It’s Here… It’s Here…

Yes, that’s right. My Stylecraft Special DK Lucy Pack yarn is here! It sounds like something that should come with a Special Secret Decoder Ring too doesn’t it? (OK, now that’s showing my age.)

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

I said “It’s Here” twice, because I received it twice!  Here’s the story…  On January 10th I ordered my yarn from Mason’s and on Feb 10th I emailed to let them know that my co-worker received her yarn and she ordered it 9 days AFTER me.  So Simon (@Mason’s) sent me another package on Friday the 11th of February.  He said that he had received a package back in the mail because it did not have enough postage on it and maybe that is what happened to my package.  So on that Friday I thought I would be receiving a package in a couple of weeks.  And poof! on Monday the 14th my 1st package arrived.  I was thrilled, what a wonderful Valentine’s gift for me!

Then… yesterday, Friday the 18th I received the second package!  WOW, is that some kind of speed record?  He shipped it last Friday and I received it the very next Friday!  Now, to decide what to do.  I sent another email to Simon to let him know that I have them both now.  It really isn’t in my budget for more yarn right now, but I really hate to send it back.  I’ll wait to hear from Simon to know what to do.  In the meantime, here is my happy yarn…

Happy Yarn


yarn in my UNLINED Lucy Bag


I know I said I would finish my cute little brown vest, but it’s so hard to look at my happy yarn and not work on my blanket.  So I started hooking away…

just started color 4


Thursday at work…

Lunch time hooking, color 5 waiting!

I made a list of the order that I will put the colors and I am really enjoying the flow of the pattern and how soft the yarn is to work with. 

This is a 3 day weekend for us and I want to finish the brown vest, and work on my blanket.  Rick and I are going to town today to get my oil changed and his tires rotated, so during the waiting time I hope to get a little knitting or hooking done!

It’s a beautiful sunny, frosty cold morning here – Happy Saturday.

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