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Chocolate & Socks…

Saturday DH and I went to the 1st Annual Chocolate Festival in Pacific Beach.  Keep in mind this is a very small town on the Washington coast.  So what am I saying, well, it was not a large event, but if you like good ol’ local folks this is the event to be at!  Walking in the door we were greeted with my favoite chocolate mint sticks, Ovation’s.  I bumped into a few people I knew and gabbed, and browsed the local vendors. (no pictures of the samples, as they were all eaten!  all but one of the chocolate mint sticks.)

Our only vendor purchase was a bag of Chocolate Lavender Torte Mix from Nelson’s Duckpond & Lavender Farm.  The woman selling this wonderful mix had little mini cupcakes for us to sample… YUM!  Come to find out the farm is located in Sequim, WA and is owned by her parents.  Someday I hope to go the big lavender festival they have over there, maybe this year if I set it up as a camping trip, it’s in mid-July.  Anyway, this wonderful bag makes 96 mini cupcakes, or 3 – 8inch round cakes, or 1 jelly roll pan of brownies!!  Decisions, decisions, that will have to wait till later.  

The event goes through Sunday, and there are other locations of other things going on.  Like at Moclips they had a “Smore Fun on the Beach” event at the Hi-Tides resort, all the fixin’s, plus hot chocolate – it was from 6 to 8pm so we headed back to Seabrook. 

In Seabrook, at the Cafe Tashtego there they had a special Chocolate Festival menu, with a tasting of Chocolate and Port!  We didn’t stop because they were pretty full.  We did cruise around the new little village of Seabrook.  It’s very cute, and I love many of the cottages… however, they are right on top of each other. 

DH said you could stick your arm out your kitchen window and into the cottage next door to borrow a cup of sugar.  I told him it wasn’t that bad, and besides, no one barrows a cup of sugar anymore!  The picture above is of the large homes/cottages. They had a lot of small cute cottages, but I didn’t have my camera with me, and these pictures are from my cell phone.  My NEW cell phone that I can’t seem to figure out how everything works yet.  So I have limited pictures. 

Across the road(hwy) from Seabrook they have made a wonderful trail down to the beach.  It was hard to get a picture of it, but trust me it was very pretty. 

 Did I mention that it was a super foggy day? 

Anyway, after a couple of beach stops, we headed for home… well for food to be more exact.  Nothing like Chinese food on a cold foggy day at the beach.  Then home.

As for knitting…

I ran across this cute little Playtime Petit Fours by Jennifer Adams 

Jennifer is also known as the NuttyIrishmanKnits.typepad.com, she has a really cute blog site.  And the pattern can be found there.  Click on the link above to see these little wonders.

I’m on still working on my Secret of the Stole ii, and I’m on hint #2.  No pictures at this time.  I am still loving this project, but I’m also knitting on socks. 

I had two different pair of socks that I started last year and I’m trying to finish them up.  Both pairs of socks have one done already and I’m past the heel on one and working the decreasing rounds after the heel on the other. 

One pair of socks is my beautiful Roza socks.  I just finished making the heel and it should go pretty quickly from here on out.  I hope to have them done in the next week if all goes well. (yarn is Socks that Rock)

The other pair I had done, and decided that I just didn’t like the way it pooled so much on the foot.  So I took it out and tried to start is over with the yarn in a different place.  Guess what… it’s still pooling.  But I’m ok with it this time. 

I’ve decided that it will be in my shoe anyway, and I love how comfortable these are so I would rather be wearing them, than fretting over them.  (yarn is Tofusie).

That’s about it for the knitting front.  I need to end now and get some laundry done, and few things around the house before I can resume knitting!

Have a great week!