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Today is the first day of Spring!

I have a quick project to share with you.  I adore quick projects for instant gratification in between big projects.  And this is it…


I found this pattern (free pattern) while browsing on Ravelry Saturday morning.  It’s called Sunflower Dish or Wash cloth on Ravelry.  It’s super fast and fun to make because it’s so easy.  I made mine for in the RV, I’ll use it to sit hot things on, or maybe my ice-water pitcher, to keep it front dripping on the table.  I made the first one using a “J” hook.  I think the pattern called for an “I” hook – but I don’t think I have one.  So then about an hour later I decided to make it again with the “G” hook!  And then there was no stopping me… they are so addictive because they are so quick.  Great for while watching a boring movie with your husband! 

Flowers on a cloudy day.

The next thing I knew I was jumping off the deep end and using other colors.  I know this isn’t the end of them… I’m sure I’ll be making more.  I just can’t help myself. LOL

A flower pile up

I wasn’t super thrilled with the orange centered one, but I will keep playing with the colors of Sugar n Cream yarn that I can find.  I didn’t have any green so I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. 

Flowers on my cluttered table.

I’m still working on my RV Ripple blanket too…

On the counter at work!

I think I have added two more color changes since the picture above was taken.  My goal is to have this blanket done by 4th of July.  I’m doing pretty good so far and I’m sure not loosing interest in working on yet either! 

I have a banana cake cooling and it smells soooooooo good in here.  I love cozy Sundays.  Time for another movie with hubby and then a short walk with the dogs.  I hope you all had a great weekend and that a great week is in store for us all.  I have Knit Night at Tully’s Coffee House in Hoquiam on Tuesday night.  I can’t wait.  This will be the first time we have ever met there.  It’s newly opened and they are only open until 7:00 pm so it will be an early evening. 


RV Blanket Love!

The sun is shining now!  It figures, I just came in from the RV and it was windy and rainy. 

Cassie decided she wanted to feel the blanket love too!

Well funny thing, and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.  Today when I was out in the RV was the first time I’ve stretched the blanket out.  I mean it didn’t even occur to me to spread out the blanket and see how big it really is getting to be.  It is WAY wider than I thought it was going to be. 

This is in the RV, queen size bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love how big (wide) it is, it just surprised me.  I guess I’m going to be very glad later that I have a second Lucy Pack of yarn.  I just started the 21st wave in Shrimp.  So that’s 40 rows done!  Maybe a quarter of the way done? 

Look, I have flowers... and they are still alive after one week!

If I stayed out in the RV much longer I think Thor and Cassie would have gone nuts.  They just didn’t understand why we were not going somewhere.  I would have been happy to listen to my book and sit out there and work on my blanket!  Cassie found the bag of treats and was happy for about 2 minutes, until I found out what she was in to and took them away from her.

Many years ago my mom made the most incredible jean blanket for us.  She put our names on it and the year (2001).  We always keep it on the sofa so the dogs don’t make a mess of the light-colored fabric.  Funny thing, the year on the blanket is also the same year of our RV.  It has bandana fabric on the back, and is very heavy.  I had been giving her worn out jeans for years and now she has made us a second one, (much smaller) and we keep it on the foot of our bed in the RV. 

OK mom, let's go!

Now for a word about Daylight Saving Time…. I HATE IT!  Well, maybe not hate, but it’s just so difficult for me to get used to.  I know by next weekend I will be fine, and I do love the light (even if it is seems pretty dark with all the clouds and rain right now).  It seems like it came very early this year.  I guess it’s the first thing to me that starts to make me feel like spring is on the way!

Ready or not here comes Monday, hope you all had a great weekend.

It’s Here… It’s Here…

Yes, that’s right. My Stylecraft Special DK Lucy Pack yarn is here! It sounds like something that should come with a Special Secret Decoder Ring too doesn’t it? (OK, now that’s showing my age.)

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

I said “It’s Here” twice, because I received it twice!  Here’s the story…  On January 10th I ordered my yarn from Mason’s and on Feb 10th I emailed to let them know that my co-worker received her yarn and she ordered it 9 days AFTER me.  So Simon (@Mason’s) sent me another package on Friday the 11th of February.  He said that he had received a package back in the mail because it did not have enough postage on it and maybe that is what happened to my package.  So on that Friday I thought I would be receiving a package in a couple of weeks.  And poof! on Monday the 14th my 1st package arrived.  I was thrilled, what a wonderful Valentine’s gift for me!

