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Really RED!

Wow!  It’s October already.

A touch of RED!

And already for the new fall season I’ve had the flu!  Yes, that’s right… last week I was out from work for several days and now here it is the weekend and I’m just now starting to ease back into life.

Last night was the first time since Monday that I was able to knit.  I was just to sick to even be able to stay awake or to concentrate.  So now I’m knitting today!

So what am I knitting on?  Why a NEW KAL!!!!  Are you laughing?  I just can’t help myself.  So here is what I have so far…

Clue 1 completed

KAL: Knit Purl Hunter – Triplicity Shawlette
YARN: Simplicity by HiKoo – DK weight
55% Merino Superwash, 28% Acrylic, 17% Nylon – 107 meters
COLORWAY: 047 Really Red
NEEDLES: size 10 US – Addi Lace

Loving this fun KAL project!

So far this shawlette is screaming “feel me”!  It is soooo soft and the yarn is very nice.  At first I had a little problem with my stitch markers splitting the yarn, so off with the pretty stitch markers and on with the pieces of my bright orange drinking straw.  FYI:  If ever you are looking for a lot of quick stitch markers, cut up a drinking straw.  I asked for an extra one the other day at my latte stand and it works great!

In this Mystery KAL we will receive a clue every Thursday for 4 weeks.  Right now I thinking I want a BIG shawl… not a shawlette!!!  So I may have to pick up a few more skeins of yarn while it’s still there.

Also if you are looking for a great first time KAL, this is the one, so jump in now!  She has wonderful instructions and video clips on the techniques.

OK… guess I better get back to my OTHER KAL project… last Thursday the 4th clue came out for the Susanna IC Mystery KAL and I still had 4 rows to go on clue 3!

Have a wonderful week, and add a touch of RED!


Summer Mystery…

Nope, it’s not a mystery that summer is not here yet…

Just because I stumbled onto this site just in time… Well… I felt it was a sign that I should do this!  (are you laughing)  I have started 3 different KAL and finished ZERO!  Maybe this time will be different.  I am very excited to get started so that means I MUST finish my mom’s sweater very quickly.  The status of her sweater is that I just need to finish one sleeve, block and add buttons… Oh baby, I am sooo close now!

First challenge… picking the yarn to use for this wonderful little KAL.

This was my first choice...

I love this yarn and have had it in my stash for a few years now.  It’s Flying Sheep BFL (it says DK, but I thought it was lighter than that)  660 yards per skien and super beautiful. 

Nope, I guess this isn’t the right yarn.

 So back to the yarn closet and there I see the gorgeous Blue Moon Geisha yarn in Orange Red Clover Honey color.  This yarn is soooo soft and beautiful and has 995 yards!  It is fingering yarn, and even though I can’t seem to get the correct gauge, it’s pretty close and I think it’s a keeper.

just right

This yarn seems to have just a touch of a halo, but I think it will be OK.

If you are curious about this KAL and thinking you might want to join in you should go to Wendy Knits blog.  I’m going to copy from her blog the timeline of the clues.


The next piece of the pattern will be released on Tuesday (May 17) — There are a total of five parts of the pattern — here is the release schedule:

  • Preliminary Information — cast-on and set-up — today (May 15)
  • Part One — Chart A, 12 rows — Tuesday, May 17, around 4:30pm
  • Part Two — Chart B, 12 rows — Sunday, May 22, around 11:00am
  • Part Three — Chart C, 72 rows — Thursday. May 26, around 4:30pm
  • Part Four — Chart D, 20 rows, and finishing instructions — Thursday June 2, around 4:30pm

Note that Part Three is a big chunk — I wanted it to be released before Memorial Day weekend (here in the U.S.) so those of you who have extra knitting time can indulge. But remember, because you are knitting from the bottom up, the rows get shorter and shorter, so it is not as daunting as it sounds!

That’s the schedule. However, you are welcome to knit at your own speed. If you prefer, wait until the entire pattern is released and start then. No pressure here!

Ok, now you have some of the info, and there is a thread for this project on Ravelry if you go here.

Well the next time I post we will see if my mom’s sweater is done, and if I have changed my mind again on the yarn I will use, or if I am even still knitting on this new Mystery Shawlette! 

Have a good week!

It’s done!

At last it is done and I have pictures of my Duck Lake Shawl!


I had to alter how I wanted the shawl to end because I was running out of yarn… looks like about 10-12 inches left.

just enough yarn



hanging out on the new deck chair.

ready to wear!

Duck Lake Shawl/Scarf…

I really wanted to have this done and blocked or at least drying by today… but it was not to be.  It’s looking like I’m not going to have enough yarn to do the pattern that I wanted, but I’m feeling good about the look of the small shawl/scarf overall.  In fact, I’ve had to shorten the edging by 2 rows just to be safe.   As of lunchtime today I have 3 more rows and then the bind off… I am in the home stretch now!  Pictures will follow soon.

