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it’s starting to look a lot like summer…

On the beach at Ocean Shores, July 4th

Aside from the fact that there was TONS of smoke in the air on the beach, it was a perfect 4th of July night!

bye bye sunset... hello fireworks!

It has now become a tradition I guess you could say.  My mom comes to visit every year for the 4th of July holiday.  We always have a great time.  She crochets, and works on cutting fabric for her quilt projects, and I knit and we both laugh and gab A LOT!  This year it also included a Murder She Wrote marathon playing on TV while we gabbed.  LOL  Good times.  I was so happy to be able to give her the sweater that I have been working on FOREVER!  And did I take a picture of her in it?  Of course not.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture.  So I’ll have to go visit her soon to get one.  I can say that it was the perfect length and looked beautiful on her.

The wildlife didn't seem to mind the fireworks.

 Mom and I went to Elma for her to get more fabric… now I know where I get it from.  She buys fabric, like I buy yarn!  Daughter like mother.  I couldn’t help myself and I bought just a little bit of yarn.  3 skeins of Serenity Garden Yarn.  In these wonderfully colors.  It’s 100% Microfiber, and on Sunday I started a scarf.  It’s called 28’s Cousin 53, I’m on row 44 now.  Each row from 44 to 53 has 514 sts!!!!  That’s a lot of stitches.  My goal is to have it done this weekend so I can ONE, wear it next week.  And TWO, get started on a pair of socks!

So bright and colorful

This is a nice little pattern that I have been eyeing for sometime now and just wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it in a wonderfully soft yarn or something fun and whimsical… fun won!

About 15 rows or so done in this picture.

My other finished project is the gorgeous Mezquita shawl.  I finished this one and blocked and got to wear it to work this week.  It is so soft and yummy.


This was a really nice knitting project.  When I got to the end of pattern instead of doing the bind-off I added 5 seed stitch rows to help keep it from rolling so much.  It’s seems to have done the trick for the most part.  I love this scarf!

OK, back to knitting.  I’ll post more later!  Looks like we are going to have a sunny and wonderful weekend!


Another Mystery…

Well looky here… it’s JULY!

So much and so little has happened since I last posted.  Let me think a moment…

  • I finished my mom’s sweater, the beautiful February Lady sweater (she is coming to visit this weekend so I will get a picture of her wearing it.)
  • I actually got half way done with the Mystery Shawlette KAL – and I’m evening thinking about fixing my little mistake, and finishing it.
  • I started a crescent-shaped shawl (Mezquita Shawl by Roxanne Yeun) and I’m so close to finishing it… I started the bind-off only to remember that I didn’t want to just bind-off, I wanted to add a couple of rows of seed stitch so it wouldn’t roll.  So now I have to UN-Bind-off and knit those couple of rows.

    shawl in progress

  • I knit all the pieces of the cuties monster ever.  Her name is Penelope.  The pattern is wonderful and all I need to do now is stuff her and put the face on.  Hoping that I can get her completed this weekend.  She will be wonderful in pictures I’m sure!
  • I completed a very cute crocheted hat… yes, a baby hat.
  • Oh and we took the RV out to Ike Kinswa State Park – this was a great weekend, but no knitting got done.

the best smore EVER!

a perfect morning

the lake at our campsite... so still in the morning

a perfect evening looking the other direction on the lake




the park was full, but it was cozy for us (site #18)


the view from my chair


Now about this new mystery.

A Mystery Animal KAL… yes, today begins another mystery knit a long!  Well OK, yes I am going to join in on this one too!  Big surprise.  There are 4 clues, each delivered on a Friday.  This first clue says BODY and has 49 rounds.  I will be starting very soon tonight.

The CLUE at the bottom of the page says “This mammal has more than 250 species in his family.  He’s not the most diverse creature in the world, but he has it all over the aardvark (total aardvark species = 1).  But really, how many types of aardvarks does one planet need?”

So I went out and searched and found this… Carnivores are a group of mammals that consists of about 250 species. Carnivores include dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bears, raccoons, mustelids, sea lions, fur seals, hyenas, aardwolves, wolverines and cats.

I’m hoping that this mystery animal is a dog or wolf, bear or maybe even a sea-lion or a seal.  I’m sure I will love whatever it is!  If you want to join this KAL you can find the details here.  Go ahead, go look you know you want to make an animal.  And I love Emily Ivey – Oh, I didn’t tell you that Emily is the designer!  I love her website too.

