Friendship Blanket III

Look who has come back to visit me!  It’s the Friendship III blanket.

We started this blanket last year.  I was the first one to knit on it and I’d have to say that I would love to start my own.  It’s from the pattern Ten Stitch Blanket and we are doing it with 25 stitches wide. 

Knitting outside in the sunshine in March!

This blanket has been to Arizona and California and I’m not sure how many places in between, but it is well-traveled.

OK, knitting outside didn’t last long.  The wind is just too much for me today… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

the wind wants the blanket to fly

I’m glad I came in when I did, because those sneaky clouds that were just drifting around sent a few little tiny sprinkles of water down on me. 

Time to get knitting!

2 responses to “Friendship Blanket III

  1. I should have asked when we were at Tulley’s, is the blanket just a garter stitch? I have lots of leftover sock yarn. Thinking I might want to be next.

  2. Pam, yes it is all garter stitch… you slip the first stitch on one side and grab the inside stitch on the other side and the rest is all knit! It’s kind of addictive.

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