Now the fun part… what to knit next!  I have this very cute little boy sweater that I started early this year and I really should get back to it, but I also have all my new yarn calling to me, and more on order from The Yarn Corner.  Maybe socks… who knows.  I’ll just have to see how I feel.

Another new tote?  Yes, as a matter of fact.  I was on the list to get the olive colored tote from Ravelry that has been on back order forever.  Well I got it last Friday before leaving for the eye doctors!  It’s a good-sized project bag, with lots of room for additional stuff, or several small projects.  Pictures of it to follow too.

OK, my lunchtime is up and it’s back to work for me!

Not the Monday I wanted…

Today was to be a work day.  Notice I said “was to be”… woke up with a bit of a headache, so I popped a few Advil and jumped into the shower.  By the time I was ready to leave the house I could hardly keep my head upright.  And now we get sunshine!  Doesn’t it just figure that when you really don’t want sunshine, you get it!  But the show must go on, so off to work I drove (with sunglasses).  It started raining less than half way there and then more sunshine, beautiful glare on the road!  Now I’m squinting and shrugging down.  Only 25 more minutes until I get to work I tell myself.  Then it hits me… pull over quickly, and jump out to get rid of the latte/protein drink I had before I left the house.   This is not turning out to be a good Monday.  Quick call to cancel my day at work and back home with a quick stop at the store.  It is now almost 6:30pm… I slept 6 hours with only interruption (my husband called to tell me he was on the way home – e gad!)  Hubby is not sick and does not have a headache… they had a death of a tribal member where he works, so they sent everyone home.  Anyway, I’m up now, feeling drained and weak, but no headache!

So what else can I tell you besides what a rotten Monday this was?  Hey I know!  Let me share with you some yarn pictures… touching and looking at my yarn always makes me feel better.  This is what I bought when Julie and I went to Portland Yarn Crawl (I think of it as the day I cheated on my LYS)!

Malabrigo – Yummy Yummy Yummy Yarn!


This will someday be a Mr. Greenjeans sweater.


I love the color of this yarn

 OK, in case you can’t tell… I fell in love with this yarn.  While we were at Twisted in Portland, OR – I stopped around and looked and looked and touched all the yarn, and they have a lot of yarn.  I picked this yarn up twice and put it back twice… then just before we were to leave I ran back and grabbed it all!  Yes, that’s right I bought 10 skeins.  I’ve had to keep it out in my car so that I wouldn’t start winding it, to cast on for the Mr. Greenjeans sweater.  Yesterday I brought it in the house and put it away so that I could see it.  But when it’s quiet like right now, I can hear it calling to me. 

This is a hard one to photograph so you can see the beautiful color.

 This is such a pretty yarn – it’s Cascade Venezia – 70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk.  Our first stop on the yarn crawl was at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop – this is a fun place in a fun location.  When we walked out with big smiles on our faces (even if I didn’t get a bright orange tote – they didn’t have any – bummer) anyway, the smell in the air was FANTASTIC!  There is a pizzeria next door and we had to hurry on to the next stop, or we could have spent the day there.


Yarn for a baby sweater

You can never have enough sock yarn on hand!

I found this yarn at the Yarn Garden at the end of our day.  All the Koigu was on sale and I had been looking for this yarn to make a baby sweater.  So I couldn’t walk out empty-handed.
Hey, I took a couple more pictures of my Duck Lake Shawl… I love it, I just need to make myself stick to it so I can get onto my next project… maybe a Mr. Greenjeans sweater.  Or maybe the Wicked Vest pattern with the beautiful deep eggplant purple yarn I bought.

Ripples up close

Color #3 and #4 - it the home stretch now

Well I better wrap up now so I can knit a little before bed.  Hope you guys have a great week, and I’m hoping that tomorrow goes better than today… I don’t have any more sick time on the books!

No planting & a little knitting…

Well nothing got planted yesterday.  I’m not sure what happened, but we did not get the beautiful sunny day they said we would get.  In fact it was cloudy, windy and cold.  The rain started about 3, so I did the next best thing… I knitted!  And watched movies with my husband. 

Today is actually looking pretty good for the most part.  On and off sunshine, so I ran out and took a couple more pictures of my Duck Lake Shawl.  I’m really getting excited about how this is coming along.  I just finished color #2 and I’m using just color #3 for about another 8 rows then I get to start adding the final color, #4! 
The colors of the shawl match so closely to the colors on the lake when the sky is blue.

I’ll have to figure out a way to show this better in the next pictures.  It’s just too big to stretch out on the needles.  Maybe I’ll try blocking half of it out so you can see how pretty is it. 

Up close - outside!

Time to get ready for another fun week at work.  We have company coming on Friday.  5 Adults and 2 kids!  My husbands sister’s kids and their kids.  Never a dull moment… OK that’s not right either.  We have had lots of dulls moments around here, and I LIKE THEM!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!