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It was a great day…

Saturday we had rain, and yet it didn’t seem to make any difference.  W.W.K.I.P. Day was a success.  Our location was the best ever.  Celia and her staff at the Coffee Bean Cafe were wonderful.  The brought us bowls of Chicago Carmel popcorn (very addictive).  First thing I did was get my iced White Chocolate Blackberry Non Fat Latte!!!  (the peanutbutter cookie came later in the day).  Lucky Julie arrived just as the scones were coming out of the oven, can it get any better. 

Now for the not so good news… I had my camera in my tote bag and didn’t realize that the settings had gotten changed.  So my pictures didn’t turn out very well.  I didn’t even notice it until I went outside at the end of the day to get a picture of the sign.  Oh well here is our happy group…

 Bunni Sherri Patty

Bunni, Sherri and Patty

June 9, 2007

This is our ‘knitting front room’ at the Coffee Bean Cafe!

Celia the owner of the Cafe

This is Celia the wonderful owner of the Coffee Bean Cafe!  (she doesn’t always stand on a chair behind the counter – only when taking pictures for us!)

sign outside

I told you it was rainy day! (we were sitting just on the other side of these balloons inside on the cozy sofa, eating popcorn and knitting) I forgot about the ballons, and left them there… I meant to have Sherri take them back to her shop for her son… I think to much knitting (and caffine) can turn your brain to mush, but good mush!

I should have gotten a picture of one of the best things that happened.  On Friday, Patty frogged a whole sweater (too big)  we were discussing how off the gauge was and the size didn’t seem to match the pattern at all.  On Saturday she brought the yarn and pattern and began to knit a new gauge.  Then Sherri called in for back up… and Linda came running over asking if she need to bring her calculator!  Right away she showed how to measure the best way to get the true gauge and looked at the pattern to determine what she would need to do this time for the perfect sweater!  This is what I love about knitting.  Everyone always seems so helpful, and willing to teach you the correct way to do something, or a better way.  This is also one of things that keeps me excited about knitting, that there is always someone out there that is willing to teach from their experiences.  I think knitting friends are the greatest!

I can’t believe that I stayed from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.  The day just went by so quickly.  I knit on my sweater and I’ll have to say that I did have a couple of laugh attacks that caused me to make an oops twice.  But all is well now. 

This is my sweater so far… (can you tell that I love my knitting purse almost as much as my knitting? and yes for some reason I am really getting in to pink now.)

Sausalito Sweater

This is what the bottom will look like after it has been folded up and sewn in place.

Sweater back bottom

And then we have the birth of a new sock… the Tofutsie Sock Club June 2007 yarn!

june 2007 tofutsie yarn

Tidal Wave socks

I think it will be a long time before we see any more pictures of this sock, as we have lots to do on the sweater and shawl!  I decided on the Tidal Wave sock pattern instead of the Wild Kats sock pattern, and I will make that one up in one of the new Tofutsie sock colors that will be coming in soon at The Yarn Corner!

Now I must get some laundry done, and clean the kitchen so I can justify sitting and knitting for several hours!  I simply must talk to the husband about a maid, it would free up much more time to knit and I would be forever happy about a clean house! 

Oh my, I just got the wet nose to my foot that my princess Cassie wants to go out.  Maybe we should run down to the beach to see what the storm last night blew in, my dogs love to run on the beach, and it’s been awhile. I think knitting may have to wait.


a mixed bag…

This weekend has gone by soooooo fast!  (Saturday… cold, windy, sunshine, rain, a little everything.)We cleaned up the deck and Rick built a railing for our new BBQ to back up against.  (we get high winds without notice and we don’t want it tipping over like the old one did.) 

So while Rick played with the tools and wood,  I got the outdoor table and chairs cleaned up.  I decided that the skirt thing that went around the table had to go.  And when I took it off… an idea hit me!  I could put flowers on the shelves!  We have had this tall table & chairs for 6 years now.  Considering the weather here I think it has done well.  (The salt air/water tends to eat everything!)  Anyway here’s what the table looks like with the skirt thing off (and pre-flowers). 

table & chairs

Maybe the deer won’t be able to eat the flowers in here.  Well, I can hope. 

I also got the windfeathers from our wedding last summer out of storage and put them up.  They are very colorful and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the ducks and geese off our dock.  The dock really needs to be cleaned, but that will happen on another day.

Saturday wrapped up with some movie (very memorable, I can’t even remember the name of it!), and making a few samples to check for the right gauge before I pick a yarn for my sweater.  I had some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece left over from a project last year and I decided to knit it up.  Then I decided to try some left over Cascade Pima Tencel. 

 2 samples

The colors are NOT what I’m going to use, but they really helped me to decide what kind of yarn I want for the sweater.  (That will come later!)  Anyway, here are all the samples I knit to help me see what size needles.  I even did a sample of the trim on the sweater. 

 all samples

The pattern called for size 7 needles but with the one in the middle (light blue pima tencel), I had to go down to 5’s! And the purple size 6 was ok.  I will make the final decision next week.  (Thank you Bunni for taking so much time with me on Friday to look through all the yarn books!)  I really like the tiny bow pattern, it’s very simple to remember and it’s an 8 row repeat!

