it’s our turn…

I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to be our turn to get snow!  Wednesday we got on and off snow and sunshine.  And then… Thursday we got the snow!  Well actually it was Wednesday night.  At the beach it is a real treat to get snow and my trip to work was a long one. 

almost daylight, and snow is just starting


they love the snow too!


here comes the snow


brrrr... our front porch has seen warmer days


Rick's car in a blanket of snow, and the RV waiting for spring


the road to the beach


leaving Ocean Shores and heading to work


a shot out the window... only 20 miles to Aberdeen!


looking back toward the bay


road closed for a bit

what to do when waiting!



I stayed home from work today,  I wasn’t sure what the weather would bring and I really didn’t want to drive in on the ice.  I guess I could have gone in for the afternoon, but I hate to drive that far for just a few hours.  AND… I really wanted to stay home today.  Thor and Cassie are happy to have mommy home today.  We still have snow, and it is very cold.  The snow is only melting slowly in the parts of the yard that get direct sun.

clouds coming in over our roof top… praying for more snow!


2 responses to “it’s our turn…

  1. Great pics . . . love it when it snows here (Ocean Shores). It was beautiful, glad it was short lived though.


  2. Love, love ,love these snow pics! Thanks you for showing me what beauty I am missing:) See you soon!!!

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