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Another Mystery…

Well looky here… it’s JULY!

So much and so little has happened since I last posted.  Let me think a moment…

  • I finished my mom’s sweater, the beautiful February Lady sweater (she is coming to visit this weekend so I will get a picture of her wearing it.)
  • I actually got half way done with the Mystery Shawlette KAL – and I’m evening thinking about fixing my little mistake, and finishing it.
  • I started a crescent-shaped shawl (Mezquita Shawl by Roxanne Yeun) and I’m so close to finishing it… I started the bind-off only to remember that I didn’t want to just bind-off, I wanted to add a couple of rows of seed stitch so it wouldn’t roll.  So now I have to UN-Bind-off and knit those couple of rows.

    shawl in progress

  • I knit all the pieces of the cuties monster ever.  Her name is Penelope.  The pattern is wonderful and all I need to do now is stuff her and put the face on.  Hoping that I can get her completed this weekend.  She will be wonderful in pictures I’m sure!
  • I completed a very cute crocheted hat… yes, a baby hat.
  • Oh and we took the RV out to Ike Kinswa State Park – this was a great weekend, but no knitting got done.

the best smore EVER!

a perfect morning

the lake at our campsite... so still in the morning

a perfect evening looking the other direction on the lake




the park was full, but it was cozy for us (site #18)


the view from my chair


Now about this new mystery.

A Mystery Animal KAL… yes, today begins another mystery knit a long!  Well OK, yes I am going to join in on this one too!  Big surprise.  There are 4 clues, each delivered on a Friday.  This first clue says BODY and has 49 rounds.  I will be starting very soon tonight.

The CLUE at the bottom of the page says “This mammal has more than 250 species in his family.  He’s not the most diverse creature in the world, but he has it all over the aardvark (total aardvark species = 1).  But really, how many types of aardvarks does one planet need?”

So I went out and searched and found this… Carnivores are a group of mammals that consists of about 250 species. Carnivores include dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bears, raccoons, mustelids, sea lions, fur seals, hyenas, aardwolves, wolverines and cats.

I’m hoping that this mystery animal is a dog or wolf, bear or maybe even a sea-lion or a seal.  I’m sure I will love whatever it is!  If you want to join this KAL you can find the details here.  Go ahead, go look you know you want to make an animal.  And I love Emily Ivey – Oh, I didn’t tell you that Emily is the designer!  I love her website too.

OK, I need to get busy and do some house fluffing before mom gets here and then I want to start my mystery animal!  I’ll take lots of pictures this weekend and update this post properly with pictures!


A Cape Disappointment Weekend…

On Friday I was so ready to get on the road and just before we left… we had a visitor on our dock.  I love it when these guys stop by, aren’t they pretty.

So we didn’t get on the road as soon as I had thought we would and we stopped at Bennett’s for lunch in Grayland.  It was kind of a rainy day and I didn’t mind because I knew we would soon be at Cape Disappointment State Park.  What a great place to camp.  If you are thinking about going here try to reserve a place in the first loop – sites #11 – #20.  They have the best access to the beach and have power, water and sewer hook ups.

We stayed in site #33 – we had our own little private trail to the bathrooms, showers and a trail to the beach!  Our site also had all the hook ups and was pretty private for the most part.  The dogs give it a paws up rating too.

 Saturday (a mostly sunny day) we took the trail to the beach and when we got there I was very surprised, the tide was all the way in and the waves were huge!  And there was a ton of drift logs everywhere.  If you look to the north the view you have is of the North Head Lighthouse.  (Rick loves lighthouses)  There is a road on the way to the campground you can take to get you pretty close to the lighthouse, but no RV’s are allowed down this road.  After about 3:00pm the clouds all left and it was beautiful.

On Sunday morning when we got up to no wind, and beautiful blue skies!  We were able to sit outside that morning and have our coffee and enjoy the warm sun.  Before we could get packed up and on the road a few clouds came in and drifted by, ever now and then the sky would just dump rain in the distance, but we seemed to stay out of it every time, and then we would see more sunshine.

Our babies waiting to get on the road to go home.

When we were leaving we decided to go down the North Jetty road, and the view to the south is of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse!  You can also see the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center on the cliff too.  Once again the road that takes you up there is not accessible to RV’s.  The beach below the cliffs is called Waikiki Beach! 