OK, I need to get busy and do some house fluffing before mom gets here and then I want to start my mystery animal!  I’ll take lots of pictures this weekend and update this post properly with pictures!

So true…

I saw this while reading some of my favorite blogs at lunch today and just had to share it.  It was on Gib Knits Blog if you want to check her out. 

Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend on tap!  I’ll post more this weekend with pictures of the Blanket Go-round.  A group of us have been working on this for a while now and it has found its way back to me!

A week in February…

A full week with lots going on at work and home.


Playing with different kinds of blocks


A trip to SeaTac for a meeting to discuss our new TPA for our benefit coverages… and then after we stopped at a GREAT yarn store in Federal Way.  Unraveled Yarns (and gifts) I think her name was Mary, and she was so nice.  I felt like I could just stay, sit and knit (or crochet).  I told her that I was waiting for my yarn to make my first Lucy Stripe Blanket, and she rushed me to the back to show me hers!  She is making a baby blanket and one for queen bed top (I think).  The big blanket is going to be so yummy, beautiful colors and she is using Berroco Comfort yarn.


On the way home from work.

The road to home!


Finding the right order for my pillow top (at The Popcorn Factory)

I thought we were meeting at The Popcorn Factory to Knit/Crochet, but it ended up being just Laurie and I so she helped me to arrange the order of my latest project… A pillow topper.  I love these colors, and yes, this is more of the left over yarn from my Lucy Bag!  Thank you for being there Laurie and thanks to Celia for making me a great (very hot) chai latte!


you just never know when you find a garage sale goodie

A garage sale on the way home from work?  You never know what you will find.

This will NOT be a button dish, but don't they look lovely.

Looking for the proper buttons for my next project!


Pillow Topper with little hearts!a few minutes with no rain


A Chocolate Plain Vest


I saw this vest on a couple of blogs and fell in love with how simple it looked.  I couldn’t wait to get started.  So this afternoon I went to my yarn closet and found this wonderful yarn that I had forgotten about.  I participated in the Color Swap a couple of years ago and the color I picked was CHOCOLATE!  My swap partner was wonderful and sent the most lovely yarns and chocolates.  So now I ‘m hoping that I have enough yarn to complete this cute pattern.  I hope to have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll post more pictures then.

Sad News/Happy News….  my Lucy Yarn Pack won’t be arriving.  But the happy news is that they are going to be re-sending it.  Mason’s is wonderful.  I emailed them on Thursday to tell them that I had not yet received my yarn and my co-worker that ordered her yarn 9 days AFTER me had just received hers.  It was all I could do to not take it away from her!  Anyway, a very nice Simon emailed me back right away to say that a package had been returned to them with not enough postage.  I don’t know if it was my package or someone elses (because my friend Sherri ordered her pack on the same day as me, and she too had not received her yarn yet).  Anyway, they are re-sending us both yarn and we should have it in about 3 weeks! 

OK, Thor is begging to go outside… again!  And then I want to bake some cookies for Rick as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.  Nighty-Night!

It was a long week…

So what am I knitting on theses days?

I have started a couple of things. 

  • A Hemlock Blanket for my brother. 
  • And a Vine Flower dress for Tawna’s baby that should arrive in late June. 
  • Oh, and I have a Color Swap knitting project that I have started twice to make something.  I’m about to start the third try to make something wonderful for my swap partner.  I just wasn’t in love with the yarn and pattern together on the first two tries, so I’m really hoping that the third time will be a charm – it’s a Good Luck cowl!   

Our view is changing… we no longer have a beautiful lot across the lake from us… well it’s still pretty, it just has a weekender house being built on it.

A new weekender house being built directly across from us.

A new weekender house being built directly across from us.

I guess I will get used to it, I did the other one.

The lake still looks muddy and cold, even on a sunny day.

The lake still looks muddy and cold, even on a sunny day.

I was just thinking it is so beautiful out today what am I doing in the house?  So I think I’ll take the dogs for a walk.  Be back later.


A bad week, getting better.

Last week was not such a great week at work. 

Monday I hurried to get payroll out and do all the things I would normally do on Tuesday also. 

Tuesday I was in a meeting in Seattle (had to leave the house just before 6 am to get there, only to discover that I was an hour early, and I got the times mixed up!)  When the meeting was over I dropped into the LYS store over there to pick up a couple of things for Christmas presents, just because I was so close I thought I should pop in.  I thought if I was fast I could get back on the highway and head for home and be there before dark… HA HA HA – I didn’t get home until 8 PM!!! It was a long day. 