Sunday… we jump in the car and hit the garage sales!  Lots of junk out there and I did good.  I only brought home 3 old knitting mags. 

Jack Frost Volume 41 from 1942 – Original price .25

1942 Jack Frost


1942 Jack Frost Ad

A 1950’s Knitting Primer with “50 easy knitting patterns and stitches to knit the Sampler Afghan – a lasting record of your knitting skill”.  Original price .35

Spinnovations 3 – 1975 – Idea book … 50 great looks for summer!  (eat your heart out Farrah Faucet)

Monday… The sun came out just before noon!  I grabbed my knitting and ran for the back deck.  This chair is great, it even has a built in yarn holder! 


I haven’t been working on these socks much, but they are a good sunshine knitting project.  I got this great purse on ebay a couple of weeks ago and I use it for a knitting bag.  Too cute, the socks coordinate well with it, don’t you think!


I was hoping to get more done on my shawl this weekend but, poof… the weekend seems to be about over.  Maybe during the movie tonight. (something he picked out, I’m sure it will be wonderful!) 

All things considered, it has been a good weekend.  I even managed to get some laundry done, and bake brownies for hubby.  Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and warm.  And lucky me… it’s back to work! 🙂

Have a great week all!

A new month & a new project or two…

I’ve been knitting on this and that.  I can’t seem to stick with anything lately, I started working on a new sweater (I call it my Crazy sweater)  I’m using all my left over yard from felted bags.  I think it will make a great sweater to wear with my jean skirt or jeans, or maybe just a throw on sweater because it’s cold and windy at the beach all the time!  It’s hard to see the true colors in this picture but it’s close.  This picture was taken before I finished the back.  There seems to be a lot of orange on top!  Also, it took me awhile to get the gauge right because the yarn I’m using is mostly Cascade 220.

Lys sweater back 

This is a more up close look of the FREE Berroco pattern called Lys

Lys Pattern 


I have also picked up this new sock yarn that I just had to have because I wanted something new. 

 Tofutsie Yarn

This is Tofutsies sock yarn, color #737 Footsteps. 

I love the lightweight feel of this yarn.  The yarn is thin and I’m using 2 circular size 0 needles.  I cast on 64 stitches the first time and found it was going to be too small, so I ended up with a CO of 80 stitches!!  That seems like a lot to me, but it worked out nicely.  I picked an easy pattern so I could knit on these socks at work during break and lunch.  I’m using the Madder Ribbed sock pattern out of the Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  I decided to try a different heel and toe with these socks too.  I’m breaking away from comfortable just a little. 

 Tofutsie sock

The heel is a Dutch or Horseshoe heel, and the toe started out to be the Pointed Toe in the book.  I don’t really like pointed toes, but I do like the way it decreases, so I just modified it a little at about round 24.  I started decreasing every other row and by round 27 I had 10 stitches left to kitchener stitch closed.  When I was finished with the first sock (on Friday at The Yarn Corner) I tried it on and my foot fell in love!  It was begging for the next one.  So I began…

 2nd Tofu sock

Then where are the Roza socks you are wondering?  Well they are happily sitting in my knitting bag at work.  Oh, and the Green Gable sweater… well it’s sitting in another knitting bag.  I went around to house looking into every bag and drawer finding all my knitting projects and wrote them down and what stage of the game they are at currently and I was so surprised at how many projects I have going.  I guess this means I am real knitter now!  Well this wonderful list I made… I was going to type it into the computer and now I can’t even find it.  I’m sure it’s probably marking a page in a knitting book or something. 

 Speaking of knitting books…

knitting books

last weekend I wasn’t feeling well.  So I checked out a million (they felt like they weighed that much) books at the library.  I enjoyed my sick day, and dreamed of all the awesome things I would like to knit someday.  And I laughed (sometimes out loud) at some of the goofy crap that I ran across too!

The other day it was so sunny and beautiful I grabbed the camera to get a shot of the lake with our house making a shadow.  I can almost feel summer… well not today… it’s rainy and windy again.  But I know the sun wants to make a come back soon!

House Lake Shadow

Just thought I would add this picture to show my mom what plants made it through the winter (and the ones that didn’t)!

dead plants

Yes, my blog has changed again… the picture is something I’m working on that I’ll show more of when it’s completed!

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you are warm and safe today.


Day Light Savings Clock

No, it’s not all one word, that’s just the way it makes me feel.  All squished up, and rushed.  I love daylight, but I love sleep too!  I think we actually loose an hour running around changing the time on everything in our homes.  On the brighter side… the clock in my car is now correct!

I didn’t get enough sleep last night… stayed up to completely frog my Green Gable back to the slip knot!!!  Two things happened to lead to this.  ONE: I found 2 little mistakes.  And TWO:  I couldn’t figure out where I left off.  And that lead to THREE: I needed to start over. 

Before the big unwinding… (where I am now, it’s picture worthy).

