a bag, fishes, bird & frogs

Here is my beautiful strap for my Lucy Bag – I’ve decided to add a sc row to the other side of my chain row… to add some stiffness and even it out… and it’s taking F O R E V E R, very slow going to crochet in the back of the chain. 

First strap in progress

I finished both straps and I’m pretty happy, not super duper thrilled, but pretty happy, and loving the colors.  I’ll take more pictures later.

Saturday I went to the local fabric store and got the fabric for the inside of my bag… are you ready for this?

i LOVE these fish!

Yes, they are fish… aren’t they wonderful?!  I know you can’t see how beautifully bright and alive this fabric looks, and it feels really nice too.  I had no idea how much to get so I asked the lady there and she said a half yard should be enough… so I bought a full yard!  I’m thinking pockets inside would be nice and then I’m sure my mom can use the leftovers for something.  Oh and I bought some more buttons too.

I love buttons, and how cute are theses!

Not sure if these buttons will be used on my bag or not, but I just had to have them.

Lucy Bag in the making!

Something else to share with you today. 

big bird in a tree

Tonight just before it was getting dark I took the dogs out in the backyard and saw this big crane-like bird in a tree across the lake and had to get a couple of pictures of him.

he looks weird in this picture, but he was so so so still.

And lastly here are my totally awesome new frog slippers. 


 The dogs thought they were toys for each of them at first, I set them straight immediately.

OK, I’m off to continue working on my bag.  I need to finish it this week, just in case my yarn comes in for my blanket!  (That’s called positive thinking!)


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