Nothing but color…

WOW!  That’s what I was thinking on my way home tonight from work.  Leaving Montesano and heading for Aberdeen with one of the most incredible sunsets ahead of me.  As soon as I got in to Aberdeen I quickly turned to the left and found myself at the Log Pavillion park next to the river.  This is a little bit of what I was seeing.

Aberdeen bridge in the distance.

the longer I watched (and colder I got) the more red appeared…

Unreal evening

and it just kept getting better…

I love the playground here!

Pretty awesome drive home huh?  As soon as I got into Ocean Shores and turned toward the bay (near the airport) I could see the HUGE moon reflecting on the bay!  Too bad I couldn’t stop to take more pictures it was very pretty too (But nature was calling me…. LOUDLY!)

OK, enough about my trip home.  Now bring on the colors of my Lucy Bag…

I love every color in the bag sooooo much!

More pictures, I took these pictures at lunch time today…

Do you see Birdie hanging in the background?

The colors show up great sometimes, and then sometimes not so much.

I still have lots of rows to go...

OK, just a couple more pictures!

All folded up, and ready to go home.

maybe just one more…

Waves of color!

Done enjoying all the color?   Thought so!  Right now I’m working on the handles for the bag and then I will go back and finish up the bag.  I just wanted to make sure I had enough yarn to make the handles, and that way I can make my bag as big as I want, or until I run out of yarn!

On with the show, I’m back to working on the handles!


2 responses to “Nothing but color…

  1. OMG….these are beautiful pics…you make me miss OS soooo bad….thanks for sharing these…just stunning:)

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