Chocolate on the beach…

Today I visited the Chocolate on the Beach Festival at Pacific Beach.   I have been each year, and this is the 4th year.   This year they held it in two locations, the elementary gym and the Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center.  Lots of samples & good stuff.   I heard there were about 50 vendors this year.  I got yummy stuff for my hubby and knitting buddy at work.  And for me…

Baskets for ME!!!

Baskets!  Yes, I was so happy to see the gentleman making these basket there.  He is soooo talented.  I heard him saying to someone else that he teaches too.  He was working on a large round basket and it was amazing to watch him. 

See the gold bars in the picture?  Those are Brevin’s Solid Gold Fudge from Astoria, OR!  Rick was very happy to receive these.  The almonds are from Almond Sensations from Wenatchee, WA – they have come all 4 years, and every year I buy some.  I think this little gift pack will be nice for my friend’s birthday.  I should have gotten some for me too! 

2 Big bars to share with friends at work on Monday!

I did pick up some incredible dark chocolate handmade english toffee from PJ’s Sweet Factory, DuPont, WA – this stuff is to die for!

I think I rushed through a bit because it was pretty full and I don’t like crowds so I might have to go back tomorrow again!  This morning they had a Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast.  Then this afternoon was the Seabrook Family Savenger Hunt at the Seabrook Rental Cottage. And for this evening… Smore’s Fun on the Beach at the Hi-Tide Resort in Moclips – all the fixin’s and hot chocolate for FREE!  And free movies – “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and “Chocolat” – what else!  Tomorrow they will have a Chocolate Eating Contest and the Chocolate Recipe Contest awards will be annouced.  I entered both of the drawing… one for a quilt, a year of chocolate.  Cross your fingers for me.

Another thing to enjoy at Pacific Beach besides the chocolate… Snow!  Yes, it snowed the whole time I was there!  If you have never been to this little town on the coast, it is very pretty in the snow.  Up at the Naval Resort & Conference Center it was really snowing on the bluff.  So the whole way home I took pictures.

This is the view at the RV park looking back down the beach

Picnic & Playground at the Resort & Conference Center

Pacific Beach State Park

the beach at Pacific Beach State Park

Construction area at Seabrook - looking down to the beach

Stairs to the beach

Seabrook, WA (a vacation rental community)

Pretty vacation rentals on the hill at Seabrook

Pretty view from the road

Roosevelt Beach - YES, this is the very beach Rick and I were married on!

Roosevelt Beach - still snowing!

Yurt on the hillside at Roosevelt Beach

between Copalis Rocks and Roosevelt Beach

OK, so can you tell I like the snow?  It’s just so pretty to see snow on the beach, and I know that by tomorrow almost all of it will be gone. 

Well Rick is on duty tonight (brrrrrr) keeping our town safe.  So I’m going to do our taxes and a little knitting and maybe some work on my blanket too!

Stay warm and safe out there!


3 responses to “Chocolate on the beach…

  1. I loved your post and wow, a chocolate festival at the beach? Sign me up! 🙂 I love those baskets but thought they were all imported from Africa – that is so cool that you bought yours from someone who actually makes them! I have several. You’re so lucky to live at the beach!

    Hugs, Teresa

  2. you just keep it up:) I luv your pics from home (my other home). I will be there for 3 weeks next month(march)….you got my heart all excited! Love those baskets!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my visit here today. You know, I have never seen snow on the beach that I can remember. Thanks for sharing, I could feel the salt breeze and taste the chocolate!

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