Snow mix?

Hello… today is April 6th – we are NOT to have snow coming down on me while driving to work today!

OK, they did say we could possibly have a very cold winter, and yet it didn’t really seem like to me.  I mean we had snow a couple of times, but it didn’t seem like we had the really bad winter they were forecasting.  So now maybe we are just going to have a cold spring?  Whatever the case may be, I’m still going to get flowers at the end of the month!  I love walking around the Cedar Falls Nursery… can’t wait!

I stole this picture!

OK, getting on with my day now.  The sun keeps peeking out from the clouds just long enough to let me see what I am craving!  And then it rains again!!  LOL

Last night 6 of us got together at Tully’s Coffee House in Hoquiam to knit!  It’s always fun to sit for a couple of hours and knit and laugh and do a little show and tell of the projects we are working on, and the ones we just finished.  It’s also inspiring too.  Now I have another project I want to make.  Please God give me the will power to not cast on for this new project when the yarn arrives next week.  YES – I did order the yarn for another project… someone has to keep this economy going!  More to tell about the new mystery project later.  It’s going to be a gift for a very very special friend.

OK, back to work now!


2 responses to “Snow mix?

  1. Just found your blog. Is your house called Wildwood? We live next door to my inlaws and there house is called Wildwood!
    Best wishes

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