Looky here… it’s a new year!

On Friday, Dec 31 we had the day off of work so I spent a few hours knitting with two wonderful women.  What a great way to finish the year up, knitting with good friends. 

Anyway, while chatting I shared my big secret… I had been looking at “Crocheting” blogs.  Yes, the C-word.  I guess I have become a bit of a Knitting-Snob and all it took was for me to find Attic 24.  Lucy’s blog will inspire you, and amaze you.  Her wonderful crocheted items are in such cheery colors and her photos make you feel like you are right there (well I sure wish I was, I would love to travel to this part of the world… someday).  Anyway, I have spent many hours reading and looking at her blog, and many of the blogs she is following.  I know that I am not the only one that has spent many hours reading her blog too!  LOL

OK, I’m hooked (get it, hooked) I stopped my knitting (only for a bit – don’t freak out) and I have found a couple of crochet hooks and dug in my yarn pile and started in.  First a test of the Granny Stripe…

Dark blue and Orange! This is just a test!

I have been looking for a yarn that will be like the yarn that Lucy used to make her Granny Stripe (she used Stylecraft’s Special DK – NOT available her in the US).  I think I am now almost ready to just order it from Mason’s – they have a special deal where you get the 17 skeins that Lucy put together for her blanket.  The cost for this great deal is about $68 US.  The shipping is almost as much as the yarn!  But, from all the comments that I have read, everyone raves about the yarn and the yardage (295 meters – that’s a lot of yarn!) 

I have lots of Cascade 220, and have decided that for now I’m going to use it to make a pillow cover.  I have several very large floor pillows and I think one would look great   with a new cover.  And it’s not to large of a project, and I get to practice my crocheting skills.  It’s just like riding a bike – it is all coming back to me very quickly and I think I have found my rhythm pretty quickly because it has all been very simple so far.

first eleven little squares on the top of my laptop.

It’s hard to see the true colors, but you get the idea.  All of the colors I am using are heathers. 

A little darker picture just before bed the other night.

a good start

This morning I decided I needed to make something that i could finish… BIRDIE!

Can't wait to take this little birdie to work and hang it up!

I used scraps of this and that… Blue Skys Alpaca Cotton (the colors are much better in real life) some Cascade 220 and just a touch of some Frog Tree yarn that was left over from a project long, long ago.

Up close with Birdie!

So now I’m going to get back to my squares.  After the next one (#12) I’m going to start the crocheting together with dark blue.  I’ll post more later.  Please, please rush over to Lucy’s blog and become hooked too!  


One response to “Inspired!

  1. I confess I am one who got super-hooked on Lucy’s blog!!! And last night I got one more friend hooked on it!
    I can kind of crochet these days and look forward to when I am able to really get going!!!! Thank you for pointing me her direction and I love what you’ve been doing!!!

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