another day at the office…

Monday, it just rolls around so quickly.  I really would have loved it if I could have stayed home today and just worked on my bag… but oh no, someone has to make the money to buy the yarn!  So off to work I go!  But my bag goes with me…

hooking at my desk during lunch!

 Funny how my knitting and now crocheting seem to creep into my work life too…

My "IN" basket greeter/guard

Have you seen the Knitting Lady Calendars?

This was a gift from my Office Space Mate - a fellow knitter!

And on my Office Space Mate’s side of the office…

Don't you love her Knitting Fairy! It was a gift from her daughter.

So that was a brief glance at my day at work… without the emails, phone calls, and problems!  Back to the bag… I must get crocheting.  Giving thanks for a Monday almost all done.  Bring on Tuesday!!!

4 responses to “another day at the office…

  1. gorgeous crochet and absolutely charming froggie, whom i am so glad to meet :o)
    i love your blog here, will catch the link and visit again.

    wishing you a wonderful tuesday xxx


  2. My daughter bought me the same knitting fairy from Powell’s in Portland. I love it. It brings a smile to my face everytime I see it. Love your blog.

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