Then… yesterday, Friday the 18th I received the second package!  WOW, is that some kind of speed record?  He shipped it last Friday and I received it the very next Friday!  Now, to decide what to do.  I sent another email to Simon to let him know that I have them both now.  It really isn’t in my budget for more yarn right now, but I really hate to send it back.  I’ll wait to hear from Simon to know what to do.  In the meantime, here is my happy yarn…

Happy Yarn


yarn in my UNLINED Lucy Bag


I know I said I would finish my cute little brown vest, but it’s so hard to look at my happy yarn and not work on my blanket.  So I started hooking away…

just started color 4


Thursday at work…

Lunch time hooking, color 5 waiting!

I made a list of the order that I will put the colors and I am really enjoying the flow of the pattern and how soft the yarn is to work with. 

This is a 3 day weekend for us and I want to finish the brown vest, and work on my blanket.  Rick and I are going to town today to get my oil changed and his tires rotated, so during the waiting time I hope to get a little knitting or hooking done!

It’s a beautiful sunny, frosty cold morning here – Happy Saturday.

A week in February…

A full week with lots going on at work and home.


Playing with different kinds of blocks


A trip to SeaTac for a meeting to discuss our new TPA for our benefit coverages… and then after we stopped at a GREAT yarn store in Federal Way.  Unraveled Yarns (and gifts) I think her name was Mary, and she was so nice.  I felt like I could just stay, sit and knit (or crochet).  I told her that I was waiting for my yarn to make my first Lucy Stripe Blanket, and she rushed me to the back to show me hers!  She is making a baby blanket and one for queen bed top (I think).  The big blanket is going to be so yummy, beautiful colors and she is using Berroco Comfort yarn.


On the way home from work.

The road to home!


Finding the right order for my pillow top (at The Popcorn Factory)

I thought we were meeting at The Popcorn Factory to Knit/Crochet, but it ended up being just Laurie and I so she helped me to arrange the order of my latest project… A pillow topper.  I love these colors, and yes, this is more of the left over yarn from my Lucy Bag!  Thank you for being there Laurie and thanks to Celia for making me a great (very hot) chai latte!


you just never know when you find a garage sale goodie

A garage sale on the way home from work?  You never know what you will find.

This will NOT be a button dish, but don't they look lovely.

Looking for the proper buttons for my next project!


Pillow Topper with little hearts!a few minutes with no rain


A Chocolate Plain Vest


I saw this vest on a couple of blogs and fell in love with how simple it looked.  I couldn’t wait to get started.  So this afternoon I went to my yarn closet and found this wonderful yarn that I had forgotten about.  I participated in the Color Swap a couple of years ago and the color I picked was CHOCOLATE!  My swap partner was wonderful and sent the most lovely yarns and chocolates.  So now I ‘m hoping that I have enough yarn to complete this cute pattern.  I hope to have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll post more pictures then.

Sad News/Happy News….  my Lucy Yarn Pack won’t be arriving.  But the happy news is that they are going to be re-sending it.  Mason’s is wonderful.  I emailed them on Thursday to tell them that I had not yet received my yarn and my co-worker that ordered her yarn 9 days AFTER me had just received hers.  It was all I could do to not take it away from her!  Anyway, a very nice Simon emailed me back right away to say that a package had been returned to them with not enough postage.  I don’t know if it was my package or someone elses (because my friend Sherri ordered her pack on the same day as me, and she too had not received her yarn yet).  Anyway, they are re-sending us both yarn and we should have it in about 3 weeks! 

OK, Thor is begging to go outside… again!  And then I want to bake some cookies for Rick as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.  Nighty-Night!


Lucy bag… done! 

playing with the camera… kinda warm and fuzzy!

So I’m feeling pretty happy with my bag. 

Lucy Bag ... Pre-Lining

 I’m ready to start using it… so where is my yarn?  I try not to get my hopes up each day, hoping this will be the day the postman brings my yarn.  It’s been 3 weeks now, I’ve heard some people say it took a month… OH NO, can I wait that long?  Just kidding, as if I have nothing else to knit or crochet. 

I’m on a crocheted heart kick now.  I’m trying all different patterns to find the one I am in love with, and that works up pretty quick and easy.  Here are my latest two entries… love them very much, just not super quick.

Lovely hearts

I have a thought of making little knitted beach houses too… and a spring wreath (yes, the one from Lucy, Attic 24) to add around a blah clock I have in my dining room. 

Oh, and I found this incredible scarf pattern that I might have to add to my ever-growing list of things to make. 

Soft Granny Scarf

I’ve decided that 2011 is going to be the year of making home things mostly.  And that includes the RV too.  I can’t believe how hard I’ve been bit by the “crochet-bug”.  I thought of myself as a bit of a knitting-snob, and look at me hooking now! 

Blue Birdie is almost done now, he needs legs and to be assembled and then I’ll hang him up in his new home!

