Oh what a Monday.  I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for several days and the weekend is all a blur… sleeping, napping, dozing, tv, crocheting, napping, reading, well you get the idea.  So today it was good to make myself get back to work, even if it was just for a partial day. 

Thor and Cassie

Thor had an appointment at noon today.  His annual exam, and his ears have been yucky and I just haven’t been able to get them clean.  He has allergies and I give him Benadryl when he wheezes and to calm him down for trips.  So he was pretty mellow the whole trip to work.  It’s funny how sweet he is when his little sister Cassie isn’t with us in the car.  (She was NOT happy that we left her at home alone.) 

Anyway, this was the longest visit at the vet ever… poor Thor, he just does not like to go there.  And they are always so nice to him.  So what happened?  Well I left there a little scared and $260.00 lighter.  Thor is going to be taking lots of meds for the next 3 weeks and then will go back to see if his ears are better.  They are very, very bad.  He compared it to Cauliflower ear.  So the doc said if his ears don’t get better they will remove his ears!  I’m not joking… I thought I heard him wrong.  But yes, they would call in a specialist and remove his ears.  He would still have the floppy ears, but underneath would be nothing.  I can’t image Thor not having ears and not being able to hear.  I think it would make him crazy.  My poor baby.  So now I am praying my little big guy gets well soon. 

I’ve started a small project, a pillow top out of the left over yarn from my bag.  I’ll post pictures later.  Tomorrow I have to go to Seattle for a meeting and I think we are going to stop at a yarn store in Federal Way.  Even if I spent all my yarn money today, I want to check it out! 

Hope you all have a great week and please pray for my little Thor boy.


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