no tsunami here

Color spot on my RV ripple blanket

Thank you God.  Yesterday we woke up to a tsunami advisory.  It was hard to watch what was happening in Japan.  I can’t imagine what an earthquake like that would feel like, and I don’t ever really want to experience it.  They keep telling us that the “big one” is coming to our area.  I remember the earthquake from 2001 and that was big enough for me.   They closed all the beaches here and even a couple of the schools.  You would not believe how many cRaZy people headed first thing to the beach – because after all, they told us all to stay away!  I’ll be spending the weekend at home, a little work on my blanket and reading the blogs I love!

Tomorrow I need to get some pictures of my progress on my blanket and I’ll post more after I do. 

A basket of color!

Enjoy your weekend, hug the ones you love and be thankful and safe.


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