Thor loves to ride like this, with his head resting on his daddy’s chair back.

We stopped at Chen’s in South Bend (we stopped here on the way home last time too).  About 2 minutes after they brought us our food the power went out!  What timing.  The booth we were sitting in has a nice view of the bay and lots of light so we just enjoyed our lunch.  

The entire way home I was snapping pictures of everything, Rick thought I was nuts but I wanted to remember how beautiful the day was, and just how pretty the  area is around us.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

Our last stop after lunch was at the Shoalwater Bay Casino gas station – Rick works for the tribe in the offices next to the casino and the price of gas here is much cheaper than any other place on the harbor.  I’m a little worried about the price of gas getting so high and wondering how often we will be able to go out this year.  I think Rick is wondering the same thing about taking his boat out this year!

A few more pictures from the road as we made our way for home.

All in all it was a very good weekend.  Not a lot of knitting got done, and NO crocheting on my blanket, but I brought it all with me! 

I’ll update my blog this weekend with the status of my current projects.  Have a great week (or what’s left of it) and pray for sunshine!

Dosewallips & Knitting…


Entrance to park - love the fall leaves everywhere!

 Last weekend we took a little trip to Dosewallips State Park.  (stayed in space #26) What a great park at this time of year.  Very few people, tons of fall leaves and we got lucky and had very little rain! 

The park is located about 40 minutes out of Shelton, up Hwy 101.  The park is so close to the Hwy that yes, you can hear the traffic.  Lucky for us the spot we were in, you really couldn’t hear anything very often, and only when we were outside. Good thing we had all the hook ups, because I have to tell you… it is getting cold out there, and it was nice to have the heater and not have to use the generator. 

Dosewallips State Park - check-in

This was our longest trip to date, we left Thursday morning and came home on Sunday.  And I took very few pictures on this trip. The dogs loved this park because there was so much good stuff to sniff (elk poop too!).

I did get some knitting done, I started the Clara dress for my friend Marcee.  As of early this morning she is the Grandma of little Lola.  I’m very excited for her and want this dress to be perfect.  The color of the dress reminds me of one of the colors in her wedding, oh so many, many years ago. 

I love this yarn, it is soooo soft!

The pattern is very easy to follow so far, and I’m loving it and the yarn. 

just peachy!

I’m knitting the smaller of the two sizes, and you CO 220!!!  You start off knitting 11 rows of seed stitch.  I love seed stitch, but it takes me so long.  Since this trip I have completed the lace bottom part and now I’m on to the quicker part of the 9 inches of mostly st st knitting.

Update on my first sno-buddie…

Sno Buddie!

I haven’t got the face on him yet, or nose and buttons, and I’ve re-tied the scarf in a much more pleasing way, but you get the idea.  Can’t wait to make more.  He has white beans in the bottom to make him stand up nicely.

I’m off to make a cookie dough cheesecake for my sweetie.

a little knitting & a little camping…

Last weekend we went to Cape Disappointment.  We stopped at the Thai Cafe in Long Beach before going to our camp site, it was great.  They had a small notebook for a menu.  If you are ever in Long Beach WA and looking for something yummy you should try the Thai place, it’s on the left before you get to the Sand Castle RV park.  That’s the first campground we stayed at when we first got the pop-up. 

Anyway, this was another great state campground, and we will for sure be coming back.  You can book online 6 months out, and that’s about how far out things are already booked.  This might be a fun spot to come back to in October or November.  It’s a very popular campground and we’ll try hard to get a spot at the other end closer to the beach next time.  Saturday we had beautiful weather and no wind.  I even got to ride my bicycle! 

About 1 pm we had to pull the table closer to the RV and we sat outside enjoying the warm weather.  It’s so relaxing to hear the sound of the ocean and rain sometimes. 


  OK, now let me tell you about the funny purchase I made before we took this little trip.  I bought 2 disposable grills.  You get what you pay for… and what did I think I would get for $4.98?  But hey they work! 

Waiting for the flames to die down so we can cook on this bad boy!

It still makes me laugh to see this funny little grill.  It’s stayed hot for over an hour.  Great for toasting garlic bread! 

Here's the beef!