So why am I posting in the middle of the afternoon?  Yes, I’m home with a dangerous head pain, and body aches.  So I came home and took a nap and now a little blog reading and posting and then back to bed for another short nap before hubby gets home.  I’m hoping that lots of rest and over the counter drugs will have me “right as rain” in no time… well, at least feeling better by morning, so I can go back to work.  Maybe my yarn will come tomorrow!

Hope you have had a great week!  Good-night!

Where’s the bag?

Here it is Sunday and I was going to post pictures of my Lucy Bag all done.  Guess what?  It’s not done.  So no “Ta-Dah” moment for me and the bag.  Well let me just say this… the bag, flowers, leaves, and handles are all done.  It’s the lining that isn’t even cut out yet. 

Finding the right place for the straps

I need to sew the handles on my bag and the flowers and leaves to the handles. 

Flowers are done... and my first heart too!

It is a wonderful bag!  Big, and colorful.  Did I already tell you that I started making this bag so that I would have something to carry the yarn in for my next project “The Granny Stripe” blanket.  I ordered the yarn from Masons, on the 10th of January and I was hoping to have it arrive by the end of the month… that’s tomorrow!  My fingers are crossed.  If I don’t receive it tomorrow it will not be the end of the world for me, because after all, I haven’t even finished the bag!

Other things that took up time in my life this weekend…

H E A R T S!!!! 

WOW these colors look bad in this picture, but you get the idea.

I’m obsessing over all the cute and wonderous hearts on Ravelry.  So I made 5 up from 3 different patterns.  I wanted to try them out to see how big they would turn out using the leftover yarn from my bag.  They are adorable!  I want to make a heart bunting for here at the house and one for work.  And now I want to have lots of hearts to give away to friends on Valentine’s Day.  I saw on Ravelry there was a lady (Hookchick) that made 100 hearts last year, and went around town placing them in random places.  I would love to do this at work.  It’s a nice thought, but I know it isn’t going to happen, but I will keep making hearts!

A Blue Birdie in the beginning

Yes, a Birdie… a Blue Birdie!  I also started another Birdie using the leftover yarn from the bag.  Sure it’s smaller, but it is turning out pretty nice so far. This one should be done this week.  So I’ll try to get better pictures.  All of the photos in this post were taken at night, and the colors look so OFF.  I will try to take better pictures tomorrow during the daylight hours.

Other fun things I did this weekend… I gave Thor a haircut yesterday and today!  It took two sessions to get him done.  He is not the easiest dog in the world to clip.  But he is oh so soft now, and he knows how cute he is too!  I would show you a picture but he has gone to bed now.

OK, Think I’ll work on a couple more hearts before I call it a night .  Monday is just a few hours away now… and it’s payday… and maybe my yarn will arrive!!!  Praying for a good Monday. 

a bag, fishes, bird & frogs

Here is my beautiful strap for my Lucy Bag – I’ve decided to add a sc row to the other side of my chain row… to add some stiffness and even it out… and it’s taking F O R E V E R, very slow going to crochet in the back of the chain. 

First strap in progress

I finished both straps and I’m pretty happy, not super duper thrilled, but pretty happy, and loving the colors.  I’ll take more pictures later.

Saturday I went to the local fabric store and got the fabric for the inside of my bag… are you ready for this?

i LOVE these fish!

Yes, they are fish… aren’t they wonderful?!  I know you can’t see how beautifully bright and alive this fabric looks, and it feels really nice too.  I had no idea how much to get so I asked the lady there and she said a half yard should be enough… so I bought a full yard!  I’m thinking pockets inside would be nice and then I’m sure my mom can use the leftovers for something.  Oh and I bought some more buttons too.

I love buttons, and how cute are theses!

Not sure if these buttons will be used on my bag or not, but I just had to have them.

Lucy Bag in the making!

Something else to share with you today. 

big bird in a tree

Tonight just before it was getting dark I took the dogs out in the backyard and saw this big crane-like bird in a tree across the lake and had to get a couple of pictures of him.

he looks weird in this picture, but he was so so so still.

And lastly here are my totally awesome new frog slippers. 


 The dogs thought they were toys for each of them at first, I set them straight immediately.

OK, I’m off to continue working on my bag.  I need to finish it this week, just in case my yarn comes in for my blanket!  (That’s called positive thinking!)

Nothing but color…

WOW!  That’s what I was thinking on my way home tonight from work.  Leaving Montesano and heading for Aberdeen with one of the most incredible sunsets ahead of me.  As soon as I got in to Aberdeen I quickly turned to the left and found myself at the Log Pavillion park next to the river.  This is a little bit of what I was seeing.