Green Gable in Pinecone

Another thing has happened since I began the GG (I think this was in July), I’m knitting much better now, and can fix most of my mistakes, and can read patterns very well now.  So it’s ok, I’m enjoying working on needles bigger than a size 1.  Not, to say I don’t love sock knitting.  It’s the best take along knitting ever, and I love knitting on socks at work. 

Enough blog reading and writing for today… I want to get a hour or two of knitting in tonight, before an early bedtime. 

Oh, one more thing on the sweater front… I have been looking at (and drooling over) several Kim Hargreave’s patterns.  I love to post pictures so here we go – these are all from the Kim Hargreaves website.

Like… Glimmer


and Dream…


and Wispy….


and Temptation…


and the ever popular Glee (shown in medium blue and navy)



A couple of these sweaters are knit with Rowan Summer Tweed (I love the look of this yarn, and hope to knit with it, or something like it soon).  One of these patterns will surely make it to my house one day.  I’m not sure about when, but I do really love them.  I saw Glimmer, and Glee knitted up on a couple of blogs and that’s what lead me to think… I must get this pattern.

Ok, I’ve been going on about sweaters for long enough, time to get back to some actual knitting.

Old Projects are New Again!

First, the cute little sweater I was working on, it’s as done as I’m going to be with it!  It took far longer than I had anticipated.  I thought with it being so little that I would just whip it out in a couple of weekends, and during my lunch breaks finish it up.  Ha! With that said here it is.  I know the collar looks a little odd, but I swear that’s what the pattern called for.  It doesn’t have it’s 3 little buttons on yet.  (This picture was taken at my messy desk at work.)

Easter Egg Sweater

Now I’m on to old projects.  Funny thing about projects… if you leave them alone for long enough and then come back to them, they feel like a new project!  Perfect example is my RPM socks… they’re done! (Thor is wondering why I have a chair in front of his sliding door – well, it’s because the light is better, and you can see the great colors!)

 Thor and RPM Socks

Now I’m back to bobble making to complete my Noni Bobble Bag.  No pictures yet, I’m waiting until I get the one million bobbles made first.

My mom’s birthday socks (that’s what I’m calling her Christmas socks since her birthday is next month, and I hope to have them ready by then!) anyway, they are looking smashing!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this yarn, it’s soft and lightweight, and yummy!  Pictures to follow after sock one is completed.

Last weekend I spent knitting simple projects that would take very little time and could be completed quickly for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something useful.  I made a flower washcloth out of Sugar’n Cream cotton – from the Weekend Knitting book by Melanie Falick.  (I love this book too!) I made a couple of large ones and then reduced the number of stitches to make small ones.  I made  it out of Sugar’n Cream because I’m going to use them for coasters and the large one is to sit my ice tea pitcher on.


I also attempted to make a cupcake.  I’ve seen several of these and thought they were cute, so I thought I would use some of my leftovers to make one for a friend.  Well… mine turned out to look a little like a toadstool.  I sewed the top on and it looked wrong so I sewed it again and again, each time just a little differently.  Soon it was looking like it was way over stuffed!  The nice things I have to say about it… it’s soft, it’s made in nice colors, and it makes a great stress ball!  I hope she will like it anyway.  I’ll try again one of these days.


 Cute Cupcake Bottom



Bob, our neighborhood raccoon came around this afternoon begging for food.  We call him Bob because he doesn’t have a tail.  Our dogs Thor and Cassie just watched him watching us.  I have a strict “no feeding” rule (that my husband can’t live with, because he is always giving him graham crackers and dog food.) anyway, Bob comes back and naps on our back deck all the time.  Sometimes in the summer he’ll just nap at the end of our dock.  He is very cute, and fun to watch.

Thor & Bob

Cassie & Bob

I love my dogs… so I must post just one more of Thor – He’s laying on the loveseat, on a pillow, behind his dad’s head, with his chin resting on a table.  He’s such a cutie!

Thor Resting

Ok, I’m still getting used to this new blog, and I’m having a heck of a time getting things to go where I want them to go.  I’ll keep trying!

Until later, happy knitting!

LOOK… A new blog for The Dip Lady!

Well, I can see this is really going to take some time to update this site.  The picture I am using on the top of this new blog site was taken from our back deck on July 4, 2006.  This is one side of our horseshoe shaped dock on Duck Lake. 

Tomorrow is Knit Night at The Yarn Corner so I won’t be able to work on this site.  I hope to be able to post new pictures of mom’s socks and the cute little sweater I’m finishing up. 

Close up of sweater frontThis is a close up of the sweater front.

Let’s talk about the cute little sweater a bit… I’ve not been feeling so hot and haven’t been able to sew up the sleeves yet, and the pattern didn’t give any details to how you sew on sleeves that were left on stich holders.  I’ve done some checking on the net and found that several patterns from Germany, UK, etc., say to leave the sleeves on stitch holders, but they don’t say how I am to attach them to the sweater.  One said use a 3-needle bind off, another said to use the kitchner stitch (not in this life time – that’s a lot of stitches – ok, it’s only 65, but that’s a lot more than when I sew up the toe of my socks!)  I think I’m going to try a 3-needle BO and then I might just BO the sleeve and then attach like normal.  More to come on this.  I’d love to hear from anyone with ideas!