I’m knitting again!

OK, it was a slow start back to knitting, but I’m rolling along on my Clara dress and maybe could even finish it this weekend… I said maybe! 

this yarn is so soft - I love bamboo/cotton yarn

I’m back to knitting at lunch time and during breaks (if I take one).  Also,  I’m getting a little nervous about the amount of yarn I have left to complete this super soft and soooo cute dress. 

close up of the yoke being started

I’m on the last skein and I’m working on the top yoke now.  My fingers are crossed. 

moving right along

I really need to get back to my mom’s February Lady sweater, so I can get back to my Mr.Greenjeans sweater.  And then that leads to the other 10 or 12 projects that I have started or want to start.  I love to look at the new patterns on Ravelry every night, or every other night.  I FAV more and more and more… well, you just never know when you’ll be in search of that perfect pattern for the yarn you just have to use! 

What a perfect day to be knitting.  It’s raining and blowing like crazy now.  They say a Pineapple Express is coming in and we should get about 3 inches of rain… I’m just hoping for no flooding.  We have the fireplace (propane) going and it’s cozy in here.  Think we’ll watch some movies and do very little today.  So I’m off to knit!  Have a great weekend.

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