Aberdeen bridge in the distance.

the longer I watched (and colder I got) the more red appeared…

Unreal evening

and it just kept getting better…

I love the playground here!

Pretty awesome drive home huh?  As soon as I got into Ocean Shores and turned toward the bay (near the airport) I could see the HUGE moon reflecting on the bay!  Too bad I couldn’t stop to take more pictures it was very pretty too (But nature was calling me…. LOUDLY!)

OK, enough about my trip home.  Now bring on the colors of my Lucy Bag…

I love every color in the bag sooooo much!

More pictures, I took these pictures at lunch time today…

Do you see Birdie hanging in the background?

The colors show up great sometimes, and then sometimes not so much.

I still have lots of rows to go...

OK, just a couple more pictures!

All folded up, and ready to go home.

maybe just one more…

Waves of color!

Done enjoying all the color?   Thought so!  Right now I’m working on the handles for the bag and then I will go back and finish up the bag.  I just wanted to make sure I had enough yarn to make the handles, and that way I can make my bag as big as I want, or until I run out of yarn!

On with the show, I’m back to working on the handles!


Try, try again…

Well, I did it… I ordered the yarn for the crochet striped blanket like Lucy from Attic 24 made.  I’m not sure how long it will take to get here from across the pond, but I did get a confirmation email that it shipped on Tuesday.  So, in the mean time I’ve started something new…

hmmmm, not sure about the color placement and the hook size

First try…  above is what my bag started out to look like.  I loved the first 6 colors together, but from then on out I wasn’t as in love with the color combo.  AND, I’m really wanting it to be a tighter stitch too.  So, I took this to work and ripped it all back out.  Is is called frogging when you tear out your crocheting?  In knitting I say frogged, or tinked, but I don’t know the proper crochet terms for doing such things.  I’ll have to get back to that.

So anyway, after a good ripping – and doesn’t it always feel fun to unravel, and just pull and pull that yarn until it’s everywhere, like a big colorful yarn squall!  Attempt two is coming up in the next photos.

a new beginning

 I still LOVE the colors of the beginning rounds, much like the sunshine don’t you think?  And because we have been seeing very little sunshine, it makes me smile and happy to see these colors together.  Now I’m thinking… this is the BOTTOM of the bag, so maybe I should be doing darker colors on the bottom, or maybe it doesn’t matter at all because it is the BOTTOM of the bag!

loving this color combo & the smaller hook size too

A few more details about this bag:
HOOK:  When I first started out I was using a size E hook, now I have changed to a D hook.
YARN: Elann Sonata – 100% mercerized cotton – 50g ball is 106m (115 yards) and yes, it’s washable!  DK weight (I think)
COST:  $1.98/ball x 13 colors = $25.74, plus shipping $6.00 = Total cost of this bag of yarn $31.74!!!
Well, I’ve added 5 more rounds since this picture last night and I’ll keep measuring to make sure I get the right size on the bottom.  Because the original pattern uses a different weight of yarn and hook.  I think I’ll go check out fabric at The Cranberry Cove in Ocean Shores on Monday and see if I can’t find the proper fabric to line my bag.  I HATE sewing, well maybe I don’t really hate it, I just don’t know how to sew very well.  I’m not sure I can even thread my machine.  I’ll have to call my mom and get a little help maybe.  Everyone says it is very easy to line a bag, so I’ll give it a go.  I’ve been looking on Ravelry at some of the other bags and one had lots of wonderful pockets in it!  That’s what I want too!
OK, one last shot from last night and I’m off to do fun things in the RV!

The colors make me smile!

Blue Hooking…

I did it!  I added the blue around all of my little squares… I used Lucy’s Joining Squares as you go and trust me, this is very simple to do and fun too!

Up close with my squares!

I can’t believe what a difference the blue has made.  When I first started this little project I was “In Love” with the colors, I mean don’t get me wrong I love each of these colors, it just wasn’t what I had my heart set on.  I wanted all the bright happy colors that Lucy used in her Summer Garden squares.  But now that I’m working this and it’s such a good project for me to get comfortable with crocheting again, I’m liking it a lot!

Testing it out on the sofa...

Right now I already dreaming ahead to the rows that I will put around the whole thing when I get done with my squares.

When I put this on the table, Rick thought it was a place mat!

OK, just like with knitting, I am already thinking ahead of two other projects I want to crochet!  One is the Granny Stripe blanket using the yarn Stylecraft Special DK in all the beautiful colors from the Lucy blanket.  And the other project is the ripple using the beachy aquas/blues/greens and a touch of orange and red.

Back to the blocks now.  Hope you all had a great weekend. Rumor has it a bit of snow might be in our future… I would love to get snowed in with my yarn!!!