A Cape Disappointment Weekend…

On Friday I was so ready to get on the road and just before we left… we had a visitor on our dock.  I love it when these guys stop by, aren’t they pretty.

So we didn’t get on the road as soon as I had thought we would and we stopped at Bennett’s for lunch in Grayland.  It was kind of a rainy day and I didn’t mind because I knew we would soon be at Cape Disappointment State Park.  What a great place to camp.  If you are thinking about going here try to reserve a place in the first loop – sites #11 – #20.  They have the best access to the beach and have power, water and sewer hook ups.

We stayed in site #33 – we had our own little private trail to the bathrooms, showers and a trail to the beach!  Our site also had all the hook ups and was pretty private for the most part.  The dogs give it a paws up rating too.

 Saturday (a mostly sunny day) we took the trail to the beach and when we got there I was very surprised, the tide was all the way in and the waves were huge!  And there was a ton of drift logs everywhere.  If you look to the north the view you have is of the North Head Lighthouse.  (Rick loves lighthouses)  There is a road on the way to the campground you can take to get you pretty close to the lighthouse, but no RV’s are allowed down this road.  After about 3:00pm the clouds all left and it was beautiful.

On Sunday morning when we got up to no wind, and beautiful blue skies!  We were able to sit outside that morning and have our coffee and enjoy the warm sun.  Before we could get packed up and on the road a few clouds came in and drifted by, ever now and then the sky would just dump rain in the distance, but we seemed to stay out of it every time, and then we would see more sunshine.

Our babies waiting to get on the road to go home.

When we were leaving we decided to go down the North Jetty road, and the view to the south is of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse!  You can also see the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center on the cliff too.  Once again the road that takes you up there is not accessible to RV’s.  The beach below the cliffs is called Waikiki Beach! 

Thor loves to ride like this, with his head resting on his daddy’s chair back.

We stopped at Chen’s in South Bend (we stopped here on the way home last time too).  About 2 minutes after they brought us our food the power went out!  What timing.  The booth we were sitting in has a nice view of the bay and lots of light so we just enjoyed our lunch.  

The entire way home I was snapping pictures of everything, Rick thought I was nuts but I wanted to remember how beautiful the day was, and just how pretty the  area is around us.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

Our last stop after lunch was at the Shoalwater Bay Casino gas station – Rick works for the tribe in the offices next to the casino and the price of gas here is much cheaper than any other place on the harbor.  I’m a little worried about the price of gas getting so high and wondering how often we will be able to go out this year.  I think Rick is wondering the same thing about taking his boat out this year!

A few more pictures from the road as we made our way for home.

All in all it was a very good weekend.  Not a lot of knitting got done, and NO crocheting on my blanket, but I brought it all with me! 

I’ll update my blog this weekend with the status of my current projects.  Have a great week (or what’s left of it) and pray for sunshine!


One response to “A Cape Disappointment Weekend…

  1. what a lovely weekend and what beautiful scenery!
    thanks for sharing x

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