RV Blanket Love!

The sun is shining now!  It figures, I just came in from the RV and it was windy and rainy. 

Cassie decided she wanted to feel the blanket love too!

Well funny thing, and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.  Today when I was out in the RV was the first time I’ve stretched the blanket out.  I mean it didn’t even occur to me to spread out the blanket and see how big it really is getting to be.  It is WAY wider than I thought it was going to be. 

This is in the RV, queen size bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love how big (wide) it is, it just surprised me.  I guess I’m going to be very glad later that I have a second Lucy Pack of yarn.  I just started the 21st wave in Shrimp.  So that’s 40 rows done!  Maybe a quarter of the way done? 

Look, I have flowers... and they are still alive after one week!

If I stayed out in the RV much longer I think Thor and Cassie would have gone nuts.  They just didn’t understand why we were not going somewhere.  I would have been happy to listen to my book and sit out there and work on my blanket!  Cassie found the bag of treats and was happy for about 2 minutes, until I found out what she was in to and took them away from her.

Many years ago my mom made the most incredible jean blanket for us.  She put our names on it and the year (2001).  We always keep it on the sofa so the dogs don’t make a mess of the light-colored fabric.  Funny thing, the year on the blanket is also the same year of our RV.  It has bandana fabric on the back, and is very heavy.  I had been giving her worn out jeans for years and now she has made us a second one, (much smaller) and we keep it on the foot of our bed in the RV. 

OK mom, let's go!

Now for a word about Daylight Saving Time…. I HATE IT!  Well, maybe not hate, but it’s just so difficult for me to get used to.  I know by next weekend I will be fine, and I do love the light (even if it is seems pretty dark with all the clouds and rain right now).  It seems like it came very early this year.  I guess it’s the first thing to me that starts to make me feel like spring is on the way!

Ready or not here comes Monday, hope you all had a great weekend.


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