A week in February…

A full week with lots going on at work and home.


Playing with different kinds of blocks


A trip to SeaTac for a meeting to discuss our new TPA for our benefit coverages… and then after we stopped at a GREAT yarn store in Federal Way.  Unraveled Yarns (and gifts) I think her name was Mary, and she was so nice.  I felt like I could just stay, sit and knit (or crochet).  I told her that I was waiting for my yarn to make my first Lucy Stripe Blanket, and she rushed me to the back to show me hers!  She is making a baby blanket and one for queen bed top (I think).  The big blanket is going to be so yummy, beautiful colors and she is using Berroco Comfort yarn.


On the way home from work.

The road to home!


Finding the right order for my pillow top (at The Popcorn Factory)

I thought we were meeting at The Popcorn Factory to Knit/Crochet, but it ended up being just Laurie and I so she helped me to arrange the order of my latest project… A pillow topper.  I love these colors, and yes, this is more of the left over yarn from my Lucy Bag!  Thank you for being there Laurie and thanks to Celia for making me a great (very hot) chai latte!


you just never know when you find a garage sale goodie

A garage sale on the way home from work?  You never know what you will find.

This will NOT be a button dish, but don't they look lovely.

Looking for the proper buttons for my next project!


Pillow Topper with little hearts!a few minutes with no rain


A Chocolate Plain Vest


I saw this vest on a couple of blogs and fell in love with how simple it looked.  I couldn’t wait to get started.  So this afternoon I went to my yarn closet and found this wonderful yarn that I had forgotten about.  I participated in the Color Swap a couple of years ago and the color I picked was CHOCOLATE!  My swap partner was wonderful and sent the most lovely yarns and chocolates.  So now I ‘m hoping that I have enough yarn to complete this cute pattern.  I hope to have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll post more pictures then.

Sad News/Happy News….  my Lucy Yarn Pack won’t be arriving.  But the happy news is that they are going to be re-sending it.  Mason’s is wonderful.  I emailed them on Thursday to tell them that I had not yet received my yarn and my co-worker that ordered her yarn 9 days AFTER me had just received hers.  It was all I could do to not take it away from her!  Anyway, a very nice Simon emailed me back right away to say that a package had been returned to them with not enough postage.  I don’t know if it was my package or someone elses (because my friend Sherri ordered her pack on the same day as me, and she too had not received her yarn yet).  Anyway, they are re-sending us both yarn and we should have it in about 3 weeks! 

OK, Thor is begging to go outside… again!  And then I want to bake some cookies for Rick as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.  Nighty-Night!


One response to “A week in February…

  1. I didn’t even recognize this place! Love your re-decorating! 🙂 You are going to have to cart all your projects in for me to see! You are really going for it! You’re starting look like someone we both love to admire.

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