I will need to watch closer or email them to ask if I can get on a list or something for the next time they make it up.  The yarn is from Freshisle Fibers in Canada.  It’s self-striping watermelon!  If anyone knows where else I might find this yarn I would love to hear from you.  OK, back the sock pattern and the lovely Lucy yarn, I decided to start on this simple pattern with Lucy and so now I have one more project going.  These are my Office Lucy Socks – because they will stay in the office, and I will work on them in here while downloading etc.

Lucy Office Socks

I’m having some issues with downloading photos right now, so that’s why some are very large.  It seems I’ve used all my space at Flickr for this month, so I’m using my Photobucket.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, right! 

Speaking of getting the job done, I’m off to finish up the laundry before settling in to some knitting!