I did get to knit on my mom’s February Lady sweater.  When I ran out of yarn working on the body of the sweater I decided to switch to the sleeves.  I’m currently working on the right sleeve, and it’s going much quicker.  Mom is coming to visit on October 1st so I better start knitting a bit faster. 

FLS beginning the first sleeve.

I love the way this sweater is turning out, it’s soft and feels so nice.  I tried it on the other day and it made me start knitting faster – well maybe it did. 

Another quick knitting project I managed to finish is the ever so cute Tri-Peak hat and socks for my friend Maria.  I think her little Gavin will look so cute in these.

Socks That Rock - Bella Coola - LOVE this yarn!

Well in a nutshell that’s my weekend and knitting to date.  Gotta run more knitting to do.

2 of my favorite things…

Knitting and Camping!!!  Yes, we have two reservations for camping so far! 

Cape Disappointment the weekend of April 9th

Manchester State Park the weekend of May 14th

As for knitting… well more about that in my next post!

Beautiful October…

*** This posting is a week behind.  I had a delay getting my pictures to download from a dead camera***

We are just back from an awesome weekend at Kalaloch Campground. 

The weather was perfect.  A little cold at night maybe, but beautiful.  Just as nice as summer on the Washington coast.  Who knew October could be so beautiful on the coast.  The drive here was pretty, and the trees are showing signs of fall.  We had very little wind if any and got a pretty nice camp spot too.  I wanted to leave first thing Friday morning, but well… it was 10:40 before we got on the road.  No pressure… it’s only about an hour and 45 minutes from our house to the campground.  I really wanted to get a spot on the beach side, but not this trip.  I didn’t realize all the spots (OK most all the spots) are very small here.  We don’t need a huge spot but we do need more than a car spot.  After driving through every loop (that was open) twice, we found our home for the weekend.  And hey, it was close to the bathrooms! 🙂 

Friday afternoon after getting settled in we headed for Forks to get gas and let us not forget ice and milk.  Gas was $3.31!!!  That’s the lowest I’ve seen it for a long time.  On the way there we stopped at Ruby Beach. 

This is one of my favorite places to go.  It is so beautiful and if you haven’t been here it’s a wonderful place to add to your list of things to see on the Washington coast.  The dogs loved it… but then they love every beach with lot of stuff to pee on.  🙂  This is not a sandy beach, but a flat rocks beach. 

A little boy we encountered along the way was stacking rocks everywhere.  I just saw all the rock stacks at first and thought they looked cool and then discovered this very little boy having a great time stacking them.  It a great place for pictures and we helped another couple take pictures of them in front of the huge rocks.

Friday night was cool… no, it was COLD!  As soon as we got snuggled down in bed and each of us had our bed warmer (dog) it warmed up quickly and just my face stayed cold.  The ocean was so loud, I listened to my ipod but kept taking it off to hear the ocean, it’s very relaxing after awhile. 

First thing Saturday morning the dogs were up and wanted to go outside… no way did I want to get out of my warm bed… but eventually the urge to go got to me, and we all took a walk to the bathrooms!  This was a slow start morning and after breakfast and cleaning up it was almost 11:00 !!!  We hit the road to do a little geocaching and to visit South Beach campground – closed for the winter. 

You can park at the entrance and walk in to the campground and down on the beach.  Another great beach.  There was no one but us there! 

Oh, and about 100 geese!  Cassie loved it, it was like being at home and she loves to chase them.  Thor could care less and wanted to get to the big logs!  This is another beach with lots of those wonderful flat rocks and some sand too. 

 A great beach to walk.  And don’t you feel the love with me and my pups!

After the great walk we took a drive up, up, up on the fire access road to a beautiful view back down on the ocean, and a great geocache find too!

On Friday we saw a sign that said something about a Big Tree.  It was on our list of geocaches to find and off we went to find this HUGE tree.

It’s really hard to tell in the pictures just how big this tree is.  Yes, it is still living too. 

This boardwalk goes all the way around the tree.

This great day ended with a yummy dinner and movie on my laptop back at the pop-up! 

Knitting?  Well it was too cold to knit in the evenings, so I did get to knit a few rows on my Christmas present cowl, while driving home.

I’ll post more about my knitting later.