May Day…

Where does the time go?  Can you believe it’s May 1st already?  It scares me to stop and think about how fast time seems to be rushing by me… maybe the fear comes from looking back at what I have done with my time, or NOT done with my time.  So with that in mind… I need to knit more!  LOL

About knitting…  I started another Whirligig for the shop (The Yarn Corner).  This time using Lime green Cotton-Ease yarn.  I made the smallest size, and used size 6 needles again.  At first I thought that the size was looking like the same size as the 6 month size I made out of the DK weight yarn, but that was just for the back, and then I could see it was most certainly going to be much smaller.  It is so darn cute now that it’s done.  I haven’t taken pictures yet, but I will do that tomorrow. 

Now for my two cents on this shrug… I think that the Cotton-Ease is a good choice for a larger shrug, and an older little girl, but for a tiny wee one… I think I would stick with the DK weight yarn.  This pattern for sure gets a big thumbs up in my book. 

When I post pictures tomorrow I’ll post about what I am going to start next!  I know you can hardly wait until tomorrow now right?  hee-hee… nighty night!

One response to “May Day…

  1. Love this project, where can I get the pattern and what yarn did you use? It looks amazing!

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