Where’s the bag?

Here it is Sunday and I was going to post pictures of my Lucy Bag all done.  Guess what?  It’s not done.  So no “Ta-Dah” moment for me and the bag.  Well let me just say this… the bag, flowers, leaves, and handles are all done.  It’s the lining that isn’t even cut out yet. 

Finding the right place for the straps

I need to sew the handles on my bag and the flowers and leaves to the handles. 

Flowers are done... and my first heart too!

It is a wonderful bag!  Big, and colorful.  Did I already tell you that I started making this bag so that I would have something to carry the yarn in for my next project “The Granny Stripe” blanket.  I ordered the yarn from Masons, on the 10th of January and I was hoping to have it arrive by the end of the month… that’s tomorrow!  My fingers are crossed.  If I don’t receive it tomorrow it will not be the end of the world for me, because after all, I haven’t even finished the bag!

Other things that took up time in my life this weekend…

H E A R T S!!!! 

WOW these colors look bad in this picture, but you get the idea.

I’m obsessing over all the cute and wonderous hearts on Ravelry.  So I made 5 up from 3 different patterns.  I wanted to try them out to see how big they would turn out using the leftover yarn from my bag.  They are adorable!  I want to make a heart bunting for here at the house and one for work.  And now I want to have lots of hearts to give away to friends on Valentine’s Day.  I saw on Ravelry there was a lady (Hookchick) that made 100 hearts last year, and went around town placing them in random places.  I would love to do this at work.  It’s a nice thought, but I know it isn’t going to happen, but I will keep making hearts!

A Blue Birdie in the beginning

Yes, a Birdie… a Blue Birdie!  I also started another Birdie using the leftover yarn from the bag.  Sure it’s smaller, but it is turning out pretty nice so far. This one should be done this week.  So I’ll try to get better pictures.  All of the photos in this post were taken at night, and the colors look so OFF.  I will try to take better pictures tomorrow during the daylight hours.

Other fun things I did this weekend… I gave Thor a haircut yesterday and today!  It took two sessions to get him done.  He is not the easiest dog in the world to clip.  But he is oh so soft now, and he knows how cute he is too!  I would show you a picture but he has gone to bed now.

OK, Think I’ll work on a couple more hearts before I call it a night .  Monday is just a few hours away now… and it’s payday… and maybe my yarn will arrive!!!  Praying for a good Monday. 


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