5 years!

I’m posting this a day late.  Yesterday was 5 years…

5 years ago I met my LYS owner – now like a sister to me!  So I guess you could say it was our 5 year Friendship Anniversary! 

Sherri - 2007 Knit in Public Day

Looking back at the past 5 years so much has happened.  Sherri (LYS owner) has had 3 children get married and now has 2 grand babies!  We have attending many Knit in Public Days and Stitch and Pitch games, countless Knit Nights, and Mental Health Days (that’s the kind of day you take off of work and spend the day knitting in the shop).   So much changes and makes us stronger and brings us closer.  I love her dearly and can’t imagine my life without her in it now.  All because I wanted to learn to make a felted bag! LOL

Well also in that year – 5 years ago, I got married! 

Also on this day 5 years ago, I learned to knit… well, I had tried to learn when I was high school.  My boyfriend’s mom was trying to teach me to knit, but I just didn’t have the patience to stick with it.  I just wanted to make my boyfriend a fisherman’s sweater.  Oh how that makes me laugh to think about it now.  So silly was I!  Back to 5 years ago – I went online and watched several how-to-knit videos and the cast on part was easy for me to remember, and the knitting, well that took me some practice.  For my first project I purchased Navy and Red Cascade 220 wool to make the French Market bag.  I practiced for a week and then jumped in.  I am so lucky to get to work with people/friends that knit!  They helped me soooo much.  I would drop stitches and some how knit too many stitches.  My practice knitting piece had holes in it, and was bigger on one side than the other… but after a while my knitting stitches got to be the same size and I learned not to purl on my knit sides!  If you go on Ravelry you can see that fine work of art (the French Market bag) in my projects. 

So that was March 15th, 2006!

4 responses to “5 years!

  1. 5 years of blessing! It seems like I’ve known you forever and can’t imagine life without you in it! Thank you for this…I never realized when you walked in the door that day what was to come! It will be so nice to spend some time together sometime soon!

  2. I am more than a little jealous. I would love to knit with Sherri also. But since I am in Oklahoma that isn’t possible for the moment.
    I certainly enjoy your blog, keep up the good stuff.

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