Then came Wednesday – the whole day was spent fixing a stupid mistake.

Now let’s talk about Poison Me Thursday… The building I work in leaks!  I’m on the first floor so I don’t notice it unless I go up to the 3rd floor where they have the pretty blue tarps hanging from the ceiling.  They have been working on the roof for almost 3 weeks and now that they can’t seem to fix the leak, they are going… it’s been raining here for a few days.  Well, while this little obnoxious project has been going on they had to turn off our air/venting system and tape up the outside air intake.  On this lovely day, they took down the plastic that covered our outside air intake and turn the system back on.  However, they had a truck running all day taking the equipment off the roof, parked 10 feet from the vent.  About 11 am I started getting a really bad headache and sick feeling.  For the rest of the afternoon people kept coming in saying that it smelled like a garage in our office and that it made them sick to come in there.  Hmm, I’m sitting in the back of our office right next to the air intake and ready to pass out, but does anyone notice?  Finally they realized what they had done and turned the air vent off.  I left work about 4, got home and layed down on the sofa and didn’t wake up again until 1 in the morning.  Still a little sick feeling.  My hubby couldn’t believe that I came home and didn’t eat or knit!

Friday was a much better day.  I had a mammogram appointment first thing in the morning, and a very nice sick lady walked around the office looking like death warmed over.  Why do sick people come to work when they work with the public?  Everything else went well and I was off to work to find NO TRUCKS!!!  I got a lot of knitting done at break and lunch time.  I even finished another Christmas present!!!

Well I’ve been knitting on Christmas presents and I have 2 done now.  I stepped away from the beautiful white little scarf I was working on last weekend to cast on the Birthday Cowl.  I love a quick knitting project that turns out.  This is the most wonderful yarn to knit with, I want more for a sweater, but that will have to wait.  In the mean time let me just say, if you need a quick present this is a great pattern.

All done and ready to wear.

All done and ready to wear.


this is the slouchier view.

this is the slouchier view.

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.

Pattern: Birthday Cowl (free download)  (the only change I made was to knit 3 rows of seed stitch instead of garter stitch.  I knit until it measured 10 inches and then knit another 3 rows of seed stitch.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Dolce  – colorway Doe #940 – 55% superfine alpaca 23% wool 22% silk – 109 yards per skein and I used about 1 and maybe a third of the second skein.
Needles: size 8 bamboo circ
I’m hoping that this color will go with most anything.  I know I don’t usually wear a long winter scarf, but I think I would like a couple of these to throw on for warmth and to keep the wind out.  I think it would look great with a jean jacket.  I pulled it up high so you could see the size, but it could be worn more slouchier.   


Next up… remember the pattern Fiddlehead Scarf that I started in the beautiful Red Clover Honey yarn… well, I changed my mind and I decided I wanted to do something else with that yarn, so I took in out and restarted the Fiddlehead scarf in a lovely color of Willow.  I just started it and wanted to get a few pattern repeats done.  It a good knit for quite time.  Not a good gabbing knit for me. 

3 repeats of Fiddlehead on a not so sunny Sunday morning.

3 repeats of Fiddlehead on a not so sunny Sunday morning.

It’s a little hard to tell the yarn color in the outdoor picture.  The yarn is Louet Gems in Super Fine/Fingering Weight – 185 yards per skein – colorway Willow 80-1552-20/7
I cant seem to capture the color correctly... Ill try again later.

I can't seem to capture the color correctly... I'll try again later.

 OK, this project needs to get back in the bag for after I finish my white little scarf. 

We are going camping this coming weekend… Yes, that’s right camping!  And you are all invited to join up with us if you want. (Oct 10th – 12th)  We’ll be staying at the Kalaoch Campground and there is a lodge nearby too.  Anyway, I’ll be needing an easy knitting project of course, so I started this one!

