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More Mystery…

I have to say this first… I, like millions of other people, I can’t believe that 10 years has gone by since the terrorist attacks.

Yes, I do remember where I was, and more than that I remember thinking “I need to call my dad.”  I always called my dad when things got scary.  I was thinking when is this going to stop and are they going to come here.  Silly as is sounds, I was driving to work and couldn’t get there fast enough.  I needed to be around other people to feel safe.

OK, I’m going to move on with what’s on the needles!

Mystery Shawl - Susanna IC

Yes, yes I did join another Mystery Shawl KAL!!!  I loved the last one so much I couldn’t wait to do another one.  This one is being done because Susanna IC on Ravelry has 1000 members (a lot more now).  We received our first clue Saturday and we will receive 4 more clues, 1 every 10 days.  This is a crescent-shaped shawl (my favorite shape) and I am getting to use the beads I bought for a KAL a few years ago.  The yarn is called Moo & Ewe by Miss Babs – the colorway is Blue Leg Mushroom.  We cast on 361 sts on size 10 needles, and then the shawl is knit on size 7’s.    The color of the yarn is difficult to describe, it has a bit on khaki in it and maybe a touch of brown-gray.

yarn for my newest mystery shawl

The Westknits Mystery Shawl was the very first time that I finished on time and was able to post pictures for the random drawings.  I may not have won, but I do have a wonderful shawl!

iphone picture of me at work

In order to eligible to win prizes you had to post a picture of your finished shawl on Thursday the 1st of September.  I only had my iphone that I could use to download pictures from… so the next two pictures were also taken with my phone.

Hanging from my cabinets in my office space.

I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it.

And let me not forget that my Mystery Shawl with Wendy is all done and blocked too!  I didn’t stay true to the pattern because I wanted to try to make it be a crescent shape.  Not the greatest shape, but I still love it and I will wear it.

Not the greatest picture, the color is so much more beautiful.

Yarn: Pagewood Farm Yukon (sock yarn)
Colorway: Seabreeze

up close edge

I have a couple other projects on my needles right now, and I haven’t given up on my RV blanket in the happy Lucy colors.  I even started the pillow to go with the blanket, but I do not have pictures yet.  That will have to wait until another day.
Other things that have gone on this month are…
The Sock Blanket reveal!  On September 1, we had a knit night like no other.  The sock blanket we have all been working on was completed and pictures taken.  The big secret… well, the blanket was not really for Friendship house, but for our much-loved friend (and LYS owner) Sherri Hughes.  She had no idea that all along this was being made for her.
Friendship Blanket – Knit Night @ Tully’s – 09/01/2011

She worked on weaving in the ends, and commented to Linda that she wished she could buy the blanket because she loved it so much.  I wish you could have seen the look on her face when we folded up the blanket and handed it to her with a card.  I think we all had tears in our eyes.  Sherri has come through so much with over a full year of breast cancer treatments.  She is one of the strongest people I know.  I am so glad that she loves it as much as we loved knitted it for her.  So much love and fun went into this blanket.

Sherri opening her card.

 In the picture of the blanket in the chair you can see the I-Cord edging, it’s a perfect finish to this blanket.

Don't you just want to wrap up in this blanket!

OK, I leave you now with a picture of my baby girl Cassie.

She loves to lay in the sunshine and look out the window.


Summer Mystery…

Nope, it’s not a mystery that summer is not here yet…

Just because I stumbled onto this site just in time… Well… I felt it was a sign that I should do this!  (are you laughing)  I have started 3 different KAL and finished ZERO!  Maybe this time will be different.  I am very excited to get started so that means I MUST finish my mom’s sweater very quickly.  The status of her sweater is that I just need to finish one sleeve, block and add buttons… Oh baby, I am sooo close now!

First challenge… picking the yarn to use for this wonderful little KAL.

This was my first choice...

I love this yarn and have had it in my stash for a few years now.  It’s Flying Sheep BFL (it says DK, but I thought it was lighter than that)  660 yards per skien and super beautiful. 

Nope, I guess this isn’t the right yarn.

 So back to the yarn closet and there I see the gorgeous Blue Moon Geisha yarn in Orange Red Clover Honey color.  This yarn is soooo soft and beautiful and has 995 yards!  It is fingering yarn, and even though I can’t seem to get the correct gauge, it’s pretty close and I think it’s a keeper.

just right

This yarn seems to have just a touch of a halo, but I think it will be OK.

If you are curious about this KAL and thinking you might want to join in you should go to Wendy Knits blog.  I’m going to copy from her blog the timeline of the clues.


The next piece of the pattern will be released on Tuesday (May 17) — There are a total of five parts of the pattern — here is the release schedule:

  • Preliminary Information — cast-on and set-up — today (May 15)
  • Part One — Chart A, 12 rows — Tuesday, May 17, around 4:30pm
  • Part Two — Chart B, 12 rows — Sunday, May 22, around 11:00am
  • Part Three — Chart C, 72 rows — Thursday. May 26, around 4:30pm
  • Part Four — Chart D, 20 rows, and finishing instructions — Thursday June 2, around 4:30pm

Note that Part Three is a big chunk — I wanted it to be released before Memorial Day weekend (here in the U.S.) so those of you who have extra knitting time can indulge. But remember, because you are knitting from the bottom up, the rows get shorter and shorter, so it is not as daunting as it sounds!

That’s the schedule. However, you are welcome to knit at your own speed. If you prefer, wait until the entire pattern is released and start then. No pressure here!

Ok, now you have some of the info, and there is a thread for this project on Ravelry if you go here.

Well the next time I post we will see if my mom’s sweater is done, and if I have changed my mind again on the yarn I will use, or if I am even still knitting on this new Mystery Shawlette! 

Have a good week!

A New Name…

Today I have changed the name of my blog. 

Why you ask?  Well, two reasons I guess.

ONE:  I no longer make dip mixes to sale.

TWO:  I needed a kick in the pants to get me back to blogging.

At first I thought I would start a brand new blog and then I remembered how much work it was to get everything set up… so I just changed the name and the background theme.  So now I am Another Lakeside Knitter.  “Another” because I have seen two other Lakeside Knitter’s out there and thought I would just be Another!  You can never have too many knitter’s lakeside… right?!

CURRENTLY KNITTING… a lace triangle using my recipe from the book Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn A. Clark.  

The Yarn:    I am using is Sushi Sock yarn Colorway: Wild Parrott – 60-30-10 Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon… it’s from The Unique Sheep and I got it at my LYS The Yarn Corner in Aberdeen!   This is part of the wonderful Gradience collection.  The Gradience yarns are 4 different yarn colorways that coordinate together.  I have 97 yards of 4 beautiful green and blues.   If you have not yet been out to see the yarns available from The Unique Sheep you really should take some time and go browse… you will fall in love with all the amazing colors.  I believe all the colors are available in most all of the yarns.  Not just sock yarn. 

The Pattern:   I got the Knitting Lace Triangles booklet over a year ago on a trip to McMinnville, Oregon.  I love the pick and choose method of creating your own masterpiece!  She has really done a wonderful job on this project booklet.  I started with a Garter Tab and then did Stockinette Stitch until I had 103 sts.  Right now I am on the second repeat of the Ripple pattern, then I’ll do a 20 row repeat of the Medallion, then edging pattern and bind off and block and wear!  While I am knitting this little shawl I am also changing colors with the 4 skeins, so that I am starting out with mostly green and changing to green and blues and will end up with just blues.  I can’t wait to get this done! 

The Picture: 

Duck Lake Shawl