Try, try again…

Well, I did it… I ordered the yarn for the crochet striped blanket like Lucy from Attic 24 made.  I’m not sure how long it will take to get here from across the pond, but I did get a confirmation email that it shipped on Tuesday.  So, in the mean time I’ve started something new…

hmmmm, not sure about the color placement and the hook size

First try…  above is what my bag started out to look like.  I loved the first 6 colors together, but from then on out I wasn’t as in love with the color combo.  AND, I’m really wanting it to be a tighter stitch too.  So, I took this to work and ripped it all back out.  Is is called frogging when you tear out your crocheting?  In knitting I say frogged, or tinked, but I don’t know the proper crochet terms for doing such things.  I’ll have to get back to that.

So anyway, after a good ripping – and doesn’t it always feel fun to unravel, and just pull and pull that yarn until it’s everywhere, like a big colorful yarn squall!  Attempt two is coming up in the next photos.

a new beginning

 I still LOVE the colors of the beginning rounds, much like the sunshine don’t you think?  And because we have been seeing very little sunshine, it makes me smile and happy to see these colors together.  Now I’m thinking… this is the BOTTOM of the bag, so maybe I should be doing darker colors on the bottom, or maybe it doesn’t matter at all because it is the BOTTOM of the bag!

loving this color combo & the smaller hook size too

A few more details about this bag:
HOOK:  When I first started out I was using a size E hook, now I have changed to a D hook.
YARN: Elann Sonata – 100% mercerized cotton – 50g ball is 106m (115 yards) and yes, it’s washable!  DK weight (I think)
COST:  $1.98/ball x 13 colors = $25.74, plus shipping $6.00 = Total cost of this bag of yarn $31.74!!!
Well, I’ve added 5 more rounds since this picture last night and I’ll keep measuring to make sure I get the right size on the bottom.  Because the original pattern uses a different weight of yarn and hook.  I think I’ll go check out fabric at The Cranberry Cove in Ocean Shores on Monday and see if I can’t find the proper fabric to line my bag.  I HATE sewing, well maybe I don’t really hate it, I just don’t know how to sew very well.  I’m not sure I can even thread my machine.  I’ll have to call my mom and get a little help maybe.  Everyone says it is very easy to line a bag, so I’ll give it a go.  I’ve been looking on Ravelry at some of the other bags and one had lots of wonderful pockets in it!  That’s what I want too!
OK, one last shot from last night and I’m off to do fun things in the RV!

The colors make me smile!

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