This is a pattern - Aibhlinn

This is a pattern - Aibhlinn

Another green colored project.  I love this color!  It’s Cascade 220 Heather #9322 – another great color for a sweater.  I’m not a huge bobble fan and when I saw this knit up on Ravelry I saw many people had changed the bobbles to picot cast on, or just left it plain.  It’s going to be a gift and I’m going to knit it totally according to the pattern.  Aibhlinn (pronounced “ave – leen”) is a very straight forward pattern that I think I can gab and chat all I want while knitting it!  Go check out how many have been made in Ravelry, and how cute they are.  I should maybe have made it out of something softer, but I’m hoping it will be OK.  Once again, the color of the yarn doesn’t show up correctly, but I’ll try to do better later when I have more to show of it.
I did pick up another skein of Cascade 220 Heathers in colorway #4006 – I’m going to use it in a Swell hat (another Christmas present) I hadn’t ever seen this color before and I love it.  It reminds me of blackberries.
Cascade 220 Heathers color # 4006

Cascade 220 Heathers color # 4006

I only bought one skein because I’m going to use it as the waves in the hat pattern, and when I’m ready for more I’ll see if my LYS can get this color.  Another use for this yarn I’m thinking will be to make the felted clogs for me, I’d like this to be the bottom color. – but that goes on the next year knitting list, after the Christmas knitting!  That list is really getting big!!!

Well I’m going to get back to knittng on my white little scarf, and maybe a quick trip to the beach to let the dogs run.

Have a safe week and keep knitting!

It’s Here!


OK, I know many of you on the Eastern side of the US have been enjoying summer for a long time now, but we have to see it on the calendar to really believe that it might happen!

Today, the calendar matches the weather we are having!  SUNNY with a few clouds and I think we are up into the low 70’s.  If you are laughing then I know you do not live the Pacific Northwest.

Another thing that is here…

The yarn for the BOYB is in at my LYS!  I picked Plum for the main color, and the stripes will be Lake and Cactus.  I love the seed stitch, but hate to knit it.  Ya know what I’m wondering…  why don’t I learn to knit “the other way”!  I know, I make it sound like I’m knitting the wrong way (giggle).  I’m a proud “thrower” what can I say.  I have tried a few times and then go back to what’s comfortable to me – throwing.  I just wonder… would seed stitch go quicker if I knit the other way?

bottom of boyb

Bottom of BOYB completed!


Other happenings in my knitting life…

I found these wonderful bags.  A little RED sock bag  and RED project tote at the Loopy Ewe.  I can’t resist bags, totes, etc and RED – no will power.  No I didn’t order them.  I have to save something for hubby to get for me.

I’m boxing up my 1st box (1 of 3) to send to my SP12.  Looking at it makes me think I need to buy all this for myself!  Will Power Girl!  I will be good.  I will be good.  I’ve ordered some cool yummies on-line and they should be coming in over the next week or two.  And I have some local stuff to put in too.  The fun part is putting it together in a way that makes it feel like it is the most wonderful gift in the world.  I love the wrapping part just as much as the shopping part.  I’ve finally written down what is to go in each box and what I still need so I don’t just keep buying and buying!  Hope she likes it all!

I’m going to try something new this weekend (and as I type these words I wonder if I can do it) I’m going to only work on one project all weekend long.  No switching back and forth and jumping around.  Am I the only one that does this.  I have NOT been true to my commitment to only CO for new projects when an old one is finished.  I bet I have… oh, don’t even go there… maybe 5 or 6 new projects… NO, I said don’t go there!  If you are reading this Sherri, pretend you didn’t!!! 🙂

Wonderful Brown and Pink Wallaby… mommy to be is having a boy not a girl!  Off to the “later” pile with it.

BOYB… I can’t stop knitting on it today!  (this may be my weekend project)

Tofutsie purple socks – need by 07/18 – still hanging out in my knitting bag. (I carry them around with me in case I get stuck somewhere and feel the need to knit on them.)

Last weekend was Knit in Public and I am still working on getting the rest of the pictures together to post.  I haven’t forgotten.

I started this post on the afternoon of June 20th, and I was all set to post it when I got home.  For some reason when I got home I had a bit of dinner and crashed on the sofa.  It was beautiful when I left work, and when I got home we had fog.  The joys of living at the beach.  Well it is now 4:30 in morning (Saturday)  I woke up at about 2 am because the dogs needed to go out.  Then I came in and I’m wide awake.  I know I will regret this later, but I’m not going back to bed because I’m afraid I will over sleep and I need to be ready to go at 7.  Today (Saturday) is the second sweater finishing class in Kent.  I’m very excited about going and learning more.  So when I leave the house I will be stopping at Mocha Madness to get a 24oz White Rabbit!  (white coffee w/ white chocolate – iced of course!  They say that the white coffee has much more caffeine, but not the coffee taste, more of a nutty taste.  I love the taste of coffee, but I NEED the caffeine.)

I see it is starting to get light outside so I’ll knit a bit and then get ready to go.  I’ll post more later this weekend.  Have a great Saturday!