Blue Hooking…

I did it!  I added the blue around all of my little squares… I used Lucy’s Joining Squares as you go and trust me, this is very simple to do and fun too!

Up close with my squares!

I can’t believe what a difference the blue has made.  When I first started this little project I was “In Love” with the colors, I mean don’t get me wrong I love each of these colors, it just wasn’t what I had my heart set on.  I wanted all the bright happy colors that Lucy used in her Summer Garden squares.  But now that I’m working this and it’s such a good project for me to get comfortable with crocheting again, I’m liking it a lot!

Testing it out on the sofa...

Right now I already dreaming ahead to the rows that I will put around the whole thing when I get done with my squares.

When I put this on the table, Rick thought it was a place mat!

OK, just like with knitting, I am already thinking ahead of two other projects I want to crochet!  One is the Granny Stripe blanket using the yarn Stylecraft Special DK in all the beautiful colors from the Lucy blanket.  And the other project is the ripple using the beachy aquas/blues/greens and a touch of orange and red.

Back to the blocks now.  Hope you all had a great weekend. Rumor has it a bit of snow might be in our future… I would love to get snowed in with my yarn!!!


One response to “Blue Hooking…

  1. I love it, I love it, I love it!

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